Tailored Fit Vs Slim Fit – The Complete Guide To Finding The Perfect Fit

Key Takeaways

  • Fit Terminology: Differentiate between “Tailored fit” and “Slim fit” styles, each offering distinct silhouettes
  • Tailored Fit: Provides a sleek appearance without being overly restrictive, ideal for a refined look.
  • Slim Fit: Offers a modern, streamlined appearance with a closer fit to the body, featuring narrow sleeves and tapered waistlines.
  • Body Type Considerations: Choose based on body shape; tailored fits may suit broader body types, while slim fits are preferred by those with slender builds.
  • Comfort vs. Style: Tailored fits prioritize comfort, while slim fits emphasize style and a form-fitting silhouette.
  • Choosing Fit:Consider body shape, occasion, and comfort level when deciding between tailored and slim fits.
  • Tailoring Options:Invest in tailoring for customized fits if off-the-rack sizes don’t meet requirements.
  • Try Before Purchase:Always try on garments before buying to ensure a perfect fit and flattering appearance

When you go out shopping, you need to take into account what sort of fit you want to have.

It is difficult to go into a store not knowing what sort of fit you think suits you best as you may need to end up trying on a lot more than you wanted to. To make this easier for you, find out what the fits are before you go to the store!

A tailored fit and a slim fit are very common fits that you will be able to find in most stores. They sound like they should be the same style, but what are the differences between the two?

Tailored Fit Vs Slim Fit - The Complete Guide To Finding The Perfect Fit

This article will help you to understand what the main differences are and help you decide whether you would prefer a tailored fit or a slim fit.

Find out more about a tailored fit and a slim fit below and find out the difference between the two once and for all to make your shopping experiences easier and suited to you and your body.

A Tailored Fit: The Basics

The main thing to consider when you are shopping for clothes is to make sure that you are comfortable in them. A tailored fit hangs on your body looser than a skinny fit, but more fitted than a classic fit.

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It is a very flattering fit that doesn’t cling tightly to your skin but provides you with a fitted shape to emphasize your body. 

You will find that most clothing brands and stores offer tailored fits, so you will be able to get your hands on some if you want to try them! Slim fits are also found in almost every store, so be careful not to mix them up.

Both pants and shirts can be purchased in a tailored fit, but what does that mean? Well, tailored fit pants are a narrow fit on your body, but they don’t fit tight.

When you have tailored fit shirts, the fit gives you more shape in your body as it is narrow around the waist, but it isn’t too tight. 

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A Slim Fit: The Basics

If you are looking for a skinnier fit, a slim fit will provide you with everything that you are looking for. It is often the slimmest fit in clothing that brands will provide unless they have styles in ‘super slim’.

This style will sit tightly on your body, so if you are looking for a tight fit, a slim fit will provide you with a figure-hugging fit.

Slim fit clothing only leaves enough fabric to fit around your body as it removes any bagginess or looseness in the fabric to create a tighter fit.

Anybody can wear slim-fit clothing as long as they feel comfortable in them. Slim fit clothing does have a reputation of being uncomfortable as your movement can become limited due to the tightness of the fit.

If you find pants that are slim fit, this will mean that they are tighter on your legs than a tailored fit. A tailored fit offers a narrow look that isn’t too tight, but a slim fit clings to your legs to create a tighter fit.

Slim-fit shirts and jackets are shorter than other jackets to add to the slim fit and will fit more snugly on your body than a tailored shirt.

What Are The Main Differences Between Tailored Fit Clothing And Slim Fit Clothing?

What Are The Main Differences Between Tailored Fit Clothing And Slim Fit Clothing

As both of these fits hang on the body closely, you may be struggling to see the difference between the two.

Although they both offer a slimmer fit compared to classic fits, there are quite a few differences between a tailored fit and a slim fit. Find out more about the differences between a tailored fit and a slim fit below!

Tailored Fit And Slim Fit T-Shirts

You may be thinking, a t-shirt is a t-shirt? Well, this isn’t the case! You can find slim-fit t-shirts in stores that provide you with a tighter fit on your body.

The fabric often goes in at the waist to provide more shape to your body as opposed to a t-shirt that has sides that go straight down, offering you no shape at all. 

Unfortunately, tailored-fit t-shirts aren’t very popular across brands. If you are looking for a t-shirt that is more fitted and you want a tailored fit, you can always try getting a t-shirt tailored to suit your body shape. You could also try going up a size in a slim-fit t-shirt and see how it fits on your body. 

Tailored Fit And Slim Fit Jeans

Jeans can be hard to shop for, especially if you are unable to get the fit that you are after. Tailored-fit jeans offer you a narrower fit than baggy jeans that have room to comfortably sit down and walk in them.

They are a lot more fitted than other styles of jeans, and although they are slim, they do not prevent you from moving at all. 

You are also able to find slim-fit jeans that are very tight and cling tightly to your legs.

These jeans are very popular as they are incredibly stylish, but lots of people find that they can limit their movement and prevent them from being able to comfortably sit down if they are too tight. 

Tailored Fit And Slim Fit Pants

It can be difficult to find trousers in a wide range of stores that are already a tailored fit, but they offer a fit that is slimmer than a classic fit and looser than a slim fit.

Tailored-fit pants are very popular as they offer shape to your body without being too uncomfortable or tight on your skin. 

Slim-fit pants are a very popular style that you can find in almost any store that you visit. They are not only a tight fit on your legs, but they are also tight on your hips and waist to make sure that they fit tightly on your body.

Slim-fit pants can be tapered at the bottom to make them slimmer, but sometimes a skinnier fit has this feature. 

Tailored Fit And Slim Fit Suits

With suits, making sure that you are comfortable in them is important for making sure that you feel happy and confident when wearing them.

Tailored-fit suits will fit looser than slim-fit suits, but they will still provide you with some shape. A tailored fit suit is very flattering, but you need to make sure that you are happy with the fit and that it isn’t too loose. 

When a suit is slim-fit, you might notice that there are a few differences in the shape and the details of the suit.

Slim fit suits will have higher arms to add to the slim look and to take away any excess material that will make the suit look like it fits looser. 

There might also be skinny lapels on slim fit suits to emphasize that they are a slimmer fit so that they suit the jacket as normal lapels would look out of place.

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The Difference Between A Tailored Fit And A Traditional Fit

A tailored fit and a traditional fit can have some similarities as tailored fit clothing uses a traditional fit silhouette to form a fitted look.

A traditional fit tends to hang loose on the body, not offering a lot of shape for the person who is wearing the item. 

However, a tailored fit takes the traditional fit garment and tapers it so it provides your body with a lot more shape than the traditional fit item. 


Traditional Fit Shirt

When you try on a traditional fit shirt, you will notice that it doesn’t provide you with any shape or emphasis on your body. The sides of the skirt will go straight down, providing your body with a more rectangular look instead of a form-fitting one.

There may also be a pleat at the back of the shirt that gives the shirt more fabric, creating a wider look, and the armholes will also have pleats that will make them wider.

The pleats show how roomy the armholes are. They will create a larger look on your body instead of a fitting one, which is why some people find traditional shirts unflattering. 

Tailored Fit Shirt

A tailored fit shirt will provide you with a lot more shape than a traditional fit shirt as they will be more fitted around the waist to provide shape to your body. The curve to your waist gives a subtle shape to make the shirt more flattering on your body. 

The tailored fit shirt will have tapered armholes so that they fit tightly on your arms but not too much that you would feel restricted.

Unlike the traditional fit shirt, these armholes don’t have any excess material, so you will need to try the shirts on to make sure that you are happy with how they fit. 

When you tuck a tailored-fit shirt in, it shouldn’t puff out and should lie flat. If it puffs out, it is too big for you. 

The Difference Between A Sim Fit And A Classic Fit

A slim fit and a classic fit are very different and you can easily tell the difference between them. A slim fit is more of a tight fit on the body whereas a classic fit is often a more relaxed fit.

As these fits are so different, it is entirely based on personal preference and comfort, but trying on these fits is key to deciding what fit you like the best.


Classic Fit Shirts

Similar to a traditional fit, a classic fit shirt has a lot of extra material that will make the fit of the clothing looser on your body.

The sides of the shirt are often straight, not giving your body any shape, and as the shirt is loose, the shirt will be puffy if you tuck it in. 

The extra fabric adds lots of room to the arms, waist, and chest, so it isn’t very form-fitting or flattering.

If you prefer looser clothing, a classic fit shirt will allow you to feel comfortable in your clothing as it won’t feel tight and will have lots of extra room inside. 

Slim Fit Shirts

Contrasting to the classic fit, a slim fit shirt will have a lot less fabric and will be more fitted on the body.

The armholes of a slim-fit shirt will not have extra material to make them wider, they will be more fitted to create a slim look on your body. 

The waist of a slim-fit shirt will be a lot more fitted as it will be tapered, meaning the shirt gives you a V-shaped silhouette.

Unlike the classic fit, the fabric is tighter across your chest to give you a more fitted shape. The sleeves are also tighter, which some people may find uncomfortable, so you should always try the shirt on before buying it. 

The Difference Between A Tailored Fit And A Regular Fit

The Difference Between A Tailored Fit And A Regular Fit

A tailored fit and a regular fit are different due to how the clothing fits on the body.

Lots of brands use the terms traditional fit, classic fit, and regular fit to describe the same garments as they hang loosely on the body and don’t provide a fitted look to your silhouette. 

Some designers may refer to clothing as traditional fit, classic fit, and regular fit differently, so make sure you try them on to decide which one you like best!

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Regular Fit Suit

As a regular fit is a lot looser on your body, there is more fabric to add more room inside the suit on the arms, waist, and chest.

Some regular fit suits can have a more fitted waist, but usually, they create a more rectangular silhouette on the people who wear them. 

The pants of a regular fit suit will be a lot baggier so they will provide more comfort. They aren’t very form-fitting as they provide you with a wider leg than slim-fit pants.

This means that regular fit suits are a lot baggier than more fitted suits and do not provide you with any shape to your body. 

Tailored Fit Suits

If you are looking for a more fitted suit, tailored fit suits are tighter on your body and provide you with more shape to your arms, chest, and waist.

The shirt and jacket of the suit usually have a tapered waist that provides you with a flattering shape that isn’t too tight but fits well and emphasizes your body. 

Unlike a slim fit, the tapered armholes and sleeves won’t cause any discomfort by being too tight, but they will fit well.

The trousers of a tailored fit suit will be much narrower than those of a regular fit suit, providing you with a slimmer look. 

The pants will be looser than slim-fit pants, but they are also tapered to create a slim silhouette down to your ankles to create more fitted pants. 

Choosing Between A Tailored Fit And A Slim Fit

If you weren’t familiar with the differences between a tailored fit and a slim fit, you should be now!

You may still be unsure how you want your clothing to fit you, whether it be a tight fit or a slightly looser but narrow fit.

The best way to make sure that you are happy with how your clothing fits is to try on the items that you like and decide how you feel more comfortable. 

Some stores have slight differences between these fits, so it is important to try on the garments in each store to make sure that you are happy with how they fit.

By doing this, you will be able to tell how you like your clothing to fit and how you feel most confident. 

Here are some other handy tips to make sure that you choose the best fit for you!

Think Of Your Body Shape

Nobody can tell you how you feel most comfortable, but it is worth considering your body shape when choosing between a tailored fit or a slim fit to see what parts of your body you want to be highlighted. 

If you have curves, then it might be better to go for a tailored fit because it will emphasize your figure. However, if you prefer a slim fit, you could go for a slim fit instead. 

It is also advised that you try on these fits to see which one you prefer as it is totally up to you which fit you like best on your body!

The Occasion

It is also recommended that you choose the fit of your clothing based on the occasion that you will be wearing it.

If you are going to a wedding or an event, you may want to choose a more relaxed fit to make sure that you are comfortable, so a tailored fit may provide you with the perfect slim fit while remaining comfortable to wear. 

However, you may feel like you want to wear a slim-fit suit to an event to give yourself more shape. It is entirely up to you and it is down to which you feel most comfortable.

Some people feel more comfortable in a loose-fitting suit, whereas some people feel more comfortable in tighter clothing as they feel more confident. 

How Important Is Comfort?

When you are buying pants or a shirt, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable in them.

A lot of the reason why people find items of clothing uncomfortable is down to the fit, so you want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. 

If you need to walk a long way or sit down for a while, it might be worth choosing a tailored fit to make sure that you are comfortable and aren’t having to constantly move around to adjust yourself.

However, you may feel more confident and comfortable in a slim fit, which you should choose if you prefer to wear that style. 

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are lots of differences between a tailored fit and a slim fit despite them both being well-fitted on the body.

The main difference is how fitted they are on the body, as a tailored fit is slightly more relaxed and a slim fit is a lot tighter.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing between these fits is how comfortable you are when wearing them. 

As regular fits, traditional fits, and classic fits all hang loosely on your body, tailored fits and slim fits are more favorable by people who feel more confident and comfortable in tighter fitting clothing.

Looser fits don’t provide your body with shape, but you can still have fitted clothing that gives your body a nice shape and be comfortable thanks to a tailored fit. 

Remember to choose what you feel most comfortable wearing and what fits you love most on your body!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered below. 

Is Slim Fit Clothing Uncomfortable?

This is all based on personal preference. Some people find that slim fit clothing is more comfortable than loose-fitting clothing as they feel more confident with a tighter fit.

This isn’t the same for everyone as lots of people find loose-fitting clothing more comfortable than tight clothing. 

Slim-fit shirts can be uncomfortable due to the tightness of the arms. This is why it is advised that you try on the shirts before you buy them to make sure that you are happy with how they fit.

The tightness on the arms may make you find that you prefer the fit of a tailored shirt, or you might prefer how a slim-fit shirt fits on your body. 

How Loose Is A Tailored Fit?

A tailored fit isn’t as loose as people may be thinking. As a tailored fit is looser than a slim fit, that doesn’t mean that it is baggy.

It still provides you with a slim fit just not as tight as a slim fit, meaning that lots of people find this fit more comfortable than a slim fit as it isn’t as tight on your body. 

A classic fit, regular fit, and traditional fit offer little shape to your body, but a tailored fit can enhance your figure while remaining comfortable and not too tight. This is what makes a tailored fit so popular as it isn’t as tight but it is still fitting. 

Are Tailored Fits And Slim Fits Flattering?

Tailored fits and slim fits are very popular as they are both very flattering on your body. They provide you with a good shape so that you can feel happy and confident in your skin and your clothing.

Some people prefer a tailored fit as it isn’t too tight, but some people like the tightness of a slim fit. 

However, not everyone will find a tailored fit or a slim fit flattering on their body as it is all down to personal preference.

There are lots of different fits that people can try to see which one they like best on their body so they can decide which one suits them the most. It is always down to you how you want your body to look.

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