14 Gorgeous Barn Quilt Patterns For You To Try

If you’re looking for the pattern for a barn quilt, one of the most fascinating things about it is its visual appeal and style.

It’s a pretty popular design with many different styles and color palettes, which makes it possible for you to find something that will work beautifully in any kind of home decor.

If you’re looking to add a barn quilt to your home, maybe these amazing patterns will help spark your imagination!

What Is A Barn Quilt?

Put simply, a barn quilt is a pattern, usually painted on wood, that is done in the style of a quilting pattern, and was placed outside on an important structure, most often a barn, hence the name.

1. Sunflower Color Explosion Barn Quilt

Sunflowers are a popular and traditional pattern to put on your barn quilt design. So it only feels right that we start our list with a modern take on a classic design, with this sunflower that simply explodes with those warm colors these flowers are known for!

The large size of the sunflower in combination with the small scale makes your design look like it’s floating in space. If you’re looking for a more detailed version of this pattern, check out our Sunflower Barn Quilt Pattern here.

This is one of our favorites from this collection. We have made two different versions of it: one that was done as a single block and another that had a few blocks placed together. Both were so fun to make, and they are perfect for sharing on Instagram.

If you want to see how I created this pattern, click the link above to find this pattern. And if you don’t fancy sewing or just need some inspiration, scroll down further to view all the other gorgeous patterns we have listed today.

2. Stained Barn Quilt

With the explosion of amazing barn quilt designs over the last few years that we’ve seen, we’ve noticed many of the bold and bright colors that people have adorned their patterns with.

And whilst they have been inspiring and beautiful to look at, many seem to focus on colors and designs that try to hide the fact that they were ever made of wood in the first place.

Well, this particular pattern bucks that trend by using a whole range of warm woody colors and shapes that help enrich the natural colors of the wood that it is painted on.

One thing that sets this aside from most other designs is the way that the color palette has a strong directional feel to it, which helps create a sense of movement when you’re viewing it.

And although a lot is going on visually, the overall effect isn’t overwhelming, making it easy to appreciate without feeling like you’re constantly trying to read too much detail.

A real treat for any fan of wild colors and patterns, this is an excellent choice of a barn quilt pattern for anyone who wants something a little bit different from the usual black and white designs that come with the genre.

We think that this would be a great addition to not just the outside of a barn, but for any outdoor kitchen area, as well as a family room piece or even a kids bedroom wall art project.

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3. Monogram Barn Quilt

 Monogram Barn Quilt

This is the perfect decorative gift to give someone who is looking for an outdoor piece that will add a dash of color to their wall. Especially if their name starts with L!

It’s also a lovely personal touch to use for yourself in your living room or dining room, whether you have a formal dining table or love hanging out around your coffee table with friends and loved ones.

Whilst the design itself could easily be applied to multiple types of furniture, the monogram certainly lends itself to being incorporated into a variety of projects, as it looks great as a standalone element and can also work well as a border design for a sofa or chair.

If you’d like to learn how we created this pattern, click on the link for instructions.

4. Opquilt Sunflower

Opquilt Sunflower

If you’re a lover of brighter colors, like we covered in the first sunflower barn quilt piece, then you’re going to love this next floral design of this particular plant!

The vibrant mix of bright yellows and deep green hues together with the dark brown center makes for a very eye-catching pattern, especially when used alongside a darker background.

This makes it the ideal choice of a barn quilting pattern for those who enjoy colorful pieces of decor.

5. Texas Daisy Barn Quilt

 Texas Daisy Barn Quilt

This incredible daisy design is a bright spark of blues and whites that will contrast amazingly with a dark-colored wall that it might be placed against!

With its gentle curves and large size, this gorgeous barn quilt pattern is sure to become one of your favorite choices!

It works perfectly as both a standalone piece and a border design on sofas or chairs, making it the ideal choice for a family room, nursery, or children’s bedroom.

You’ll find more details about creating this pattern in the link above.

6. Erica’s Design Sunflower Barn Quilt

Erica's Design Sunflower Barn Quilt

For another geometric sunflower design, let’s take a look at another amazing pattern that is easy for anyone to make.

Like many of the other designs available here, this one features some nice curves to help define the shape of the piece.

We think that it’s a fantastic choice of a sunflower quilt design for a modern home, and it goes well with the rest of the items showcased here.

It would also be a wonderful piece to hang up by the poolside or anywhere else where you need a splash of brightness! If you’d like to see our process behind creating this pattern, click on this link to view the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

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7. Sunflower Barn Quilt

Sunflower Barn Quilt

Okay, we know that we’ve covered a few sunflower patterns on this list so far. But there are just so many great designs out there, that it would be a shame to miss out on any of them. Including this one!

We’ve already talked about the beautiful color combinations available in this design and how they work beautifully among white walls.

The black and white stripes are subtle enough to remain visible but not too distracting from the main focus of this piece.

Plus, it has a fun vintage feel to it that is perfect for adding character and personality to a sunny space such as a breakfast nook or patio area.

8. Patriotic Homeberries Barn Quilt

 Patriotic Homeberries Barn Quilt

Art is a great way to express your appreciation of the things you love, whether it is your family, your home, your state, or your country. This amazing barn quilt pattern is a perfect way of expressing that love of the United States in your own home!

As you can imagine, this patriotic print stands out among others thanks to its prominent use of reds and star shapes, which are highlighted in the dark blue and white colors that frame the entire piece.

If you’re looking for more information about this quilt pattern, you’ll find it at the link above. And if you’d like to learn how we created this masterpiece, click on this link.

9. HST Barn Quilt

 HST Barn Quilt

Here again, we have yet another simple classic pattern, only this time it’s something very different from what we have seen before. We think that this particular version takes a whole new direction in terms of design, and we adore it for that reason.

The color palette is a combination of light blues and cyan tones, but it’s the interesting triangular motif and sharp lines that set this piece apart.

It would be a lovely addition to a child’s room or a guest room as it would as an outside decorative piece, and we bet that it would fit right in with the overall style of whatever home you live in.

This design is so versatile that it will work wonderfully as an accent in almost any kind of interior.

And if you want to see more details about this piece, check out the link provided at the end of this post.

10. Wenda Coburn Barn Quilt Design

 Wenda Coburn Barn Quilt Design

This one is a bit more modern than anything we had shown you earlier, and that makes us happy because it means that it would look awesome in pretty much any type of household.

This Wenda Coburn home decor pattern features a colorful mix of reds, whites, and blues, that create a cool, yet warm summery feeling.

The stars used in this pattern are small enough to be easily incorporated into larger pieces, while their sizes give a sense of proportion that helps to balance the larger scale of the design.

It’s hard to describe how much we love this pattern without giving away some important information, so we recommend that you click over to the link above to get all the details about this beautiful piece.

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11. Hanging Flag Barn Quilt

 Hanging Flag Barn Quilt

Who doesn’t love a hanging signpost? It’s a beautifully retro quality that does the same job as a good welcome mat or store sign, but with a little extra flair. With this pattern, you’ll be able to have one of these for yourself!

This design has a lot going for it: firstly, there is no doubt whatsoever that it’s a wonderful example of creativity, and secondly, it’s also a striking visual feast.

The bright white, light beiges, and deep reds used here combined with the bold shapes make for a truly eye-catching display.

If you haven’t already discovered this stunning creation, check out the link below to see more images and information about this project. We hope you’ll love it just as much as we do!

12. Simple Glowforge Barn Quilt

Simple Glowforge Barn Quilt

This glowforge design uses the colors of the United States flag uniquely, especially when compared to the other designs that we have already touched on.

This amazing piece by the talented artist Emily Miller uses a completely different approach in terms of colors and patterns, which gives it a fresh feel.

We love how the stripes of the flag are echoed through the deep blues and bright red elements and the sharp, angular motifs, making every scene come alive with vibrant energy.

We’d say that this design is perfect for anyone who loves American patriotism, and it would certainly bring some great vibrancy to the spaces where it hangs.

If you want to learn more about this fabulous Glowforge design, visit the link above to see the full pattern, and its tutorial.

13. Lasercut Modern Barn Quilt Design

Lasercut Modern Barn Quilt Design

These laser-cut designs are perfect for home decoration, or outdoors wall mount pieces!

If you’re looking for something simple to work with, then look no further than this barn quilt. You can use the large rectangle shape to coordinate with any number of other projects, like adding a picture frame, or even a window seat cushion.

The pattern itself comes with instructions that will guide you along step by step, and the size is ideal, and it will fit perfectly on most standard-sized walls.

In addition to being an easy piece to put together, it is a very cost-effective option! Click over now to find out more about this amazing Lasercut Modern Barn Quilty Design.

14. Sweet Judy Blue Eyes Barn Quilt

Sweet Judy Blue Eyes Barn Quilt

You don’t need to have a background in crafting to enjoy this gorgeous piece. The entire process of creating this piece involves only hand stitching, which makes it one of our favorite projects to work on.

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from completing something that you’ve made entirely by hand, so if you happen to not know anything about crafting and art, this is the kind of project for you.

One thing that sets this particular masterpiece apart from others is the incredible attention to detail that went into its creation.

This take on this type of pattern is simply delightful – combining geometric shapes with a floral motif that makes this piece a real treat for the eyes. We are smitten with this design, and this is one of our favorites at the moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Make A Barn Quilt?


As long as you follow the instructions properly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make this lovely craft yourself.

It does require patience, and a lot of hard work, but once you complete the project, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning piece of artwork that you can proudly display in your house or garden.

Do Barn Quilts Need To Be Sealed?

With such an exquisitely finished piece of artwork, it can be tempting to want to add some kind of sealant to protect it such as varnish.

This is not recommended, however, as this will cause the paint to lose some of its pristine colors, as well as make it incredibly difficult to touch up and correct mistakes.

What Do The Patterns On A Barn Quilt Mean?

Most patterns that barn quilts will use have some kind of meaning attached to them. Usually, it is related in some way to an aspect of the original painter and creator’s life.

If you do decide to create a custom version of this pattern, then we recommend using a similar theme. Take something from your own life, and turn that into a beautiful geometric pattern.


There you have it! Hopefully, these ideas helped you plan your next barn quilt project. They’re a great way of adding a little life to an otherwise dull surface, and we think our homes and halls are all the better for it!

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