Easy Crochet Bookmark: Perfect Project for Beginners

Crocheting is great fun. It is simple, relaxing and you can make almost anything – but have you ever heard of a crochet bookmark? Crochet bookmarks are growing in popularity, not only being great fun to make but by coming in handy. 

Avid readers know the pain of losing your page,  (and this can happen a lot!) but with a bookmark this is all in the past. But, we often don’t have bookmarks handy at the ready.

Well, now you don’t have to worry because a new bookmark is only a crochet project away! To learn how to create some fantastic crochet bookmarks, read on below.

Easy Crochet Bookmark

Crochet Bookmarks: The Perfect Project for Beginners

Crochet bookmarks are a brilliant project to delve into. Not only is it fun and unique but it is perfect for beginners.

When it comes to making these bookmarks, you don’t have to concern yourself with difficult designs or expert level crochet tricks. Bookmarks are very simple to crochet and after making one yourself, you will be sure to feel confident.

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What is more is that you don’t have to be a bookworm to make one of these crochet bookmarks. This is a gift idea perfect for friends and family who love to read.

They will be impressed by the dedication put into creating this accessory and will be sure to remind them of you.

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Easy Crochet Bookmark Patterns to Create

Below, we will be listing some of our favorite crochet bookmarks to make, perfect for beginners and for those working at an easy level.

1. Making Waves Crochet Bookmark

Our first crochet piece on the list is the Making Waves bookmark. This is a crochet bookmark appropriate for those working at an easy level, offering a simple yet stand out pattern.

For this project, you will need three colors of your choice to produce the wave effect. Allowing a tassel to finish the bookmark off, this is a great crochet choice.

2. Leaf Crochet Bookmark

This next option is very simple, perfect for beginners. This crochet bookmark consists of a single leaf with a long stem which makes up most of the bookmark, finishing off with the roots.

Follow this easy pattern for perfect results.

3. Crescent Crochet Bookmark

Here is a crochet bookmark to test your crochet abilities. Whilst still being an easy crochet project, this design incorporates a new way of crocheting to test how well you can crochet.

What is great about this crochet bookmark is how you can use any color you want. Only one color is required and this is a project which will be completed quickly.

4. Daisy Chain Crochet Bookmark

Have fun creating this beautiful crochet daisy chain. This is a crochet bookmark which is not only easy to make but which will turn into a beautiful accessory.

This crochet bookmark requires a repetitive pattern of white flowers (just like the daisy) until a long line of flowers are produced. If you wish, you can change up the color of your flower to your liking and finish off with a signature tassel.

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5. Crochet Corner Bookmark

If you are looking for a bookmark that is unique and one of a kind, this Crochet Corner Bookmark is the one for you.

This crochet pattern steers away from the formal bookmark, instead creating a triangular crochet piece which can sit on the corner of the book’s page. You will only need one color of choice to create this vintage lace crochet piece.

6. Clouds Crochet Bookmark

This crochet bookmark is one to have fun with. This piece infuses bright colors to make the signature zig zag rainbow, finished with a cloud to make up the top of the bookmark.

If you choose to, you can even stitch a face onto the cloud to add a unique touch to your crochet project.

7. Snake Crochet Bookmark

If you are looking to tackle a project which will get heads turning, delve into this one by making a Snake Crochet Bookmark. With this crochet piece, a basic repetitive pattern is required throughout.

What will test your abilities is the snake’s head as you work on some alternate patterns. You will also be able to improve on your stitch work when stitching on those yellow beady eyes of the snake.

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8. Baby Yoda Crochet Bookmark

This bookmark is perfect for Star Wars lovers and makes for a great surprise gift. This is another crochet piece which follows a simple pattern, making up the main stem of the bookmark.

The finishing piece is that famous Baby Yoda face which we all adore. This is a lovely project to try out.

9. Crochet Bookmark Heirloom

Perfect for beginners, this is a crochet bookmark which is made to impress. Although daunting upon appearance, this is a very easy pattern to follow and has come with many good responses.

Choose from two separate designs and create a simple yet wonderful piece which you can treasure.

10. Squashed Penguin Crochet Bookmark

You will have plenty of fun creating this Squashed Penguin Crochet Bookmark, putting your skills to the test.

This will make the perfect bookmark for young children and may even encourage them to read with this loveable crochet penguin by their side.

11. Peacock Feather Crochet Bookmark

This is a beautiful design paired with a very easy pattern to follow. With this bookmark, your book will brighten up from its array of colors and lovely design.

Whether you choose to use the traditional colors of a peacock’s feathers or want to choose something different, you will still be satisfied with the end result. Finish off with a gorgeous tassel.

12. Crochet Cross Bookmark

If you are in need of a bookmark for your Bible or are simply wanting to create something which expresses your religion, choose to create this wonderful Crochet Cross Bookmark.

This pattern uses beautiful intrinsic designs to create a white Christian cross, bordering the cross with this subtle cross crochet pattern. This is an easy to follow pattern in which you will receive great results.

13. Heart Crochet Bookmark

Our next choice is the Heart Crochet Bookmark. This crochet pattern is very easy to follow and you will find it completed in a matter of hours.

Follow this pattern if you are a beginner and are wanting to practise your crochet technique. This also makes for a great valentine’s gift, personal and made with love.

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14. Squashed Mermaid Crochet Bookmark

This Squashed Mermaid Crochet Bookmark is another fun project to try.

Like the Squashed Penguin Crochet Bookmark, this is a great crochet piece which your kid will love and may even encourage them to read. Use whatever colors you want to make this lovable mermaid and have fun creating.

15. Cat Crochet Bookmark

Have fun making this cute Cat Crochet Bookmark. Only using one main stitch, this is a bookmark perfect for beginners.

The adorable cat face at the end of the bookmarks gives this project a unique touch, a perfect gift for children and adults alike.

16. Dachshund Crochet Bookmark

Here we have another great bookmark, ideal for dog lovers. This pattern is made for beginners in mind, only using a single color and a repetitive stitch pattern.

Feel free to change your hook size to manipulate the size of the finished product and experiment with colors. This is the perfect easy crochet bookmark.

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17. Rainbow Crochet Bookmark

Our final crochet bookmark choice is the Rainbow Crochet Bookmark. This is another fun and easy project to have fun with, using all the colors of the rainbow to make this amazing bookmark.

This crochet piece uses a simple pattern to create this design and is perfect for anyone. Whether you choose to give this to your child or keep for yourself, this is a bookmark that will be sure to brighten up any book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Stitches Should a Bookmark Have?

When it comes to counting the number of stitches you need to crochet a bookmark, the number varies.

On average, you can find yourself stitching a chain of 13 however for the most accurate results, be sure to measure the length of your book as you go along.

How Long Does It Take to Get Good at Crocheting?

It takes some time to develop your crocheting skills. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to dramatically improve on your crocheting skills, moving up from beginner’s level to advanced.

In order to improve, make sure to practice your crocheting continuously by trying out new projects.

What are the Easiest Things to Crochet?

As a beginner, it is important that you choose crochet projects which are easy for you. Some of the easiest crochet projects to try are cup cozies, headbands, bookmarks, face scrubs, phone cases.

What is the Difference Between Crocheting and Knitting?

For those not familiar with crocheting, it can be easy to assume that it is the same as knitting however they are very different.

The differences are the size of the needles (with knitting, you need large needles) and the amount of needles used (crocheting only requires one whilst knitting requires too). As well as this, the strategy used to create projects are completely different.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have listed some of our favorite easy crochet bookmarks. Every crochet bookmark listed is perfect for beginners or those working at an easy level and make for brilliant gift ideas. 

When it comes to creating something as a beginner, you may believe that it will not be complex enough to impress. With these bookmarks, however, you can feel confident that you will be turning heads.

From squashed mermaids to Baby Yoda to daisy chains, there is plenty to choose from our list. Now you have all these options, do not hesitate to have fun making some of these projects and brighten up your books!

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