31 Women’s Crochet Dress Patterns

Have you ever worn a crochet dress? If you have then you know how amazing it feels to wear something made with so much care.

The compliments you receive wearing something handmade is enough to keep you wanting more. Can you imagine the praise you would get if you had made that item? Well, that’s where we get involved. 

It’s time to stop breaking the bank every time you want a gorgeous new dress! Instead, we should make them. If you have no crocheting skills or you are a master of the art, we’ve got something for you.

We’ve created a list of the thirty-one hottest women’s crochet dress patterns to get you started on your journey to making your own clothes. 

It’s time to say goodbye to shop-bought dresses and hello to a world of creativity. 

“The Mckenna Dress”

The first crochet dress pattern on the list is known as the ‘Mckenna Dress’. This dress is a super chic summer or beach dress. The Mckenna is a mini dress that has a low back with a lace-up feature.

If you do decide to purchase this pattern then the guide comes with pictures and three video tutorials to help you make it. Since the instructions are so detailed we think even a beginner could make this dress.

Irish Crochet Lace Pattern

Isn’t the intricate pattern of this dress just beautiful? This Irish crochet lace pattern dress is an adaptable dress. When making this dress, you will make the mini dress and then the added panel that can make this mini dress a maxi dress.

The pattern comes with a video and a detailed pdf explaining all the steps needed to make this dress. Due to the intricate detailing on this dress, we recommend those with more experience crocheting try to make this. 

Crochet Beach Dress

This gorgeous dress is ideal for wearing on the beach. The back of this dress is inspired by a pineapple making it the perfect dress to wear on holiday. The pattern is available in four sizes, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the materials based on your size.

The pattern is also beginner-friendly as it is easy to follow. So whatever level of crocheting skills you have, everyone is able to make this dress.

Calla Dress Crochet Pattern

The Calla Dress pattern has all the modern trends a dress needs. From the ruching right above the leg split, the open back element, the square neckline, and the ruffling at the bottom of the dress, it has all the trendy features.

The pattern of this dress is made to measure. The dress has many different design elements making it a dress only those with intermediate crocheting skills should try. 

Retro Chevron Crochet Summer Dress

This retro chevron crochet dress is so bold it needs to be made and worn with confidence. Once you have completed making this dress you’ll end up with a long flowing dress.

At the waist of this dress is a fun diamond pattern breaking up the chevron pattern. The crochet pattern is easy to follow for this dress meaning beginners can attempt to make it. 

Crochet Maxi Dress Pattern

This crochet dress pattern is giving us a bohemian dream vibe. It is a lovely maxi dress with an open back. The front of the dress has a lace-up feature in the neckline. The dress has sheer crochet panels under the bust and towards the bottom of the dress.

In the pattern, instructions pictures are included for every step. This makes it a good dress pattern for those who are new to crocheting to follow. 

Crochet Pattern – Loja Dress

Another beautiful mini dress! This dress would be perfect for those who want to make an eye-catching going-out dress. When you’ve completed making this dress you will end up with a halter dress with a unique stripe pattern.

What makes this dress pattern great is that it includes instructions for different sizes. This is a great option for beginners to make as the instructions are easy to follow.

Women’s Mini Dress

How pretty is this design? This crochet dress pattern is another fantastic mini dress option with long sleeves. This dress would be perfect to wear to a boho festival! The dress has a lovely hem which has a lot of intricate details.

With this in mind, we recommend those with some experience in crocheting dresses to attempt this design, rather than beginners. 

Lace Crochet Dress Pattern

Crocheting and the bohemian look seem to go hand in hand when making dresses. At least they do with this dress pattern. This mini dress, when completed, will have a scoop back, thin straps, and cut-out detail to the bodice of the dress.

This crochet dress pattern comes with a step-by-step guide on how to make this dress. It also has pictures of each step. We think the detailed instructions make this a great dress for beginners to attempt to make.  

Crochet Maxi Dress

Beach dresses are a must when going on holiday. Let this one be the beach dress you make! This crochet maxi dress pattern would be a staple piece in your holiday wardrobe.

This dress pattern is recommended for those with intermediate crocheting skills to attempt. This is because the crocheting pattern on the dress is detailed so a basic knowledge of crocheting is necessary.

Vintage Crochet Pattern

Vintage dresses are all the rave! That’s why instead of breaking the bank trying to keep up with the changing styles you can make this dress yourself. This dress pattern is based on the styles from the 1970s.

Once you have completed this dress, the length should be around thirty-one inches. You may have to alter the dress to fit your size which is why we recommend only those experienced in crocheting have a go at this dress. 

Vintage Women’s Crochet Dress

Staying with the vintage theme we have a crochet midi dress pattern for vintage lovers to attempt. With this pattern, you will need to convert the guide into your own size which can be a bit tricky for those new to crochet.

Due to this, we think beginners should skip this pattern until they are more confident with their crochet skills.

Sea Goddess Vixen Beach Dress

The beauty of this dress is in the title! Want to look like a goddess on the beach? This is the crochet dress pattern for you. The crochet dress pattern is a 1970s fishnet-style dress. Whilst this dress is not as intricate as other designs, there may be some size conversions.

We recommend trying to make this dress if you have a basic knowledge of crochet or are a really brave beginner. 

Crochet Woman Dress Pattern

We are really sticking with the vintage theme with this next dress pattern. Trying to find nice vintage clothes can be really tricky, so we should make them instead! This amazing dress has a v-neckline with short sleeves and goes just above the knee.

The skirt of the dress has lovely vertical stripe detailing. This vintage dress pattern would be best suited to those with knowledge and experience in crochet. The dress pattern you will receive is the original vintage pattern.

Crochet Dress Pattern Vintage Cap & Dress

Another fabulous design from the 1970s. This dress pattern is for a mini dress in the style of those from the 1970s. It is a four color dress and also has the pattern for a matching cap.

The type of hook and gauge is what determines the size of the dress you want to make. This dress pattern has a lot of detail to it, so we recommend those with experience make this dress using the dress pattern. 

Crochet Woman Dress Pattern

If you need an elegant, feminine, and slightly formal dress, this is the design for you. The dress pattern for this crochet dress describes the process of crocheting a size small.

This means you will have to adjust the measurements and materials you need for your size. We don’t recommend a beginner start with this dress pattern as converting sizes can be very tricky. 

Open Back Crochet Dress

Want a glamorous dress with eye-catching features? Then you need to make this crochet dress using its pattern. The open-back design of the completed dress is elegant yet seductive.

You can also adjust this dress to be a maxi dress as the pattern tells you to continue increasing the skirt. To make this dress, following the pattern, experience in crocheting is needed. 

Crochet Sweater Dress

What is better in fall or winter than a sweater dress? A sweater dress that you made! The pattern for this crochet sweater dress is really easy to follow, so beginners can attempt this one with confidence. The only issue is that the pattern describes crocheting a size small in this dress.

So if you are willing to make measurements for your size then you should have no problems. What’s great about this is the pattern of this dress can be altered easily. The simple silhouette of the sweater dress makes it easy to crop to just be a sweater.

Crochet Dress Pattern Smart Summer Dress

It’s important to have a dress for every occasion in our wardrobes. Let this be the perfect smart dress to wear to any formal occasion. The dress pattern of this smart dress allows you to make it in three sizes from a 34-inch bust to a 38 inch one.

The dress pattern does come with information about changing the size of the dress you are making. A confident beginner could attempt to make this dress as long as they have some knowledge of crochet. 

Crochet Sundress Pattern

This dress is the shorter version of the lovely bohemian design we featured in the list before. The crochet dress pattern has pictures of each step making it easier for those who do not have much experience in crocheting dresses.

The pattern is written for sizes small, medium, and large. If these aren’t your sizes then some adjustments will need to be made.

Festival Crochet Dress

This dress pattern is definitely a favorite of ours! If you have an upcoming festival, this is the dress you should make to wow everyone there.

This pattern is given for all sizes. If you decide to follow this pattern to make this dress, you should know that in terms of difficulty it is average. However, the seller of this pattern is available for you to get in touch with if you have any questions.

Enchanted Sundress

Two-tone dresses have always been a popular choice. This great sundress is exactly what you need to make for those whimsical summer nights. Once you’ve completed this dress following the crochet dress pattern you should end up with a tank dress with a flared skirt.

The level of difficulty to follow this dress pattern is easy. So this is a great option for beginners to start their crochet dress making journey.

Crochet Lace Dress

If you want to make a dress for a night on the town, this is the dress for you. This crochet lace dress pattern is perfect for an evening out. The pattern is size inclusive as it is made to measure.

We recommend having intermediate crocheting skills in order to be able to follow this pattern successfully. With this pattern, you can change the hook size but you may not get the same gauge as the pattern.

Crochet Party Dress

Sticking with the party dress pattern theme, we have a lovely crochet cocktail dress pattern for you. This pattern has a lot of frills on it, which will be time-consuming. With this pattern, you will need to adjust it depending on your size.

At first, the pattern is difficult to read. Due to this we only recommend those confident and experienced in crocheting to purchase and complete this pattern. 

Drape Neck Mini

This one is for fans of Doja Cat. This dress pattern is a replica of the crochet dress she wore in her famous music video. It is the perfect dress to wear if you are going out. You could even wear this dress to the beach!

The crochet dress pattern is a bit difficult to follow. Therefore, we only recommend you trying to make this dress, following the dress pattern if you are experienced in crocheting. 

Crochet Single Sleeve Sweater Dress

We love a good sweater dress and this single sleeve sweater dress is a timeless piece. Once the dress is made it features a single strap. The great thing about following this dress pattern is that it can easily be made into just a sweater.

To make this sweater dress you may have to adjust to your size as the pattern instructions make a size small. It is a great pattern for beginners to attempt and takes around 16-18 hours to make.  

Golden Hour Sun Dress

Golden hour is the prettiest time of the day and this dress is fitting for that. This summer dress is perfect for spending time in the sun. The pattern works on the bodice of the dress first and then the skirt. When making this dress you will need to adjust it to the size you want it to be.

The dress pattern is clear so beginners with basic knowledge of crocheting could attempt to follow the pattern successfully.

Halter Top Dress Crochet Pattern

Wouldn’t it be so cool if you turned up to prom wearing a dress you made? If you love this idea as we do, here is a crochet dress pattern that might be for you. In order to make this lovely long halter style dress, you need to have advanced crocheting skills.  

Coconut Macaroon Sweater Dress

Since there is nothing quite as comfortable as sweater dresses, we’ve included another one. This crochet sweater dress has a video tutorial so those who are not as confident with their crocheting skill should be able to follow this dress tutorial.

No. 758 Women’s Crochet Dress Pattern

This is the last mini vintage dress on the list. This dress pattern comes in three sizes so you might need to adjust to your size. We think this is a good dress pattern for those with experience to follow.

Sedona Dress

Lastly, we are ending with a modern midi dress. This dress pattern is for all sizes! It is an easy pattern to follow so we think beginners would be able to follow this pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change The Hook Size I Use?

It is always best to use the recommended hook size of the pattern you are following. If you do change the hook size the dress may not look the same and the gauge may be different.

Can I Sell The Dress I Make?

This is completely dependent on the seller you buy your pattern from. I would always check with the seller if you wish to sell the dress you’ve made using their pattern. Some sellers are happy for you to sell the items you make but double check! 

How Do I Make The Dress Fit Me?

Always follow the instructions when it comes to making the dress the correct size you need. Some tips would be to measure the areas that will impact whether the dress fits. Keep the measurements of your waist, hips, and bust with you. 

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