35 Crochet Rug Patterns

Crochet rugs are an excellent way to bring life into your room. When you create a rug, it isn’t just about the stitches; it’s also about the time and energy that goes into creating something lovely for someone else to appreciate.

We’ve selected the best crochet rug patterns in one blog article to inspire you to start crocheting right away!

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Diamond Crochet Rug Pattern

 First up is this diamond rug crochet pattern found on Etsy. We love the contemporary style and think it would look great in just about any home.

Well, with the help of this pattern, you can now make your very own! It makes up very quickly and can be made in as little as a day or two. It works as a perfect runner or doormat rug for hallways, entrances, or kitchens.

It also makes a great Christmas present! This pattern is written in standard US crochet terminology in English. This pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced stitchers alike. 

Crochet Doormat Rug Pattern

The genius of this pattern is that by changing the number of stitches linked, you can easily modify the sizes to meet all of your decorative needs. For optimal effects, make this design with mega bulky fabric or two strands of thick yarn tied together.

This pattern is very detailed and super easy to follow, making it suitable for even beginners with little to no experience. However, you will need to have some knowledge of single and double crochet stitches to make this rug. 

Crochet Doily Pattern, Floor Rug Pattern

Craft this textured crochet design as a doily or as a ground rug; the decision is all yours. Adinah can be produced from thread size linen for a doily, cotton ropes for a ground rug, or somewhere in between, depending on your specific preferences.

Make it pink, purple, neon yellow, or a neutral colour like khaki or white. You’ll adore it in any colour! Make as many as you want using only one template! This pattern comes with plenty of pictures to help guide you through the stitching process with ease. 

Tassels Rug Easy Crochet Pattern

The Stonegate Rug is a traditional home décor piece with traditional, straightforward crochet stitches and delicate tassels, as well as a highly convenient and rewarding crochet activity to complete! This rug is flawlessly crocheted flatly just using basic stitches and processes, and it comes together in no time!

The seller states that this pattern is suitable for absolute beginners, as detailed tutorials are provided for even the most basic of stitches. So, if you’re looking for your first ever crochet project but want to take on something a little bigger than a winter scarf – then this is the perfect crochet pattern for you!

Oval Kitchen Rag Rug Pattern

This is a vintage crochet rag rug pattern from the 1940s. Furthermore, it is a quick and simple one-page pattern! Create the ideal rug for your kitchen, entryway, hall, bathroom, or sun patio! Anywhere! You may even mix and match colours to get whatever colour combination you want.

Allow your creativity to run free. The finished rug will measure approximately 24 inches x 36 inches, depending on what kind of yarn you choose to use. 

Crochet Mandala Rug Pattern

Do you enjoy patterns that are bright and intricate? Then you’ll adore this lovely mandala rug! It certainly gives a stunning flash of colour to any area and would be ideal for a nursery or child’s bedroom. This design is given in both American and British crochet words.

The finished rug measures around 95cm in diameter, but the width will fluctuate if you use other yarns and thread sizes. This pattern comes with plenty of pictures to help guide you through the stitching process with ease. 

Quick & Easy Crochet Rug Pattern

This lovely and utilitarian mat is ideal for use in the bathroom, dorm bedroom, kitchen, nurseries, or anywhere else you want to liven up a space! This simple crochet project is ideal for beginning crocheters.

If you’re inexperienced at crocheting or consider yourself a novice, then we think this is an excellent place to start. It’s simple to follow, and the stitch pattern is a simple circular, which is a useful skill to have as a crocheter. Plus, because you can use jumbo yarn and a large hook, it goes by pretty quickly.

CROCHET PATTERN Josefina and Jeffery Elephant Rug

Elephants are the loveliest animals on the planet! Their arched trunks remind us of crochet hooks and motivate me to start one.

This rug’s pattern, lace, and bulkiness make it a talking piece that will liven up any room. Allow your imagination to go wild and design the ears one-of-a-kind by switching colours regularly in every round you prefer.

This is an excellent craft for using up spare yarn. The pattern is provided row by round in US crochet words for a solid colour elephant rug. Crochet instructions, step-by-step images, and a translation chart to UK words are also included.

The Cable Stitch Crochet Oval Rug Pattern

Make your own crocheted mat to pamper your feet. The Cable Stitch texture is soft and fluffy, and it adds a lovely touch to the Oval shaped mat. Create this rug by selecting colours that complement the space in which it will be placed.

Colors that are bright for a child’s room and neutral for an open area throughout your home. Holiday hues to add a festive feel to your home.

You decide how big or tiny you want this rug to be. You may immediately identify the repeating pattern utilised by following the pattern.

Give the gift of a rug to someone special! It will undoubtedly be adored and admired. So, what are you holding out for? Get your template and start crocheting right away!

Crochet Rug Pattern Rag Rug Just Like Grandma Used to Make

You can produce a rag rug to match anything Grandmother used to produce with one simple crochet thread and just a few easy steps, and while the techniques are old, the style is “modern” when this rug is done in a range of fabrics in related hues.

This pattern comes with plenty of pictures to help guide you through the stitching process with ease. The seller has thousands of positive reviews on Etsy too, so you know that you’re in good hands.

Simply Spiraled Square Or Rectangle Crochet Pattern.

Tunisian Simple stitch is used in this design, with reductions and rises to make the corners. There was no need for a customised hook; only an ordinary metal K Size accessory was employed.

There is no prior tunisian or entrelac knowledge required, but because of the raises and dips, this is not a beginner-friendly pattern.

The end product is beautiful, and you will be amazed. The pattern specifies that you modify the size as desired. Create your base round or rectangle, then continue going round and round till you reach the desired size.

Crochet Pattern BOHO RUG Bobbiny Cord

We’re obsessed with this boho rug pattern, and we think you will be too! The colors are simply gorgeous and it’s sure to liven up any space. It works great as an area rug or as a smaller mat in a hallway or kitchen space.

This rug’s design is a step-by-step lesson in English with US crochet terminology, replete with detailed images. This pattern is suitable for beginners with some knowledge and experience with basic stitches. 

Crochet Doily Rug Wall Hanging Pattern With Video Tutorial

This pattern comes with thorough written directions in 2 languages: Russian and English (using US/American terminology), as well as a video tutorial of each of the 68 rounds. The video instruction is posted on YouTube and is made up of 68 distinct films organised into a single playlist.

The video is in Russian, but it is incredibly thorough and step-by-step, making it comprehensible to any international stitcher. All abbreviations and unique stitches are described in full in the pattern and demonstrated in the video.

Easy Vintage Round Crochet Rug Pattern

This Retro 1970s rug pattern may just be perfect for you – If you’re looking for a simple rug pattern, this is it! Begin in the centre and work your way out! That’s all! Make use of a large hook as well as rug yarn and knitting worsted yarn.

This pattern is suitable for beginners with limited experience and little knowledge of stitches. The pattern can also easily be changed and modified to make the color and size suit your specific needs.

Crochet Pattern Mandala Pattern Rug

Using this method, you can build any size granny circle you like. Granny circles can be used in a variety of crafts. They can make excellent coasters, table mats, tablecloths, or mandalas if made with raw cotton. You can make a beautiful rug out of super thick yarn.

This pattern is suitable for beginners with limited experience and little knowledge of stitches. This pattern comes with plenty of pictures to help guide you through the stitching process with ease. 

Boho Sunshine Rug Crochet Pattern

How gorgeous is this boho sunshine rug crochet pattern? We’re absolutely obsessed with it, and we think you will be too! The finished product is mustard in color and comes complete with lots of tassels to add a vintage boho effect.

This pattern comes complete with 2 different sets of directions – one of which is catered for experienced stitchers, whereas the other is designed for beginners with very little knowledge of crochet stitches.

This pattern is available in English and is written using standard US crochet terminology. The seller has even included some handy YouTube links for extra help if you need it.

Graphite Mandala – Brioche Crochet Rug Pattern

The pattern includes several progress photos to explain stitch positioning and is much simpler to stitch than it appears.  Each round is knitted with a single colour, and the thread is switched at the start of each new round. There really is no thread to cut or tails to knot.

The yarn is pulled up towards the next rows on the opposing path after each round, resulting in small floats of thread at the back of the mandala. This pattern comes with plenty of pictures to help guide you through the stitching process with ease. 

Crochet Rug Pattern – Crochet Fox

Add a touch of wood playfulness to a baby’s nursery. This lovely rug is simple to make. It’s constructed of tough, low-cost acrylic yarn that launders well and withstands footwear.

The pattern is only available in English. All patterns are defined in terms that are commonly used in the United States. This pattern is copyrighted and may not be altered, sold, or replicated. You are authorised to sell your finished goods.

Crochet Rug PATTERN – Crochet Bear Rug 

Crochet some quirkiness for a baby’s room. These cheerful rugs will bring you and your loved ones so much joy every time you see it.. The pattern calls for a tough, low-cost acrylic yarn that fades well and can withstand foot activity. The pattern is only available in English.

All patterns are defined in terms that are commonly used in the United States. This pattern is copyrighted and may not be altered, sold, or replicated. You are authorised to sell your finished goods.

Crochet Rug Pattern Old Fashioned Throw Rag Rug

This is a PDF crochet design for an Old Fashioned Rag Rug made from fabric pieces. This charming rug demonstrates that there are no clear rules when it comes to rug materials.

It’s constructed from an unusual mix of dress-weight fabrics, like satin, jersey, and faille, which are stitched into this basic rectangular shape to create a lovely blend of colours and patterns. This pattern is available in English and is written using standard US crochet terminology. 

Crochet Sunflower Rug (Pattern) With Exclusive Video Tutorials

With this intricate sunflower rug, you can bring a touch of light and sunshine into your home. Ideal for a white cottage kitchen, flowery covered patio, wildflower nursery, or wherever else you might imagine. Colors can also be changed to produce a Poinsettia, Daisy, or any big petaled blossom.

It is roughly 35″ in diameter. Based on the substance used and your strain, your completed size may vary slightly. For individuals who purchase this design, there are also special YouTube video lessons available to help guide you through the process with ease.

Crochet Rug Textual Description In English Plus Video

This tutorial will show you how to crochet a rug of any shape and size. This is a rug-builder, a rug-puzzle. The instructions generated drawings and computations for six different configurations: Abstract Max, Abstract Mini, Round, Square, Tracks, and Rectangular.

You can use this lesson to make a tiny circle rug for the bathroom or a large rug. The master class includes tasks and estimates for 6 ready-made rug alternatives, as well as video instructions on how to stitch patterns. There is also a video on how to stitch rug components.

Crochet Rug PATTERN | Rainbow Rug Pattern

The ideal project for a novice! The Radial Rug is a convenient and simple project that will brighten up any area. This rug has a gorgeous ombré colour scheme thanks to the use of beautiful Hoooked Wavy Blends yarn.

This design is suitable for beginners and comes with written directions, a colour guide, and a full photo lesson. This crochet design is published in British English.

Crochet PATTERN – Mosaic Mandala Rug – Textured Jute Rug

The mosaic crochet technique is used in this stunning Ocean Time Mandala Rug. To produce complicated textured fabric, just simple stitching (chains, sc, and dc) are being used. With thinner yarn and a shorter hook, the mandala can be turned into a lovely cushion.

The pattern only comes in one size. It includes step-by-step clear instructions in both English (US words; a stitch chart is included in the design) and Dutch. It also includes a plethora of step-by-step photographs. The final size of the mandala is determined by the fabric and hook used.

Round Rug Crochet Pattern

This is a step-by-step instructional plan for a hand crocheted Round Rug that can be made in any length and used in any part of the house. It might be a fantastic addition to a kids bedroom or playroom. Any yarn can be used to create the pattern. The directions have been tried on several yarns and threads.

If you’re using a separate yarn brand or kind, choose a hook size that falls between the minimum and maximum listed on the yarn label. The possibilities for variations and experiments are limitless! The pattern contains clear images with step-by-step instructions for making it, which is especially helpful for novices.

Oval Rug Crochet Pattern

This oval rug is made using T-shirt yarn and builds up quite quickly (assuming the pattern is followed exactly), and the completed rug is a lovely compliment to any space! When flattened out and laid on a floor, it lies flat. 2 to 3 500 g spools of T-shirt yarn will be needed to make a 65 cm by 85 cm rug.

Rugs of varying sizes can be created by working fewer or more rounds. The only extra item needed is a large-eye hook for weaving in the ends.

WRN’s Race Track Mat Pattern PDF file

This design, influenced by carpeted race tracks, is ideal for use at home or on the go! Ideal for playing, as a little nursery carpet, or as a demonstration mat for older children who still enjoy cars. This is a ten-page pattern with numerous hints and photographs.

This pattern is available as a digital version. When your purchase is finalized, you will receive an email with a download button sent to the email account linked with your Etsy profile.

Indian Flower Rug Crochet Pattern

The Indian Flower Rug has a lovely pattern with a dense and tensioned structure that makes it ideal for lying on the floor. The lotus petals will immediately capture your eye, making it the focal point of your living area.

The entire pattern is made with overlay crochet methods and is influenced by the mystical lotus motifs found in many sacred sites throughout India.

The pattern isn’t repeatable. It is written in the smallest size possible because a lot of arithmetic and tension is computed and verified. The pattern’s completed size will be 85 cm in diameter.

Vintage Variegated Oval Rug Crochet Pattern PDF Instant Download

This is a fantastic antique crochet design for a colourful rug. This rug will be 20″ X 30″ when finished. This lovely pattern is based on the seller’s personal collection of historic and antique books dating from the 1960s through the 1980s. The copyright has ended, and the work is now in the public

This design will be emailed to you immediately in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another application that can view PDF files.

Crochet Rug Pattern, Jute Rug, Easy Stash Busting Crochet Pattern

The Julep Rug features a one-of-a-kind jute twine fringe that gives the completed rug a high-end appearance. Your friends and relatives will be wondering where you obtained such a beautiful rug!

This scrappy cotton rug may be made with scraps as little as 6″, and the colour options are practically limitless.

The pattern contains suggestions for yarn and colour selection, as well as a detailed instruction for the magic knot technique. Whether it’s solid, striped, marled, or scrappy, there’s a fabric for you!

The design contains colour suggestions as well as precise directions for effortlessly customising the size of your rug.

Nautical Rug Crochet Pattern

This is a step-by-step instructional plan for a hand knitted circular rug with fringes that can be made in any dimension and used in any part of the home. Any fabric can be used to create the design. The directions have been tried on several yarns and threads.

If you’re using a different yarn type or kind, choose a hook size that falls between the minimum and maximum listed on the yarn label. The possibilities for variations and experiments are limitless! The design includes extensive images as well as directions for making it suitable for beginners.

Chevron Rag Crochet Rug Pattern

Make your own rug by cutting bed linen into pieces and crocheting them according to these instructions. I give not just the crochet design, but also a simple, quick way for slicing the linen into the required strips. This is a very simple pattern!

You only need to know how to construct a chain stitch and a solitary crochet stitch to create this rug! This design is so versatile that you may let your creativity run wild with the colour options and stripe widths; it’s entirely up to you.

Crochet Pattern For Jute RUG

Unbleached jute is a tough fibre that may be transformed into a lovely, long-lasting area rug that will complement a variety of décor styles. To create this rug of patterned 12 inch blocks, you just need to know a few basic crochet techniques. A drawing is supplied to explain how the squares are joined. Using 12″ pieces, you can make this rug as big or as tiny as you wish.

Hexie Rug Crochet Pattern Download

The best feature of this Hexie Rug is its adaptability. It’s constructed of a bunch of hexagons that can be arranged in any design you wish, whether long and skinny like a carpet runner or circular like the one shown. In terms of colour, you can use what you like.

Create it in one, two, or all of the rainbow’s colours! This pattern is beginner-friendly and comes with plenty of images to help guide you through the crocheting process.

Crochet Granny Square Cabin Rug Pattern

This Granny Square Cabin Rug is dense and feels wonderful underfoot! It fits neatly beside a standard-sized external door and may be customised in any colour and size you choose.

Every granny square is roughly 4″ × 4″, and you may use these dimensions to calculate the size of your chosen rug. To make it look bigger, start adding more squares.

The Cabin Rug is made by crocheting a granny square with two strands of thread held together. You’ll make 24 simple granny patches. Whip stitching is used to join the pieces, and then a fringe is attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Good Idea To Crochet My Own Rug?

Yes! A crocheted rug can quickly bring warmth to any area in your house. The beautiful thing about these downloadable crochet designs for rugs is that you can create them in any colour combination you wish, making it simple to chop and change them to complement your decor style.

What Kind Of Yarn Is Used To Make Rugs?

Typically, rug yarn is composed of acrylic, organic cotton, or a dense wool. However, some fibers have benefits over the others. Acrylic fabric is the best yarn to use while knitting a rug.

How Many Yards Of Fabric Do I Need To Crochet My Own Rug?

A 24 by 36 inch rug requires approximately 10 yards of fabric. Because one-third of this cloth is hidden, an old blanket or other waste fabric is ideal. I discovered that a full size bedspread costs almost the same as 4 yards of material.

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