Throw Blankets: Is There A Standard Size?

Whether you are using throw blankets for a bit of decoration in your living room, or you love to single under them on cold winter nights, throw blankets are an excellent item to own. 

If you get some nice-looking ones, they can be used to decorate your space when they are not in use, with them bringing a nice touch to your chairs and couches.

However, how can you choose the appropriate throw blanket size? Does a throw blanket have a set size?

If you are looking to find the perfect throw blanket for you and your home, then read on to learn all about this cozy item for your home. 

What Is the Standard Throw Blanket Size?

What’s A Throw Blanket?

Blankets that may be used for both ornamental and practical  purposes are known as “throw blankets.”

The practical goal is to offer you warmth and comfort when you’re relaxing at home watching television or reading a book.

However, when the blanket is not in use, it may be rolled up and utilized as decorative accents for your home furnishings.

Though blankets are usually found in the bedroom, throw blankets are more at home in the living room.

This is because they aren’t intended to cover your complete body or to be used as a bed.

The only purpose of these items is to keep certain sections of your body warm, primarily your feet and legs.

Having said that, some people enjoy the usage of throw blankets in their bedrooms.

They use them either to add extra warmth to their beds or to adorn the foot of their bed with them.

As a result, different-sized throw blankets may be used to better match the size of your bed’s interior.

Size Of Throw Blankets 

Size Of Throw Blankets 

So what is the standard size of a throw blanket? Typically, a throw blanket is 50 by 60 inches in width, though like many things they can come in a whole range of sizes to suit different people. 

But why are there differences? Well, there are a few reasons why a brand or manufacturer might change the length and width to differ from the standard size.

The main reason is to accommodate people of different sizes and weights.

Taller people, for example, may prefer a longer blanket, whilst others who are shorter may prefer a smaller blanket.

To accommodate smaller people or to provide a decorative touch to smaller chairs or beds, throw blankets that are shorter in length and wider in breadth might be used.

It would be possible to make a little throw blanket with dimensions of 36 by 50 inches or slightly larger.

For comparison, a blanket of this size could easily cover the whole body of a little child.

Large throw blankets are 45 by 55 inches and larger, ranging in size from 60 by 60 inches in some cases. Throw blankets of the medium size are 45 inches by 55 inches and larger.

They are often large enough to comfortably cover the bulk of people without being too heavy to move.

They are also large enough to be draped over the back of a chair or couch, should the situation call for it.

An extra-large throw blanket would most likely have measures of at the very least 50 inches by 70 inches, but some can be substantially greater in length.

Those with long legs or who want a little more coverage when they’re resting will find large throw blankets to be the right size.

What Size Throw Do I Need For My Bed?

So what size throw is the right one to place on your bed? Well, this will vary depending on the size of your bed.

Let’s take a look at the different sizes now to help you see what size throw you need for your bed. 

Queen Sized Bed Blanket

Because the dimensions of a queen size bed are 90 x 100 inches, you’ll need a throw with the same dimensions to completely cover the bed when you buy one of these.

Even though queen-size throw blankets of this size are uncommon, you may get queen-size blankets on the market that aren’t classed as throw blankets.

To cover the end of the bed, you will need to get a large or extra-large throw blanket.

Saying that usually a large throw with dimensions of 50 by 70 inches will not completely cover the foot of a queen bed and will have some overlap, so you’ll need to look for one that is larger than that or have one made specifically for your requirements.

King Sized Bed Blanket

The dimensions of a king-size bed are 108 by 100 inches when measured in inches by inches.

It is necessary to look for a throw blanket that is at least as large as the bed if you want it to cover the full surface of it. 

However, throw blankets were never designed to be so huge, so you could have trouble finding one that is large enough.

Certain merchants sell throw blankets as huge as 90 inches by 100 inches, although these blankets are fairly uncommon in general.

It’s likely that you’ll have to have one made just for you, or that you’ll make your throw blanket from scratch.

For a more simple solution, you could just keep a throw blanket at the foot of your bed for when you need a little bit of extra warmth.

Even if the blanket is huge, its measurements are 50 by 70 inches, which means that it will not be large enough to cover the entire length of a king-size bed on its own.

Huge Throw Blanket Sizes 

An enormous throw blanket is defined as a throw blanket that is significantly larger than the standard size of the blanket.

Large throws might have dimensions of 50 x 70 inches or even larger.

When looking for a blanket to put on your bed or at the foot of your bed, big throws are usually what you’re looking for. 

Full-Sized Throw Blankets

To adequately cover a full-size bed that measures 80 by 90 inches in size, a throw blanket would need to be the same size as the bed and have some overlap to be as effective as possible.

A throw blanket that is very enormous or extra-large would be almost large enough to cover a full-size bed, if not quite. 

Furthermore, it would be large enough to accommodate a person of average height who desired to sleep under the blanket as well.

Oversized throw blankets are also an excellent choice for placing at the foot of the bed.

The blanket should not stretch beyond the confines of the bed and should cover the whole length of the bed, with roughly five inches on either side of the bed’s perimeter.

Blankets For The Couch 

Whether you want to use the throw blanket for decorative purposes or warmth and comfort on a couch, a normal size throw blanket is suitable.

However, the exact size you require may be decided by the location in which you store the blanket while it is not being used.

For example, some people like to drape a throw over the sofa’s arm, but others prefer to extend it over the back of the sofa’s cushion.

For those who have a large sofa or sectional and want to drape the blanket over the back of the couch, you should consider getting a large throw or ordering multiples of the standard size blanket.

Bed Blankets Vs Throw Blankets – What’s The Difference?

Bed Blankets Vs Throw Blankets - What's The Difference?

It is intended for bed blankets to have some overlap on the sides and some overlap in the center to completely cover the bed, including the pillows.

Throw blankets are often smaller in size than bed blankets since they are not intended to cover your entire body, and so must be smaller.

Throw blankets are normally 50 by 60 inches in size, and double blankets are 66 by 90 inches in size. So, even a standard throw blanket would be insufficient to cover a twin-sized bed.

Therefore, if you want a blanket large enough to cover a bed, it is advisable to select a blanket that has been created for use on a bed.

How To Choose The Right Throw Blanket

Having learned about the many throw blanket sizes available, let us now discuss how to select the most appropriate one for your home.

The following factors should be considered while purchasing a throw blanket.

The Size Of Your Furniture

In addition to considering the size of your furniture, you should consider how the throw blanket will be utilized in combination with that furniture.

Consider that if you’re going to use the blanket to cover a bed, as you’ll want to choose a larger throw or even a blanket that’s particularly intended for beds.

Depending on the size of the couch to be covered by the blanket, a throw of average or even large proportions will be suitable for usage as a sofa blanket.

But if you wish to use the blanket draped over a tiny chair or perhaps a blanket ladder, a smaller size will be more appropriate.

This way, it won’t take over the chair and will still be able to fit on the ladder. 

Your Height

When it comes to selecting a throw blanket, the height of the person using it is the most important consideration.

The blanket must fulfill its primary job of keeping you warm without causing you any discomfort throughout the process.

In the majority of circumstances, a standard-sized throw is large enough to accommodate most individuals.

A standard throw blanket with a 60-inch length should be sufficient to cover the bulk of the body of a person who is between 5 and 6 feet tall, though this is depending on their height.

You may need to look for a throw that is either smaller or larger than the standard size if you are shorter or taller than this, though, because the blanket may provide excessive or insufficient coverage depending on your height.

The Style And Material

There are many different fabrics and styles to choose from when purchasing a throw blanket.

Knit throw blankets are created from a range of materials, including wool, fleece, polyester, and faux fur are widely used as decorative accents.

Choose a blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable while also being easy to care for and clean.

It’s also vital to choose a throw blanket that compliments the other parts of your room’s design or your style while decorating.

Throw blankets may also add a layer of texture to a room’s decor by tucking them under the bed.

If your couch is made of more basic material, such as leather, you may want to go for a knitted throw or one with more texture than usual.

From a design standpoint, this can improve the overall visual appeal of your space.


There are many different sizes and styles of throw blankets to choose from.

Most of the time, they are not intended to cover your entire body in the same way as a bed blanket would.

Consider your height when choosing a blanket, as well as how you want to use the blanket while making your selection.

All of the above information will aid you in selecting which size is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute questions answered here! 

What Is The Best Blanket For You? 

The perfect blanket for you all depends on what you want to use it for. If it is purely for decoration then you don’t need one that is too thick or heavy.

But if you also want to use it for warmth then you will need to find one that both looks good and keeps you warm. 

Comforter Vs Blanket – What’s The Difference?

While you may call your comforter/duvet a blanket, there is a difference between the two.

A blanket is just a single layer of fabric, while comforters are made of two layers of fabric with a filling in the middle. This filing is usually down or cotton. 

Where Can I Put A Throw Blanket? 

Throw blankets can be put anywhere in your home, though they are most commonly found in the living room.

You will often see them draped over a chair or the sides/back of the couch to add a bit of color to a room.

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