39 Awesome Scarf Knitting Patterns (With Pictures)

Knitting a scarf is considered to be a rite of passage amongst knitting enthusiasts. A perfect first challenge to prove the skills that you have acquired.

A scarf is an essential winter element of clothing, something to protect us against the worst of the elements and to provide us some much-needed warmth while out and about. That’s probably why so many take up knitting just to create them!

39 Awesome Scarf Knitting Patterns (With Pictures)

Knitting a scarf as a gift for a loved one is also a great way to show someone that you care, and knowing that the gift is handmade makes it all the more special and heartfelt! You could also knit your own perfect scarf, to get exactly the design you want that clothing stores just might not have!

However, just because scarfs are great for beginner knitters, that doesn’t mean that they’re only for beginners, or that you can’t create some truly unique and exciting scarves as an experienced knitter!

Whether you’re an experienced knitter or someone who is looking to dip their toes into the pastime, we have the perfect list for you! Join us, to explore 39 of the best scarf knitting patterns that you can buy right now! 

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1. Blanket Scarf

Blanket Scarf
Source: Etsy

Having a massive scarf is amazing. There’s no denying that. Being able to wrap your whole body up in comforting warmth even in the coldest of conditions is amazingly relaxing. This chunky scarf pattern from Etsy designer ‘DarlingJadore’ will allow you to create the perfect giant scarf to wrap yourself up in.

Using thick thread, and a chunky knitting pattern, this scarf will come out wonderfully, with a heftiness that makes it feel all the more warm and relaxing, like receiving a warm hug from someone you love. 

This design also features tassels towards each end, which helps to give the scarf a rustic and handmade look that will make you feel even warmer. 

2. Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth
Source: Etsy

Another winter delight from ‘DarlingJadore’ is this beautiful white scarf that features amazingly intricate patterning along its entire length. The thread suggested in this pattern is fluffy, and will be sure to keep all of the cold air away; keeping you nice and toasty throughout. 

Its white design is also very modern and chic and will look good when paired with any winter outfit. The white design is simultaneously subtle and flashy, creating a splash of light during those cold and dark months of Winter.

The patterning itself on the scarf has a classical look that really makes the scarf look like a luxury item, though without the luxury price tag! 

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3. Chunky Scarf

Chunky Scarf
Source: Etsy

Using this knitting pattern is a shortcut towards creating a perfect chunky knit scarf. Chunky knit scarves are best known for their sense of weight, which not only helps to promote further warmth but also helps to promote comfort and relaxation.

The sense of weight creates the feeling that the scarf is ‘hugging’ the wearer, which alleviates stress, and promotes a healthier mind. 

This scarf pattern is easy to follow, which makes it perfect for beginners, or for more experienced knitters who want a more relaxed pattern to enjoy while they chill out and unwind after a long day.

4. Diagonal Weave

Diagonal Weave
Source: Etsy

If you want to create a scarf with a modern design that will stand out, then you will simply adore this pattern.

The diagonal design created diamond-like shapes across the surface which give the scarf a classy and luxurious look. However, this scarf isn’t just full of flashiness, as it also has a beautiful simplicity to it. 

This scarf follows a basic design shape and has few bells and whistles that make it seem overly flashy. This is a great scarf to pair with a subtle outfit, such as a black turtleneck, to create fashionable warmth. 

The scarf is colored with a subtle burgundy color, which has an autumnal look, which makes it great for Autumn time, to create some seasonal styles.

5. Reversible Scarf

Reversible Scarf
Source: Etsy

The reversible design of this grey scarf makes it perfect for both men and women, which means that it is a perfect pattern to try out if you want to make some personalized gifts for loved ones.

It is also a perfect pattern for designing your own scarf to keep you warm. The simple design of the scarf makes it endlessly fashionable, and easy to combine with a large number of outfits and styles. 

The simple design also means that you can try out this pattern easily as a beginner, as it only features basic knitting techniques, and does not require absolute mastery over the craft. 

6. Red Scarf

Red Scarf
Source: Etsy

Red is a warm color, so it would stand to reason that wearing a scarf of an intense red hue would have you feeling toasty and warm even in the coldest of months.

This thick red scarf is blazing with style, from its large knitted chunks to its long and dangling tassels, this scarf is perfect for achieving warmth in style.

Its red color makes this scarf look like an article of clothing from an epic fantasy story. You could even picture Red Riding Hood donning this scarf and journeying through the forest! 

7. Super Chunky

Super Chunky
Source: Etsy

Wow! This is one hell of a scarf! This amazing knitting pattern from HappyDazeKnits gives you a perfect step-by-step guide to creating your own chunky knitted scarf.

Featuring immensely thick knitting thread, this combination blanket scarf will keep you nice and toasty. Its mix of colors and smaller elements also give it a flashy pop that would make it look amazing no matter how you chose to wear it.

The mix of colored threads also gives the scarf a summery look that may contrast with the usual imagery of colder months but helps to give some much-needed life to such a cold season.

8. Claire’s Cowl From Outlander

Claire’s Cowl From Outlander
Source: Etsy

Are you a fan of the hit show Outlander? Want to recreate Claire’s iconic cowl that she wears in the show? This large neck scarf looks immensely comfortable whenever it shows up on the screen, and gives the character a regal look. 

Luckily, thanks to this amazing pattern by ‘KnitzyBlonde’, you can recreate this iconic neck-wear for yourself so that you can show your love for your favorite character. The scarf features a pattern with large chunks and is made up of thick thread, which makes it incredibly warm and comfortable. 

You can wear the scarf however you choose, by bundling it up to have it close to the neck or allowing it to drape down the body, to choose between immense warmth, or a flash of style.

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9. Hooded Scarf

Hooded Scarf
Source: Etsy

Hooded scarves are such an amazing feat of modern knitting. Many hooded scarves feature deep pockets towards each end of the scarf, where you can put your hands to keep them warm, without any need to buy extra gloves!

Hooded scarves are great for their versatility, as you can wear them both as a hood, to keep your head and your ears warm, or as just a normal scarf, draped across your shoulders.

This easy pattern from ‘VintagePatternFaves’ on Etsy can show you how to create the hooded scarf of your dreams, to keep your whole body warm!

10. Devira Seaman

Devira Seaman
Source: Etsy

This knitting pattern from ‘DesertRoseFiberArts’ is best used with red-hued colors, to create a fashionable scarf that looks best worn with blue colors. 

The scarf itself features a basic shape, but a sizable length, which makes it easy to adjust it to however you want it to look, or to adjust it to achieve a certain amount of warmth.

The design does feature unique design features, however, such as the ribbed pattern that extends throughout its length, and gives it an interesting sense of texture that makes it pleasant both to look at and to wear.

11. Beginner Knitting

Beginner Knitting
Source: Etsy

Knitting can be a difficult craft to learn. It requires a certain depth of knowledge and an incredible amount of patience. As with any craft or art form, many of us need a good starting point; a place to learn the ropes and develop confidence.

This pattern is a perfect solution for the discerning beginner who wants an easy pattern to get started with, while also learning some more complex techniques.

The scarf features a highly-textured look, thanks to its patterning, and the thick thread that is used to create it. Thanks to this, it provides a good starting challenge for beginners and has a wonderfully comfortable end result that looks amazing no matter how you wear it.

12. Shawl Pattern

Shawl Pattern
Source: Etsy

This shawl pattern is perfect for creating a lightweight scarf that can be worn easily across the neck, without an incredible sense of weight weighing you down.

Shawls have great breathability to them, which means that they don’t become swelteringly hot, which makes them perfect for those uncertain weather conditions when it can easily change from freezing cold to blazing hot.

This pattern’s loose knitting makes it perfect for beginners who may not know how to create the more advanced knots that experienced knitters can do easily. 

13. Triangle Tassels

Triangle Tassels
Source: Etsy

Featuring an incredible triangular shape when worn, this thick scarf feels amazing to wear and looks awesome too! Large tassels to each side of the scarf also lend it a classical look and give it some exciting features that will draw eyes to it.

The main scarf itself features a thick design that comfortably drapes across the body so that it doesn’t feel too tight, and nor does it drape unsafely across the ground. Unlike other usual scarves, this scarf instead features a diamond shape, which is how it is able to create that triangular look when worn.

14. Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot
Source: Etsy

The large knot towards the front of this scarf is no doubt how it got its name. Featuring a Celtic design that makes it look like something that might be worn in a fantasy tale, this scarf is perfect for those who want a little bit of uniqueness with their scarf, without risking being too flashy.

This scarf features a thick design that is sure to keep you warm in the winter, and that has a comfortable weight to it so that you can wear it over your shoulders. 

15. Celtic Braid

Celtic Braid
Source: Etsy

Want to take a Celtic design even further? Try out this pattern from ‘TheWarmHouse’ which features a large Celtic pattern across the length of the scarf. This thick design provides the scarf with a sense of dimension and texture which really makes it stand out beautifully. 

The Celtic design is also a fairly unique design that you won’t see anywhere else, and will easily make you the envy of passers-by while you’re out and about. 

This pattern is easy to try out and creates a wonderful final result that will have you feeling immensely proud when you have finished it.

16. Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf
Source: Etsy

Having a never-ending scarf sounds like an absolute dream, and while it may not be physically possible, designers such as ‘MamaInAStitch’ have managed to create a looping infinite scarf that feels like a never-ending source of warmth!

This infinite scarf can be worn in a number of ways, by wrapping it around you. You can bundle it up tight to create a massive wall of protection against the colder elements, or wear it as a hood, and allow it to drape down, to create a modest look.

Creating your own infinity scarf makes it so the possibilities truly become endless, and you can come up with a massive number of outfits with just one looping scarf.

17. The Grinch

The Grinch
Source: Etsy

Christmas may be one of the most joyous times of the year, but it is also one of the chilliest! Christmas-themed scarves are a perfect marriage of the desire for happy Christmas imagery and accessible warmth.

One of the most iconic Christmas characters is the ever-grumpy Grinch! You can don everyone’s favorite Christmas mascot in style and comfort, thanks to this glorious pattern from GiftsandCraftsGalore.

The Grinch’s mischievous expression is captured wonderfully in this pattern, and you can recreate it easily yourself by following the simple guide. You won’t be feeling grumpy like the Grinch when you wear this warm scarf around you!

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18. Rib Knit Patchwork

Rib Knit Patchwork
Source: Etsy

We all know rib-knitted scarves are some of the best, right? Rib-knits help to keep in the heat, to keep us warm even in heavy snowfall, and the look of a rib-knit gives a sense of dimension and texture to a good scarf. 

This rib-knit wonder from Little TotzDesigns features a colorful patchwork pattern that even Doctor Who himself would be jealous of. Wrap this around your neck, let it keep you warm, and strut through town in style and comfort!

19. Unicorn Hooded Scarf

Unicorn Hooded Scarf
Source: Etsy

Perfect for young children or fantasy lovers is this hooded Unicorn scarf that features a very intricate design. Towards the top are a set of two ears, a horn, and a tuft of pink and white hair. 

Towards each end of the scarf are two pockets that are the perfect size for hands, so you can keep your hands nice and toasty. Each pocket also has frills and tassels that hang off and wave about in the air as you walk, so that whether you’re moving or sitting still, you’re doing it in unicorn style!

20. Keyhole Scarf

Keyhole Scarf
Source: Etsy

Keyhole Scarves make keeping your scarf securely attached to your body a whole lot easier!

This particular scarf pattern has an intricate design, wherein one end of the scarf is a thin tail that can then be inserted through the holes on the other end in a keyhole motion, to keep it securely attached to you, so that you won’t have to be constantly adjusting it around your shoulders.

The colors also have an autumnal look, which makes the scarf appear warmer, while also blending naturally with the colors of the season. This makes it perfect for matching with your Autumn wardrobe to create truly amazing looks!

21. Fox Scarf

Fox Scarf
Source: Etsy

With a simplistic and frankly adorable design, it would be impossible to resist this amazing knitting pattern.

The knitting technique used in this scarf is not overly advanced, which makes it perfect for beginners, but it still has a unique and adorable look that makes it perfect for knitters of all levels of experience. 

Similar to the scarf above, this scarf is bound with a keyhole motion, so that it does not slip around as you wear it, which facilitates extra comfort.

This scarf would be perfect to gift to a younger relative, or to someone you know who simply adores animals or cute designs!

22. Garter Stitch

Garter Stitch
Source: Etsy

This rainbow design will have your eyes popping from the color explosion it presents! While this scarf may appear heavy on colors, those colors blend together perfectly to create a natural look that doesn’t clash or run the risk of looking gaudy. 

This pattern also makes use of a simple and easy-to-learn technique, so it is perfect for a beginner who wants to create an intricate design without any intricate and difficult techniques!

Make your winters more colorful and cheery by picking up this pattern for yourself today!

23. Cable Knit

Cable Knit
Source: Etsy

The cable knit may sound like a daunting technique that will pose a challenge, but it is actually very simple and easy to pull off! By following the pattern created by Etsy designer ‘KnitsByHestialice’, you’ll be throwing out cable-knits like it’s nothing, in no time!

This pattern features a stunning design, with thick corded shapes arranged across the length of the scarf, to give it an impressive look that is simply full of character and style. This scarf would make for a great fashion statement and will make you the talk of the town at any party.

24. 50s Style Keyhole Scarf

‘50s Style Keyhole Scarf
Source: Etsy

If you want to create a nostalgic look that’s full of all of the style and grace of 1950s fashion, then you simply have to try out this pattern.

This pattern may only create a very small scarf with a simple design, but it is oozing with character and charm and makes for a classy look when paired with just about any outfit.

Making the scarf is also very easy, with only a few techniques and materials needed, and a keyhole function that keeps it firmly in place however you choose to wear it. 

Grey doesn’t have to be a boring color, and with a bit of stylistic flair, you can really make it pop out and look amazing.

25. Long Pink Scarf

Long Pink Scarf
Source: Etsy

From a tiny scarf to a long scarf! This pattern from ‘MeAndCrochetUS’ features a bright pink color scheme that injects a sense of life and energy into what could otherwise be a dull and very standard item of winter clothing. 

The technique used to create the scarf may require a little more expertise than others, as it makes use of varying thread lengths to create a unique design. Between every set of knitted rows is a series of long threads that give this scarf its characteristic length.

26. Fringe Scarf

Fringe Scarf
Source: Etsy

If you’ve ever felt like looking like a character from your favorite fairy tale, then this pattern is the one for you. Featuring masses of character, thanks to the many fringes that hang off and spread out in every direction, this is an explosive-looking scarf that is just asking to be adored!

Its mix of warm colors and natural green and yellow tones perfectly creates a sense of warmth and character that you simply won’t get from any other scarf on the market. It also has a very handmade look that will make you feel proud that you had a hand in making it!

27. Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons
Source: Etsy

Dragons are known for their fiery breath. It’s perhaps their most iconic characteristic. You can harness the fiery nature of the dragon to keep you warm, thanks to this expertly crafted dragon scarf knitting pattern. 

Featuring a warming orange and red color scheme, with the image of a dragon impressed onto its surface, this scarf is the perfect item of clothing for the obsessive high-fantasy fan, who wants to show off their love of these mythical beasts in absolute style. 

This pattern can also be followed using other colors, such as green and black to create the perfect color scheme for you!

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28. Kitty Scarf

Kitty Scarf
Source: Etsy

With green buttons for eyes, it would be easy to mistake this scarf for an actual cat! The adorable face of this kitty is rendered in adorable detail, down to the pink nose and mouth, and the black fur across its body. 

If you know anyone who is absolutely obsessed with cats, you cannot miss the opportunity to make them this scarf!

This is also a great scarf for young children, who love adorable designs, and the keyhole design means it will stay firmly fixed and attached no matter how much the child moves about, which is a massive relief for parents.

29. Funky Pattern Scarf

Funky Pattern Scarf
Source: Etsy

Merino Lambswool is one of the most luxurious materials you can use to knit. The trouble is, it can be quite daunting to find the perfect knitting pattern to use it with!

This is where ‘WeeBeauties’ comes in with this patterned scarf which features a massive number of concentric shapes and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind scarf that is totally hip.

The range of colors helps to accentuate the flashy and modern design which is sharp and certain to draw some attention from those who see it and will work with just about any outfit, since each color is perfectly complemented by the color beside it, such as orange next to purple.

30. Sheep Scarf

Sheep Scarf
Source: Etsy

Perfect for making a young child or toddler look simply adorable is this perfect sheep design scarf. The black sheep’s head contrasts against the white wooly body, to create a believable little animal shape that you can instantly read as a sheep!

Pair it with your child’s favorite winter coat, and take it out into the winter air, and your child will look simply adorable. And even if you don’t have a child of your own, this scarf would also make a perfect gift for any of your young relatives, or even your friend’s children!

31. Lion Scarf

Lion Scarf
Source: Etsy

A cute twist on the Keyhole scarf formula is this amazing lion design from ‘RianAnderson’ from Etsy. The tail of the lion, at the back end of the scarf fits squarely into his mouth to keep the scarf held in place properly. 

The wacky mane of the lion is made up of curling brown thread that gives off a wild look. And the googly eyes fill him with character and personality. 

You also don’t need to be an expert to put this together, just a set of firm knitting needles and the right color of thread to create your own king of the jungle! 

32. Rainbow Scarf

Rainbow Scarf
Source: Etsy

Colorful and cheery is this knitting pattern from ‘LadyshipDesigns’. You can choose to wear it to show off some pride, or even just to add some color to a winter outfit. It makes for a perfect gift for a loved one, or a gift to yourself! 

You can even use the pattern to create all sorts of other household objects or fashion pieces, such as pillow cases, hats, or whatever your heart feels like!

As well as this, using the pattern itself is simple, and only makes use of basic knitting techniques, so it is perfect for inexperienced knitters, or those who just want a simple challenge.

33. Lace Knit

Lace Knit
Source: Etsy

The self-proclaimed ‘KnittingGuru’ of Etsy has designed a truly breathtaking scarf made from a delicate pattern that gives the wearer a look of elegance and grace.

The delicate pattern of the scarf features lots of gaps and open spaces, with loose knots, which makes the scarf flexible, and easy to adjust around your neck.

The scarf is also lightweight, which means that it won’t have you becoming overly hot, during those awkward periods when it is neither too hot nor too cold! In these conditions, this scarf will have you feeling just right!

34. Desert Frost

Desert Frost
Source: Etsy

Desert Frost is an appropriate name for this beautiful number. The mix of subtle turquoise and purple elements throughout the scarf give it an aqueous look, which is both classy and modern.

The scarf itself has a rather unusual shape, being more round, and moon-like, so that it curves naturally against your figure. When draped over your shoulders, the ends of the scarf give your body a sense of curviness, and the element that hangs over the back further accentuates the elegant look!

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35. Beige Alan Scarf

Beige Alan Scarf
Source: Etsy

This scarf would make a great challenge for an intermediate knitter who wants to take their craft to the next level.

The range of details across its surface make it not only feel amazing, but also make it amazing to behold. You’ll notice the varying textures and knitting techniques that have gone towards creating the bold but subtle look of the scarf.

If you wanted to achieve a cottage-core look, then this would also be the perfect scarf to try out, since it is made up of autumnal colors, and has a very natural and rustic looking pattern to it.

36. Large Button Scarf

Large Button Scarf
Source: Etsy

Red and brown are two colors that promote a sense of warmth and comfort, and this stunning pattern from ‘BeEweniqueBoutique’ has taken full advantage of that fact!

The red scarf itself is chunky and thick, and would provide more than adequate warmth for hours on end, and the large wooden buttons that hold it in place give it a handmade look. 

The large buttons also act as a large center piece of the scarf, a little bit of extra decoration to make the look stand out.

37. Fair Isle Scarf

Fair Isle Scarf
Source: Etsy

It’s amazing what you can do with just two colors, and a little bit of design ingenuity. This red scarf with sharp white shapes looks immensely fashionable, and is totally in style right now.

Its thick construction and looping design make it perfect for getting real defense against the colder elements, while also looking fantastic no matter how you choose to wear it.

38. Chunky Chains

Chunky Chains
Source: Etsy

A scarf made for a giant! This amazingly innovative scarf design pattern from ‘VintagePatternFaves’ features a crazy unique look, thanks to the large shapes that line the scarf itself.

The large chain-like shapes that link all across the scarf create an almost industrial look, but one that doesn’t feel cold or metallic. Instead, it’s filled with personality and warmth.

This pattern is best not attempted by beginners, as it would need some amount of skill in order to achieve perfect results.

39. Blue & Green Stripes

Blue & Green Stripes
Source: Etsy

Our last pattern on this list might look like just any other scarf, but its immensely simple mix of colors, and its effective shape make it truly a perfect pattern for everyone. This pattern is perfect for those who want some good practice in making scarves, as well as for those who already have the correct experience. 

What truly makes this scarf pattern stand out is the chosen colors. White, blue, and green make for a strangely relaxing color combination that you might not otherwise consider to be so relaxing! And the simple repeating patterns make it pleasurable to look at, and make it easily pairable with a massive range of outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Rows Of Stitches Do You Need For A Scarf?

Technically speaking, there is no absolute limit on the amount of rows of stitches you include in any scarf you make. If you want a larger than usual scarf, add more rows! Want a smaller scarf? Take some rows away!

Can You Knit And Purl A Scarf?

Yes. You can knit and purl a scarf, and using both methods within the same scarf will lead to a much better quality final product than using just one or the other. 

Learning to do both techniques properly is easy, and well worthwhile, as you can apply those skills to any number of other patterns that you choose!

What Is The Best Size Knitting Needles For A Scarf?

You would need to carter the size of your knitting needles to the size of the thread that you are working with. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended that you make use of slightly larger needles, as that way you will have full control over your thread as you manipulate it!


Scarves have been around for centuries; a perfect way to guard yourself against cold weather while also looking good at the same time.

You’d have thought that by now, scarves would have truly run out of ideas, but today’s amazing Etsy designers have proven that this is definitely not the case, and that there is so much potential for amazing scarf designs. So what not try one of the 39 ideas listed above today?

Amanda Brown