25 Knit Slipper Patterns

There is nothing more comforting than snuggling up in some soft knitwear. Whether it’s a sweater, a dress, or some leggings, it’s the best feeling.

So surely our feet deserve to feel that kind of comfort. We stand on them all day long, wearing some of the most uncomfortable shoes. Our feet need knit slippers. 

Yes, you could buy a pair, but don’t your feet deserve more than that? They deserve to be taken care of, to be loved. What better way to show your appreciation than taking the time to knit the perfect pair of slippers? 

We’ve compiled a list of 25 knit slipper patterns for you to choose from, so you can start to knitting journey. The list has a selection of knit slipper patterns for you to choose from varying in type, person, and design of the slipper.

Regardless of whether this will be your first time knitting or you are an experienced knitter, there is something for everyone on this list.

Slingback Slippers by DaynaScolesDesigns

We are starting this list strong with some lovely slingback slippers. This knit slipper pattern should take only a few hours to complete, resulting in some comfortable slippers. This knit slipper pattern uses a loom knit. The best thing about this knit slipper pattern is that it is one piece.

No sewing required! If you are thinking about attempting to follow this knit slipper pattern you should be an intermediate loom knitter. 

Knitted Moccasin Slippers By AuBoutduPre

These knit slippers would be the perfect gift for you to knit for someone. This moccasin pattern is knitted on 5mm straight needles with any chunky yarn. This pattern is easy to follow so it would be great for those who are beginning their knitting journey.

The pattern is available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. If you have any questions about this pattern when you have purchased it, the seller is available to contact.

Fox-in-Socks Pattern by TorreyaTreasures

Animals are the way to many people’s hearts. These fox slippers could also be the way! Imagine having these cute fox faces on your feet.

This fun knit slipper pattern is easy for people to follow so beginners could complete this pattern without difficulty, as long as they have some basic knowledge. The knit pattern includes step-by-step written instructions. 

Cable Clog Slipper By VintagePatternFaves

This pair of cable clog slippers look so comfortable, we feel warm just looking at them. You can make these slippers in any color you would like.

The pattern is able to be made for sizes small, medium, and large. We would recommend those with experience in knitting attempt to make these slippers as the instructions might be difficult for beginners to follow. 

Four Hour Slippers Knitting Pattern by GiralteGemsAndBeads

Don’t these knit slippers look so cozy? How easy these slippers are is in the name of the item! For those with intermediate knitting experience, you will be able to make these lovely slippers in just four hours.

A tip for a fast knitting time is to use bulky yarn and large needles to make these knit slippers. Even if you’re not experienced with knitting, we think you could successfully attempt to make these knit slippers. The pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow. 

Knit Pattern Unisex Slippers Pattern by VintagePatternFaves

If you are looking for a more traditional style knit slipper, this is the one for you. With this knit slipper pattern you could make slippers in sizes small, medium, and large. To make this knit slipper pattern you should be an intermediate knitter.

The instructions are easy to follow and when completed you end up with a super comfy slipper. 

PDF Toddler Knit Loafer Slipper Pattern by MoniqueRae

Of course, some of you may want to knit slippers for a child. After all, handmade gifts are a great way to show your love! This knit slipper pattern is suitable for toddlers. If you decide to follow this pattern you will end up with the cutest tiny loafers.

This pattern requires no sewing. We think a beginner could follow this pattern as the difficulty level is easy to moderate. 

Simple Crochet Slippers by TeezTopperz

There is nothing quite like feeling soft chunky yarn. This pattern requires chunky yarn to make these amazing slippers. This knit slipper pattern would be perfect for beginners as it is an easy pattern to follow.

Following this pattern you are able to make the slippers in different sizes. These would be the perfect gift for loved ones. 

Eggplant Slippers Pattern by MiraclesHappenCo 

If you want fun slippers, these are ideal for you! Forget the traditional-looking knit slippers and opt for something that will make those around you do a double-take. Slippers are the perfect shoe for wearing something creative.

This eggplant slipper pattern would be appropriate for beginners to make as it is an easy pattern to follow. If you decide to follow this pattern you can make these knit slippers for all different ages.

Clog Slippers by DaynaScolesDesigns 

Clogs are comfy shoes, which is why they make a great knit slipper. The pattern is made for a range of women’s shoe sizes, but it is easy to adjust by adding extra rows to make them for a man. This pattern uses two stitches, the chunky braid stitch, and the e-wrap stitch.

So if you are familiar with these stitches you should be able to follow this knit slipper pattern. These slippers should only take a few hours to knit following the pattern.    

BunBun Slippers by UkeeKnitsDesigns 

Bunny slippers are fantastic. Knitted bunny slippers are even better! This bunny knit slipper pattern is a modern take on the bunny slippers we all know and love. This knit slipper pattern comes in a range of sizes, from toddlers to adult men.

A top tip to complete this knit slipper pattern successfully is to start at the heel. Due to a range of techniques needed to make this slipper we recommend those with a bit of knitting experience follow this pattern.   

Santa Pom-pom Slippers by IKnit4aCure 

This pattern is a festive treat! Slippers are essential to wear at Christmas and would be the perfect gift to give to a loved one.

This knit pattern, once completed would be great to wear all around the house. With a stand-out pom-pom and a candy cane embellishment, you’ll make people smile wearing these knit slippers. This pattern would fit those sizes 6-9. They have a great stretch. 

Curly Toes Elf Slipper by HookedoPatterns 

Staying with the festive theme, these knitted elf slippers would be perfect for those in festive plays. The pattern includes sizes from toddlers all the way up to adult men. The pattern instructions include pictures to help you through each step.

Due to the design of this knit slipper, we think those with some knitting experience would be perfect for following this pattern.

Pattern Knitted Women Slippers by GoodWeather 

This knit slipper pattern is great for beginners. The simple design of this knit slipper makes it easy for beginners to do as you only need basic knitting skills. You can fully customize this knit slipper pattern by using solid color yarn, alternating colors, or even adding ornaments to them. The seller of this pattern is also available to contact for questions. 

Loom Knit Mary Jane Style Slippers by ThisMomentisGood

Mary Jane shoes never go out of style. So why not knit some trendy Mary Jane style slippers? The great thing about this pattern is that it is suitable for confident beginners. This pattern will fit teen to adult women. 

The pattern is for loom knit slippers. The instructions are clear which is why confident beginners are able to follow this pattern. 

Knitted Slippers by AuBoutduPre

When it comes to slippers, pom-poms are all the rave! This knit slipper pattern features a sock-like slipper with a pom-pom. Making these slippers for someone would be a great present. This pattern uses a bulky yarn which makes this knit slipper extra comfy.

Beginners could follow this pattern as the instructions are easy to follow. You also have the choice to knit these slippers with or without a sole. 

PDF Men’s Knit Loafer Slipper Pattern by MoniqueRae

We’ve shown you a lot of wonderful patterns for women on this list, so here is a traditional men’s loafer knit slipper. This pattern requires no sewing as it is all one piece!

Once you have completed the pattern, the knit slipper hugs your feet. In order to complete this pattern, basic knitting skills are required, so this pattern would be best for a confident beginner or those with knitting experience. 

PDF Kids Knit Slipper Pattern by MoniqueRae

We can’t forget about the kids! This knit slipper pattern for kids is designed to look like loafers. To get the exact look of this pattern, using a multicolored yarn is essential. However, you can make these knit slippers look however you would like!

No sewing is required to complete this pattern as it is all one piece. Beginners could try to follow this pattern as it is easy to follow. 

Crochet Slippers Pattern by Crochetmilie

This style of knit slippers is one many of us are familiar with. This pattern is easy to complete so beginners should feel comfortable attempting this pattern. This knit slipper pattern is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. To get the look of this pattern it is best to use bulky yarn.

Knitted Slippers Pattern by FurUA 

We’ve shown you options with knitted pom-poms, but this pattern has the fuzzy pom-poms that make you smile. In order to make this knit slipper pattern, you would need to sew and knit. However, the pattern is easy to follow so it would be a good choice for beginners to start with.

The pom-poms are detachable and the slippers have a pointed toe, for a unique design. 

Easy Knit Slipper Pattern by VintagePatternFaves 

This knit slipper pattern is the perfect pattern for those with no knitting experience or skills. These knitted slippers use 6mm needles that aren’t fiddly. This knitted slipper pattern is knitted in the seed stitch, making it beginner-friendly as you don’t have to fuss with learning different stitches.

This pattern would be great in any shade and for those who are more advanced in knitting, you would be able to customize the pattern.

Knitted Cable Owl Slipper Pattern by KweenBee

Another funky knitted slipper pattern! Owls are always a lovely feature to include on slippers. The cable owl design on these slippers makes them look super comfortable and takes away the idea that slippers are boring.

The pattern will make a range of sizes for both men and women, meaning you can make these for all of your loved ones. We think those with knitting experience will enjoy this pattern as making the owl can be a bit of a challenge.

Oh So Plush! House Slippers By Overtheheadthreads 

Plush slippers are some of the comfiest shoes to wear. If you make this knit slipper pattern, you will feel like you are walking on the clouds. The pattern is easy to follow so brave beginners should feel comfortable attempting to follow this pattern.

As long as the beginners have a basic knowledge of basic stitches, they will be able to complete the pattern successfully. 

Crochet-Knit Slipper-Clogs by PdfPatternDesign 

This plain knit slip-in slipper pattern is made in one piece from toe to heel. The pattern uses the special knit stitch which is also known as a waistcoat stitch. If you are experienced in knitting or crocheting this pattern will be fast and fun to make. The pattern is available to make in a variety of sizes.

Moccasin Slippers with a Cuff by KweenBee 

This knit slipper pattern is available on Etsy and the seller’s own website. This pattern is a simplified version of the owl slippers we listed before, as not everyone enjoys wearing owls. This pattern is knitted on two sets of needles. Don’t be alarmed, the seller has provided pictures in the knit slipper pattern instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Knitting Needle Size Should I Use?

When it comes to following knitting pattern instructions it is also best to use the type of needle and the needle size they have recommended. The general rule is if you are using chunky yarn then a thicker needle should be used. 

What Is Worsted Weight Yarn?

Worsted weight yarn is a medium yarn in terms of weight. It is in the middle of the weight yarn family. Worsted weight yarn is thinner than bulky weight yarn. This yarn is great for knitting scarves, sweaters, blankets, and slippers since it has a medium thickness. 

What Is The Best Yarn To Use For Knitting Slippers?

It is hard to say what the best yarn for knitting slippers is because it depends on the pattern. As a general rule, you want to have good quality yarn so your slippers last longer. Chunky or thicker yarn is a lot of people’s preference for knitting slippers as it makes them more comfortable. However, always look at the recommended yarn in the pattern you are following so your slippers look like the pattern you are following.

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