25 Wonderful Rib Stitch Patterns (With Pictures)

Is there anything that signals in the cozy winter months more than the humble rib stitch? Sure, those tirelessly played Christmas songs that get stuck on repeat in every supermarket across the country do a good (albeit annoying) job at it too. However, a warm and woolly ribbed sweater can be as impactful – just with more taste.

25 Rib Stitch Patterns

Used on sweaters, mittens, hats, socks, scarfs, you name it, ribbed knitting is stitched into the very fabric of winter life. So, to make sure you and your family are adorning some stylish, homemade ribbed gear this winter, we’ve put together 25 of the best rib stitch patterns found online for some guaranteed knitting inspo.

1. Diagonal Rib Stitch Knit Hat Pattern

Diagonal Rib Stitch Knit Hat Pattern
Source: etsy

Diagonal rib stitching is a savvy way of creating depth in a piece while simultaneously allowing it to lie flat – perfect for hats! This pattern offers a dressed-down, casual hat that’s perfectly suited for women, men, and children to wear.

Thoughtfully styled, it features a ribbed brim, optional pom pom, and an effortlessly adorable diagonal rib stitch.

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2. Rib Knit Patchwork Knit Scarf Pattern

Rib Knit Patchwork Knit Scarf Pattern
Source: etsy

How undeniably vibrant is this patchwork scarf pattern? Intended to inject some much-needed color into the darker months, this scarf will be your go-to when leaving the home.

Another massive win for creating patchwork garments is the ability to use up all those odds and ends of yarn that you’ve been stowing away for a rainy day.

3. Link Cable Rib Socks

Link Cable Rib Socks
Source: etsy

There should be at least one or two pairs of thick-knitted socks in every American’s sock drawer. Perfect for slipping on at home to keep the cold floorboards at a knit’s distance. Or, for pulling up before you take on a particularly bitter winter’s day.

This is a classic ribbed sock that has the delightful addition of a thick cable link chain running down the side of it. Something to consider is the pattern has been written for a men’s size medium.

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4. Twisted Rib Hat Knitting Pattern

Twisted Rib Hat Knitting Pattern
Source: etsy

Babies get cold heads too, which is exactly why they need thick knitted gear to keep them toasted from head to toe. This baby-specific hat knitting pattern benefits from twisted stitching that has been separated for effect.

Choose from four unique sizes ranging from 0-3 months up to 2 years+ and watch your bubs eyes light up when they get to wear this warm little number.

5. Broken Rib Stitch Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern

Broken Rib Stitch Knit Christmas Stocking Pattern
Source: etsy

Using broken-rib and Sirdar alpine stitches to create a whole lot of texture, it’s likely that even Santa will slow down to admire this powerful Christmas stocking.

With a lovely faux fur cuff really sealing the coziness deal, NourishandNestle can’t be held accountable if the cat ends up wrapped around it.

With basic knit skills, you should have no qualms using this simple, step-by-step downloadable guide to stitch your family a memorable stocking each.

6. Ribbed Beanie Knit Pattern

Ribbed Beanie Knit Pattern
Source: etsy

A classic thick rib design gives the Hickory beanie a rugged appeal to look at home on any outdoors man or outdoors woman.

The comforting fold-over brim will help keep the stretchy and forgiving fabric in place, brandishing this beautiful beanie as a perfect on-the-go hat. Darling Jadore has assured us that this hard wearing hat can be stitched by beginners.

The pattern-making pack includes all the photos, videos, and tutorials needed to knit the Hickory into reality.

7. Fishermans Rib Sweater Knitting Pattern

Fishermans Rib Sweater Knitting Pattern
Source: etsy

Inspired by 1970’s fashion, the fisherman’s rib sweater will have you looking retro and feeling fine. Purposed for both men and women to wear, the considered fit of this vintage knitted sweater will complement many a casual outfit.

You can knit this stylish ‘His N Hers’ sweater in a bunch of sizes from 32” all the way up to 46”. Take a step back in time and knit your very own fisherman’s sweater that looks like it’s ready to rock n roll down Carnaby Street, London.

8. Pear Ribs Cross Stitch Pattern

Pear Ribs Cross Stitch Pattern
Source: etsy

Stitch your way to a work of art with this aesthetically-charged modern cross stitch pattern. Choose between an 11, 14, 16, and 18 stitch count to create the ‘rib cage in the pear’ pattern.

Set the pear to a white or black fabric background for maximum impact. With testimonials saying it’s a fun and easy-to-follow stitch, you should have no qualms stitching, framing, and hanging your living room’s newfound work of art.

9. Seeded Rib Stitch Headband Pattern

Seeded Rib Stitch Headband Pattern
Source: etsy

Who doesn’t love a thick and woolly knitted headband to tuck their ears out harm’s way? The seeded rib pattern of this ear warmer is surprisingly easy to master, using only standard knits and purls.

With clear and concise instructions for baby to adult sizes, you’re simply out of excuses for having cold ears this winter.

10. Zig-Zag Rib Stitch Beanie

Zig-Zag Rib Stitch Beanie
Source: etsy

The zig-zag rib knit stitch is for intermediate to advanced knitters who know their way around a pair of knitting needles. Basically, anyone who already knows how to long-tail cast, knit & purl, and basic cable knit will breeze through this ribbing stitch.

Zig zag your needles into creating this thick knitted cable hat that’s designed to keep an average adult-sized head protected.

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11. Twisted Rib Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Twisted Rib Stitch Dishcloth Pattern
Source: etsy

Another twisted rib stitch pattern, except this one’s purposed with cleaning your dirty dishes. One reviewer has summed up the end result perfectly saying that the washcloth is left ‘nubby’ enough to be classed as a great scrubber.

So, if you’re looking to learn the skill of twisted ribbing and, also like the idea of having another cloth in the cleaning arsenal then this pattern is for you.

12. Infinity Scarf Rib Knitting Pattern

Infinity Scarf Rib Knitting Pattern
Source: etsy

The loose-knit of this Infinity scarf looks appealing, feels textured, and offers the scarf a shabby-chic sensibility. You thankfully don’t have to be a knitting extraordinaire to knit this oversized number either. Broomfield’s have stated that even basic knitting knowledge should be enough to get you across the line and wrap yourself up in your new favorite scarf.

13. Chunky Fisherman’s Rib And Cable Sweater Pattern

Chunky Fisherman’s Rib and Cable Sweater Pattern
Source: etsy

With this pattern, some yarn, and the fabled fisherman’s rib stitch, you’ll have everything you need to knit a 1980’s styled sweater. When it comes to producing this men’s sweater, chunky yarn is best used to give it a casual and relaxed fit.

The pattern also features cable trims and a deep neckband to help the dressed-down style rewind you straight back to the 80s.

14. Ladies Great Super Bulky Rib Stitch Jacket

Ladies Great Super Bulky Rib Stitch Jacket
Source: etsy

Knitted in super bulky yarns, this ladies’ jacket pattern is, again, inspired by 80s fashion. It features an easy knit stitch that shouldn’t offer any knitting headaches or mishaps.

The collar is knitted separately to help keep things nice and simple, with the front bands being picked up from the front edges. Produce this beautiful woolen jacket, and watch your friends’ faces when you tell them that you knitted it yourself.

15. Babies And Toddlers “Easy Knit” Fishermans Rib Sweaters

Babies and Toddlers “Easy Knit” Fishermans Rib Sweaters
Source: etsy

We couldn’t let the young ones miss out on all the fisherman’s rib sweater fun now, could we? Choose between a striped or plain pattern and try your luck at this ‘Easy Knit’ sweater that’ll have your bubs looking as cute as ever.

The pattern also includes garter stitch bands and shoulder buttoning to help you wriggle the sweater off of your beloved bub.

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16. Rib Stitch Glove Pattern

Rib Stitch Glove Pattern
Source: etsy

Thick woolen gloves are a prerequisite if you happen to live in one of the many states where temperatures regularly drop below freezing.

Using a simple rib stitch, this glove pattern will have you whipping up pair after pair for the whole family. There’s a men’s size at 8 inches and a women’s/ children’s size at 4.75 – 6.5 inches, giving everyone in the family warm and toasted extremities.

17. Chunky Rib Band Garter Slouch Hat

Chunky Rib Band Garter Slouch Hat
Source: etsy

Popularised by rasta icon Bob Marley in the 1970s, the slouch hat has gone on to become a classic, go-to beanie style for people of all walks of life.

The comfort that a slouch hat offers is unrivaled in the hat market, with a super-relaxed fit that needs to be felt to be believed. This chunky rib band pattern has a unique shape due to being knitted sideways and is very much deserving of your knitting prowess.

18. Needle Knit Seeded (Mistake) Rib Square Pattern

Needle Knit Seeded (Mistake) Rib Square Pattern
Source: etsy

The seeded (mistake) rib square pattern makes for a striking addition to any blanket. It is fabulously textured, with a unique design that’s instantly recognizable through a series of vertical knit and purl stitch columns.

The vertical columns are also interrupted by seed columns to create deep ribs that look the part and feel nice to touch.

19. Expedition Rib Scarf Pattern

Expedition Rib Scarf Pattern
Source: etsy

Inspired by the rugged folk who set off on long and winding journeys, the Expedition scarf has been designed extra thick to weather any storm.

Unisex by design, the scarf features a broken rib stitch pattern that creates a forcefield of wool to shield you from the harshest of climates. Luckily, this is for entry-level knitters, with only a simple knit and purl technique needed.

20. Rib & Striped Hooded Jacket Pattern

Using DK (light worsted) weight yarn, this pattern will make your child the proud owner of a lush and textured knitted hooded jacket. Courtesy of three unique stitching techniques (rib, striped, and cable), this one-of-a-kind jacket is destined to be the envy of the playground.

Sizing is available from infant up to seven years, giving every young child a chance to look cool in knitted.

21. Burnt Orange Asymmetrical Knitting Sweater Pattern

Burnt Orange Asymmetrical Knitting Sweater Pattern
Source: etsy

With an exciting twist on the classic sweater, this delightful knitting pattern leads you down the path, step by step, to creating your very own asymmetrical sweater.

A statement piece in an overly-saturated symmetrical sweater world, this marvelous creation follows simple stitching techniques to ensure a quality finished result.

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22. Scarf #2 Knitting Pattern

Scarf #2 Knitting Pattern
Source: etsy

Perfect for beginner knitters, this pattern uses just a basic 1×1 rib stitch to ensure no hidden surprises are ready to muck up your scarf. This is a classic scarf design that can be worn well by anyone, meaning your Christmas presents for the year are now officially sorted. Only thing is, you’ll have to knit them first!

23. Fisherman’s Rib Cardigan Toddler Knitting Pattern

Fisherman’s Rib Cardigan Toddler Knitting Pattern
Source: etsy

There’s something about toddlers and babies in cardigans that makes our hearts turn to mush. This cardigan knitting pattern is a timeless design that’s intended for 0-3 years to wear. The fisherman’s rib gives the cardigan a thick and squishable texture, making your toddler look cuter than ever and warmer than before.

24. Rib Stitch Neck Warmer Crochet Pattern

Rib Stitch Neck Warmer Crochet Pattern
Source: etsy

It’s no secret that having an exposed neck on a blustery winter’s day gives you a chill that you never knew existed. This is a one size fits all pattern that offers plenty of protection through the thick rib stitching.

Select your favorite color of #5 bulky weight yarn and try to leave the house without this neck-warming epic, this winter, we dare you!

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25. Deep Rib Flat Cap Chart Pattern

Deep Rib Flat Cap Chart Pattern
Source: etsy

Channel your inner London Cockney rhyming voice as you adorn this warm, woolen flat cap. Using a deep rib, this comfort-focused, stretchy flat cap will have your head more than accounted for as you look sharp and stay warm this winter.

The pattern, although easy to follow, is recommended for intermediate-level knitters more so than beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A 1×1 Rib Stitch In Knitting?

The simplest and, unsurprisingly, most popular form of ribbing, a 1×1 rib stitch is the go-to stitch for most rib patterns. It’s achieved by swapping between knit and purl stitches on one row, and “knitting by pattern” in the next row thereafter.

What Is The Difference Between Seed And Rib Stitch?

A rib stitch uses the columns of knits and purls, whereas seed stitching requires you to stitch the knits on top of the previous row’s purls and the purls on top of the previous row’s knits.

Why Is My Rib Stitch Messy?

If your ribbing is starting to look a little sloppy, then don’t worry, as you are not alone. The main culprit for this is that the column of knit stitches that precedes a column of purl stitches will often not line up, or look messy.

Wrapping the yarn in a clockwise direction will use less yarn, which, in turn, will create tighter columns with less wobble.

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