37 Easy Knitting Patterns To Build Your Confidence (With Pictures)

There are a huge variety of methods when it comes to making clothes, some of which date back further than you might have guessed. Knitting is certainly one of these; there are some knitted items that date back as far as the 5th century.

If you’ve just recently acquired the urge to learn how to knit, and you’re thinking, ‘Wow, humans have been knitting since the 5th century? I’m so behind!’, remember: you’ve only been alive for a fraction of those centuries. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Unless you have been alive for multiple centuries. In which case… how?

37 Easy Knitting Patterns To Build Your Confidence (With Pictures)

Just like with any skill, getting into knitting takes a fair amount of practice. Naturally, it’s best to start small (there’ll be plenty of time for the extended family quilts later).

There are an assortment of knitting patterns and kits available online designed specifically for those who are new to knitting. Looking for an extensive list of that type of pattern?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! But you probably already knew that, since you clicked on the article.

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Here are 37 easy knitting patterns for beginners, designed to build your confidence and skills.

1. Scarf

Source: Etsy

What better way to start learning how to knit than with a scarf? The seller’s unique Pro yarn is 100% soft lambswool, and comes in 10 different colors.

This unisex scarf is suitable for both adults and children (once you’ve knitted it, obviously. But if you want to go out wearing wool, we can’t stop you).

The kit includes two bundles of 50 grams of Pro yarn, and 3.5mm long knitting needles. The pattern is easy to follow and will be/can be wrapped up inside a Solid and Marl storage container.

The finished scarf will be 108cm x 18cm.

2. Baby Merino Booties

Baby Merino Booties
Source: Etsy

Got a little one on the way, or know someone who does? They’re bound to appreciate this adorable pair of baby booties, especially if they’ve been knitted by… well, you!

They come in an assortment of colors, and are perfect for keeping the smallest feet all cozy.

The booties can be knitted for sizes 0-3 months, or 3-6 months, and come with five styles of knitting needles. There’s also practice yarn for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about not getting it right on the first try.

3. Chunky Scarf

Chunky Scarf
Source: Etsy

This chunky scarf will hold off the chill of even the coldest winter months. It’s perfect for beginners, and perfect as a gift! The instructions are clear, but there’s also a handy YouTube tutorial for if you need a little more guidance.

The scarf comes in a variety of colors, including Portland Wine, Houston Cream, and Madison Mustard. Which all sound delicious, quite frankly (do not eat the scarf)! There’s also a cotton project bag, for keeping your yarn, pattern, and knitting needles organised.

4. Bomber Cardigan

Bomber Cardigan
Source: Etsy

Regarded by customers as a particularly fun knitting kit, this bomber cardigan is an ideal starter project. Inspired by the ongoing trend of hand knitted classics, this cardigan will be perfect for transitioning through the seasons.

The kit includes between 8 to 10 x 100g balls (the quantity depends on the size you pick, of which there are 3) of 100% merino yarn, a sewing needle, the pattern, 10mm and 12mm wooden knitting needles, and an eco-friendly project bag.

5. Reggie Fox

Reggie Fox
Source: Etsy

The brother kit of the seller’s other popular fox, Ronnie, Reggie is a large fox that comes with orange, cream, and black yarn (who knows how they landed on those colors?). There’s also a lovely shade of green for his top, and if we may say so ourselves, he’s really pulling the look off.

This adorable kit comes with the knitting pattern, a separate pattern for the jumper, yarn that’s 80% acrylic and 20% wool for the fox and 100% cotton for the jumper, washable stuffing, and to top it all off, a button. Reggie measures roughly 20 inches, or 50 centimeters.

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6. Robyn Octopus

Robyn Octopus
Source: Etsy

Perfect for babies (and just the right size for them to hold), this adorable octopus kit is an ideal baby shower gift. But even if there’s no babies on the way, it’s still a great way to begin your knitting journey.

The kit includes two different colors of yarn for the body and the inner tentacles, black yarn for their facial features, the pattern, a needle, 40g of toy stuffing, and a delightful gift box.

7. Beanie

Source: Etsy

It might not be ideal as your very first knitting pattern, but if you’re familiar with the basics, this beanie will be a great next step.

A unisex, one size fits all beanie that comes in a wide range of colors, this kit will result in headwear both stylish and cozy. The kit also comes with a recyclable tote bag to keep your project tidy.

8. Mabel Bunny

Mabel Bunny
Source: Etsy

If you’re a cuddler, this is the one (or should we say bun) for you. This beginner’s kit will be second only to cuddling the real thing (ever cuddled an actual rabbit before? Nothing else compares!). With Mabel’s forlorn face and droopy ears, it’d be a crime not to scoop them up.

Each kit includes merino and acrylic yarn, acrylic wool, separate colors for Mabel’s adorable facial features, and toy stuffing.

9. Cable Cushion

Cable Cushion
Source: Etsy

This chunky pillow will stun guests once they find out that you’re the one who knitted it. And when you brush it off and say ‘ah, it was easy’ and they assume you’re just being modest, nope! It really is a great pattern for beginners!

Make your sofa complete with this eye-catching and snuggly cushion, the kit for which includes 4 large coconut buttons to tie the whole thing together (not literally tie it together- that’s sort of your job!).

10. George Bear

George Bear
Source: Etsy

This handsome bear is part of a family of cute designs called the Little Paws Collection, and will delight visitors. Not only can you knit him a lovely striped jumper, but you can even knit him a scarf, and with minimal hassle too!

This simple kit will teach you multiple knitting techniques, including purl, knit through the back of the loop, knit 2 stitches together, and several more.

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11. Parchment Teddy Bear

Parchment Teddy Bear
Source: Etsy

Designed exclusively for those new to knitting, this parchment teddy bear will be a delightful buddy to have around the house.

Presented in a hand printed gift box, the kit comes with yarn for the body, eyes and nose, 4mm knitting needles, a sewing needle, and a bag of stuffing (or a ‘bag o stuffin’, to be more precise).

They also have a YouTube channel with handy tutorials!

12. Potholder

Source: Etsy

Shipped in a stylish black project box, this potholder kit includes enough yarn to make 3 potholders that are both gorgeous and practical.

The three colors you can choose from are beige marble, black marble, and gray marble (sensing a theme here).

Clearly put together with an impressive amount of care, this kit also features video tutorials for exactly how to put them together.

13. Adult Santa Hat

Adult Santa Hat
Source: Etsy

Feeling festive? Get into the spirit of the holidays with this easy Santa hat kit. It’ll certainly beat going up to the attic and bringing down those worn old hats you’ve kept in a box for decades!

The kit comes with an eco-friendly tote bag, 100g of 100% merino yarn (one in red and one in white, because if they were any other colors it’d have meant something had gone terribly wrong somewhere), a sewing needle, and a 15mm wooden knitting needle.

14. Basic Worsted Weight Sock

Basic Worsted Weight Sock
Source: Etsy

Whether you’re cozying up by the fire or you’re prone to getting cold feet in bed (and you can take that as a play on words for insomnia if you wish), these thick socks will keep you warm and snug. The pattern set has three variations of socks that you can knit, including ribbed socks, cabled socks, and vanilla socks.

Be it for your own feet or the feet of your loved ones, these socks are guaranteed to do the job, and they’re designed exclusively for beginners.

15. Seagull

Source: Etsy

If you’ve never lived by the seaside, and have therefore avoided being scarred for life by their pesky, endless squawking, then a seagull will make a pretty fine addition to your house!

Perfect for all ages (and especially beginners), we promise hand on heart that this one won’t keep you up all night. And neither will the pattern, as it’s designed for beginners.

16. Albert The Robin

Albert The Robin
Source: Etsy

Speaking of birds, how about one that’s synonymous not with screeching, but with the holidays? Everyone knows the fuzzy feeling when spotting a robin landing on a nearby fence; what if getting that feeling every time you were in your house was just a simple sewing pattern away?

Well, it is! Obviously. Would’ve been fairly sadistic to lead you on like that and then reveal that that wasn’t possible.

This lovely little plump robin is perfect for the holidays, and quite frankly, every other season as well.

17. Dog Sweaters

Dog Sweaters
Source: Etsy

They may hide shivers better than any humans do, but dogs get chilly too! It’s not quite ideal as your very first knitting pattern, but if you’re familiar with the basics, then it’s well worth a little challenge if it means keeping your pup warm.

With flexible sizing, your dog will thank you for this comfortable and stylish sweater.

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18. Sitting Pusheen Pillow

Sitting Pusheen Pillow
Source: Etsy

If you’re at all familiar with web-based emoticons, you’ll probably have stumbled upon this legendary feline at some point.

The humble sitting pusheen is a perfect addition to any sofa or bed, and if you don’t have a pet already, you’ll look over, see this wonderful pusheen, and you’ll think that you do!

This kit is designed for advanced beginners, but you should get on fine if you’re familiar with all the basics. Well worth learning for such an adorable pillow.

19. Slippers

Source: Etsy

Do you often catch yourself walking around the house in socks, and feeling like there’s something missing from your life? It’s probably slippers!

This extraordinary comfortable pair of thick, warm slippers are ideal for all genders, and will keep your feet warm throughout the whole day. Perfect for working from home!

20. Lovebirds

Source: Etsy

These cute, colorful birds are the perfect gift for your significant other, either as a gift once you’ve knitted them or as something to do together.

If you’re not in a happy relationship, you can always just put them both in separate rooms. Or in the same room; lovebirds can just be friends, right?

This thoughtfully crafted kit includes a full color printed pattern, 6 different colors, toy stuffing, black beads and cotton thread, and a lovebirds button badge!

21. Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket
Source: Etsy

Another perfect baby shower gift, this blanket is as cozy as cozy can be. There’s something inherently wholesome about giving a baby something that will be their first, and what better way to do that than by making it yourself?

The snug, easy-to-knit blanket is fully reversible, with chunky textured borders. They’ll be taking it everywhere they go!

22. Barry The Puffin

Barry The Puffin
Source: Etsy

Puffins aren’t the rarest bird in the world, but most of you reading this will probably have to travel quite some distance to see them in person. But not anymore! Well, this one’s knitted, but… close enough!

Just the right size for you to pick up and cuddle whenever the days are feeling blue, the Barry kit (what a perfect name for a puffin, Barry) was designed for those who are new to knitting, and might just complete your living room.

23. Pumpkin

Source: Etsy

Pumpkins are a staple of the fall months. But what if you didn’t have to deal with them rotting on your porch?

These pumpkins are easy to knit, and made of such soft yarn that you’ll be tempted to learn how to juggle purely as an excuse to constantly be touching them. That’s quite drastic though, right? You can just pick them up.

Complete with stalks, these pumpkins come in multiple colors, and are a beautiful decoration to display on Halloween, Thanksgiving, or all year round.

24. Wrap Cardigan

Wrap Cardigan
Source: Etsy

This wrap cardigan is perfect for keeping babies and young children wrapped up warm. It’s knitted in one piece, and includes one set of 3.5mm needles, one set of 3.5mm double pointed needles, a darning needle, a stitch holder, and a stitch marker so you can count the rows.

The skill rating is easy, so you shouldn’t have any problems, even if you’ve just recently started learning how to knit.

25. Cream Heart

Cream Heart
Source: Etsy

A perfect DIY Valentine’s gift, this eco-friendly knitting kit is perfect for a romantic gift. It’s aimed at those who are just past the beginner stage, so if you know all the basics, this kit would be the natural next step.

The full color instruction booklet is very easy to follow, and the kit includes 22g of cream merino-style wool, 12g of organic wool balls for stuffing, and there’s even a ribbon so you can properly display the final creation.

26. Baby Elephant Blanket

Baby Elephant Blanket
Source: Etsy

Another perfect gift for a baby shower, this delightful baby blanket will most likely be some lucky baby’s first look at an elephant- at 6 of them, in fact.

The blanket will look best knitted in soft gray, and with extra wool, the instructions outline how easy it is to add as many elephants to the blanket as you wish.

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27. Chunky Cable Knit Jumper

Chunky Cable Knit Jumper
Source: Etsy

This chunky 100% Merino wool sweater is perfect for both cool spring evenings and chilly winter nights. There’s 25 colors available, but if that’s a little too much choice, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the blues and whites pictured.

Aimed at confident beginners but enjoyable for experienced knitters as well, the kit is packaged in an environmentally friendly bag to keep everything organized.

28. The Awfully Wonderful Waffle Scarf

The Awfully Wonderful Waffle Scarf
Source: Etsy

Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food? Secondly, why would anybody ever wear anything besides breakfast food? Actually, I suppose wearing exclusively breakfast food items would be somewhat limiting. But still.

This scarf features the winning combination of white, black, orange, and gray, giving it a lovely autumnal vibe that’s very pleasing on the eye.

It should be noted that the product linked is just the pattern and not the kit- but we couldn’t resist including it anyway!

29. Hattie The Dog

Hattie The Dog
Source: Etsy

Looking to get a dog, but not quite ready for the responsibility? Knitting Hattie the Dog will help you get there, by getting you used to seeing a dog’s face, and… that’s about it, really. But you can’t really complain.

There’s only so much Hattie can do, once you’ve knitted them together with high quality yarn, and reasonably simple instructions. They’re not a real dog, after all. Unless we’re missing something. Uh… paw-some!

30. George The Great Tit

George The Great Tit
Source: Etsy

Perfect for a birdwatcher (particularly on one of their lazier days), George the Great Tit is a wonderful decoration to round out your home- and to pick up and cuddle!

George is almost 5 inches tall (or 14cm), and he’s great for beginners. Much like the waffle scarf, this is also just a PDF, but all the information you need to make your own little George will be on there.

31. Rainbow Market Bag

Rainbow Market Bag
Source: Etsy

Both vibrant and practical, this seamless, rainbow colored bag is all-purpose, whether you’re shopping or taking a trip down to the beach.

The only techniques you’ll need to be familiar with are forming knit and purl stitches, and how to knit in the round, so it should be straight-forward for those just past the beginner stage.

32. Ronnie The Fox

Ronnie The Fox
Source: Etsy

Smaller than the aforementioned Reggie of the same collection, this is a high quality kit with high quality yarn. Aside from the needles, everything you need to complete the fox (and sweater!) is included.

The techniques you’ll need to be familiar with include casting on and off, purling, knitting stitches together, making one stitch, knitting through the back loop, and sewing seams.

33. Little Chick Egg Cosies

Little Chick Egg Cosies
Source: Etsy

Perfect for rounding out your egg cups, these lovely egg cosies are a great challenge for early in your knitting journey.

With a pattern that primarily requires decreasing and increasing, these cosies are a great leaping off point for some vital knitting skills.

34. Beginner Scarf

Beginner Scarf
Source: Etsy

With 100% merino wool and wooden knitting needles provided, this Lucy and Laurence scarf is perfect for those just starting out with knitting.

There are two patterns included in this kit. The garter stitch pattern is the one aimed at beginners, but the basket weave pattern is also included for when you’re ready for more of a challenge.

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35. Neil The Donkey

Neil The Donkey
Source: Etsy

If dogs just don’t do it for you, how about a cute little donkey in a poncho? This quality knitting kit is aimed at beginners, and includes everything but needles.

The colors of yarn included are what really bring this donkey to life; Sirdar grey Aran, Sirdar cream Aran, Sirdar Crofter DK, and Black Cotton DK.

36. Josie The Mouse

Josie The Mouse
Source: Etsy

Our last animal kit is Josie the Mouse. Somewhat alarmingly similar in size to the donkey, you can also knit Josie a pleasant little coat.

37. Baby Sweater

Baby Sweater
Source: Etsy

Topping off our list is this adorable baby sweater. While the extra pocket on front (plus a soft little bunny) might look like they’d require some more advanced skills, the instructions provided will make this sweater more than doable.

Final Thoughts

Knitting is a very handy skill to know. Even if you’re doing it purely recreationally, you never know; maybe your kits will be featured on similar lists in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Knit If I’m Just Starting Out?

As much as you might be tempted to attempt something purely because it’s your favorite pattern, it’s best to stick with patterns recommended for beginners. Something small, like a baby blanket.

What Do I Need To Start Knitting?

Luckily, most of the products on this list include everything you’ll need, the knitting needles being the only exception in some cases. Needles, yarn, a pattern to follow, and you’ll be set.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Knit?

When it comes to the most common knitting patterns, you should only really be looking at a couple of weeks of practice. Naturally the more complex patterns will take longer.

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