35 Adorable Crochet Doily Patterns (Including Pictures)

Popularised in the stylized Victorian era, doilies quickly became a feature in almost every room of the home.

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Representing both a practical and ornamental agenda, their intricately woven designs can offer an attractive point of reference to an otherwise featureless table or dresser top. 

Though, since the 1950s, modern homes have tended to suit a minimal aesthetic with clean lines and less clutter. This, unfortunately, didn’t bode well for the doily, and it is far from the dominant force that it once was.

35 Adorable Crochet Doily Patterns (Including Pictures)

However, with a current trend toward vintage wares, threads, and furniture sweeping across America – there is still hope for the doily yet. 

So, if you’re looking to test your crocheting skills with a pattern that doesn’t require an excessive amount of yarn, then a doily could be just the thing.

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We’ve found 35 of the freshest crochet doily patterns to provide a fun and engaging project that won’t give you stiff fingers by the end of it. 

1. Semifreddo In Mosaic Square Crochet Doily Pattern

Semifreddo In Mosaic Square Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

Offering a feeling of the ancient, this semifreddo-inspired mosaic pattern will complement your home’s worldly decor. Starting with a magic circle, the doily is made in 51 rounds from the center – outward. It uses a mosaic overlay crochet technique to create a compelling design that is hard to deny.

This technique is not too difficult, just pour your attention over the chart’s stitch placement and you should be able to breeze through it. 

2. Autumn Leaves And Lace Doily Pattern

Autumn Leaves And Lace Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

Who doesn’t love the abundance of beauty and color in fall! And with this crochet doily pattern, even when cozied up inside, that autumnal feeling will live on well into the winter.

The pattern is for intermediate to advanced crocheters and is sold as a two-for-one – including both a small and large size.

Featuring beech, maple, oak, and ash leaves, this doily really is the ultimate homage to autumn beauty in all its colorful leaf wonder

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3. Etherealm Crochet Doily Pattern

Etherealm Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

With only 27 rounds measuring 15 inches when complete, this boho-crocheted doily leaves room for the surface beneath it to breathe. The empty space sets the natural tone of the yarn against a wood background like it was meant to be (which it is).

The pattern includes a comprehensive photo tutorial that charts every round, with step-by-step instructions for the more challenging stitches.

4. Round Doily Bag Crochet Pattern

Round Doily Bag Crochet Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

This doily-inspired bag is the kind of bag that you weren’t too sure existed but have always secretly wanted. The bag is made with two identical dollies, side by side, as well as a gusset, to create space for your everyday essentials.

The strap and crocheted buttons complete the look and make this pattern very good value for money. Made for festival season, this stylish bag is perfect for all the bonafide hippies-at-heart.

5. Christmas Doily Crochet Pattern

Christmas Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Is there anything that signals in the festive season more than an army of Christmas doilies on every dresser? Sure, the Christmas tree and presents do a pretty good job at it, but Christmas doilies are right there with them.

Download this decorative doily pattern today and get crocheting straight away, to build up your stock before the Christmas rush. 

6. Granny Doily Crochet Pattern

Granny Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Branded as the ultimate ‘Granny’ doily, the simplicity of this doily is its greatest attribute. The colorway of orange, brown, and white offers a warm and comforting feeling – just like your Grandma’s hug.

The simple design also lends itself to more novice crocheters trying their luck at creating a doily. With glowing comments from many happy reviewers, this pattern seller puts worth in making sure that her customers are satisfied. 

7. Dahlia Doily Crochet Pattern

Dahlia Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

The Dahlia doily can, and will, be the statement piece of any room that it’s in. Drape it over the back of a chair, spread it out on the floor, across the coffee table, wherever the Dahlia goes, attention will follow.

The best part about this particular pattern is even though it’s oversized, it still only requires intermediate crocheting skills to master. 

8. Butterfly Garden Pineapple Doily

Butterfly Garden Pineapple Doily
Source: Love Crafts

Boasting 3-dimensional butterflies, petite pineapples, and flowers set atop their green stems, there sure is a lot to unpack within this doily.

You won’t want to cover up this ornamental piece of wizardry with a vase – this is a true representation of just how pretty a doily can be. Of course, the pattern isn’t for the faint of heart, it will require some prior expertise by way of advanced crocheting. 

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9. Lily Doily Crochet Pattern

Lily Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Taking influence from the almighty Lily flower, this intricately woven crochet masterpiece is incredibly contemporary in design. A true trailblazer of the doily world, Lenamasterica has managed to give this pattern an undeniable freshness, while also retaining the essence of the doily.

Choose between round and square, or pre-empt your love for this pattern and pick up both in one swift purchase. 

10. Postmortem Doily Pattern

Postmortem Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

If you have a fascination with skulls, bones, and just generally deceased things, you are certainly not alone. Popular in the art and tattoo worlds, as well as dating back to the Aztec Empire – this trend is anything but dead.

The postmortem crochet doily patterns made by CreativeWorksByAnnie are striking to the eye, unique by design, and will add plenty of character to your already quirky home. 

11. Oval Picot Peaks Doily Pattern

Oval Picot Peaks Doily Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

The Oval Picot Peaks doily is a welcomed change in a predominantly round doily world. Rich in color, these doilies will turn any plain, empty tabletop into a vibrant space that guests will appreciate.

The pattern is written in American English and requires an intermediate crochet ability to confidently finish. 

12. Vintage Crochet Rose Doily Pattern

Vintage Crochet Rose Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

This is an original doily pattern published by the American Thread Company circa 1950. Back when doilies were all the rage, this rose-covered delight would have elevated many suburban side tables with elegance and ease.

And thanks to CapriHooksandNeedles you could give this doily a new lease of life by crocheting it at home. The pattern is very well priced and will create a pretty centerpiece to complement your Sunday family feasts. 

13. Boho Placemat Crochet Pattern

Boho Placemat Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Even though these Boho placemats aren’t technically dollies, we simply had to add them for their undeniable chicness, which we’re sure you can appreciate too?. There are two patterns up for grabs here, the round placemat and the cute little coaster.

And if you simply can’t decide, (we don’t blame you if you can’t), then why not crochet yourself an entire boho placemat set that’s bound to impress?

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14. Ciri Crochet Doily Pattern

Ciri Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

Make no mistake, this intricately woven doily looks tricky to crochet, because it is. If you already know your way around crochet hooks and fancy a challenge then the Ciri doily from Susiluoto is that challenge.

You’ll be required to work both front and back post stitches, clusters, two stitched together, and popcorns to crochet this beauty into existence.

Luckily though, there’s plenty of technique assistance in this pattern that wants to see you succeed. 

15. Dashing Dollies Crochet Pattern

Dashing Dollies Crochet Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

If the thought of the Ciri gave you a hesitant gulp in the neck, then you’re in safe hands with the Dashing Doily. Using simple crochet techniques, this pattern is thankfully an easy one for beginners to test their doily-making skills with.

The colors really make this doily pop, being one of the few doilies that instantly feel modern and exciting.

16. Eliana Crochet Doily Pattern

Eliana Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

The Eliana is a 100% cotton doily that’s made thick for protective purposes. Place this chunky doily onto any surface of the home that’s prone to scratches (the coffee table), and sip your cups of tea with peace of mind.

The pattern is to make a large doily with a diameter of 15 inches, if this is excessive for you then just use a reduced yarn or thread for varying results. 

17. Tanviha Textured Crochet Doily Pattern

Tanviha Textured Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

It’s hard to not fall in love with this beautifully textured doily at first sight.

With a mixture of intermediate and advanced crocheting techniques, slowly but surely, you’ll be in awe of this doily taking shape and coming to life.

The Tanviha certainly won’t be finished in one sitting, but stick with it and reap the rewards for forevermore.  

18. Doily Rug Crochet Pattern

Doily Rug Crochet Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

Turn your love for the doily up to 100 by crocheting the largest doily that you ever laid eyes on. Named the ‘Lacy Six Point Doily’, this pattern is a collaboration with Annie’s Archive from Annie’s Catalogue.

You’ll need to download the video support tutorial from this link as well as download the pattern directly from Annie’s Archive.

Sounds a little convoluted, but to give you the opportunity to make a full-sized doily rug? – it’s well worth it in our humble opinion. 

19. Heart Doily Crochet Pattern

Heart Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Have you got a soft spot for this crazy little thing called love? Do you also like filling your home with as much love as possible? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then there really is nowhere else to turn to but these love-centric heart dollies.

Crochet your way to a full heart with this pattern that’s practically made for Valentine’s day. Use them as a themed coaster for a date with that special someone and bring the room’s decor in line with the mood.

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20. Personalized Baby Name Doily Crochet Pattern

Personalized Baby Name Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, in steps a personalized baby name doily to put you in your place. We just can’t get enough of this customized doily pattern.

In the one bundle, you get access to every letter of the alphabet (in capital letters), as well as a heart, elephant, sailboat, teddy bear, and duck. This is a fun crochet project and is the perfect way to personalize your baby’s nursery

21. Piacere Square Doily Crochet

Piacere Square Doily Crochet
Source: Ravelry

This square doily creation from SculpturalCrochet has a certain rustic charm about it. The pattern has been beautifully put together, with thoughtful shapes and swirls.

The flower-inspired edges really help to seal the deal on this farmhouse-chic doily. Use this pattern to crochet a pretty motif onto any fabric piece of the home – your bedspread and tablecloth being two impactful choices. 

22. Fractal Crochet Doily Pattern

Fractal Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

We enjoyed this doily for its fractal-inspired design that helps to set it apart from the standard doily crowd. What is a fractal you make ask? Well in layman’s terms it is simply put – a pattern that never ends.

Think snowflakes, lightning bolts, river systems, and anything else where the infinite is possible. Most resembling a whirling, swirling seashell, this fractal doily would look sublime on the center of your home’s universe – the dining table!

23. Geliya Crochet Doily Pattern

Geliya Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

On the contrary to the airy-fairy fractal business of number 22, the Geliya doily has a very traditional doily design.

That’s not taking away from it, in fact, we think sometimes the simplest of doilies are the best fit for most situations and homes. At 13.5 inches, the Geliya is a full-sized doily that will look the part wherever you had in mind for it. 

24. Tow-Tone Pineapple Doily

Tow-Tone Pineapple Doily
Source: Love Crafts

The design of this pineapple doily mixed with the block colorway really gives it a unique edge that’s hard to ignore.

A sure-fire way of bringing some much-needed color to the breakfast bar, your mornings will have never tasted sweeter once this striking pineapple is a mainstay display. 

25. Winter Lace Christmas Doily

Winter Lace Christmas Doily
Source: Etsy

Even with the best intentions in mind, Christmas and the plethora of things associated with Christmas can’t help but feel a little tacky from time to time.

One item that has no chance of feeling, looking, or being tacky is the Winter Lace Christmas doily. Done in a very understated, Christmasy way – its colors aren’t overly garish and the design is pleasantly refined.

26. 3D Crochet Doily Pattern

3D Crochet Doily Patternf
Source: Etsy

This fun and funky doily is anything but generic. Using a 3D layered effect, the outer section of the doily has a beautiful row of flowers around it. The pattern is an extensive one, containing a step-by-step image guide of each loop used.

There’s also a detailed and easy-to-follow description for each step so that there’s no crocheting confusion. Something to be mindful of is you’ll need to be proficient in chain, single, double, and slip stitch crochet techniques to confidently complete this flower-power doily.

27. Veles Doily Crochet Pattern

Veles Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

The Veles is a tightly woven doily that has an appealing bohemian flavor. You may need a few more skeins of yarn to complete this compressed design, but at least it’s beginner-friendly.

That’s right, even with limited crochet knowledge you should, for all intents and purposes, be able to complete this delightful doily so that it can complete your bedroom’s earthy vibe. 

28. Autumn Spice Mandala Doily Pattern

Autumn Spice Mandala Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

With its autumnally-charged colorway, the Autumn Spice Mandala doily will have you feeling nice and cozy well before the winter blankets are out. If autumn doesn’t do it for you, then select a few summery colors and watch this mandala turn back the seasons.

You’ll be needing an intermediate level of crochet knowledge to complete this magnificent mandala, with special instructions for the tricky stitches included in the pattern. 

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29. Butterfly and Rose Two-Pattern Doily Bundle

Butterfly and Rose Two-Pattern Doily Bundle
Source: Etsy

What’s better than one butterfly doily pattern you might ask? Well, of course, that could only be two butterfly-inspired doily patterns. This two-pattern bundle is as loud and as proud as your thriving garden is in the height of summer.

Featuring two very different but similarly themed designs, this two-pack will keep you busy on the weekends. And, judging by the intricacy of each design, challenge even the most proficient of crocheters. 

30. Thanksgiving Turkey Doily Crochet Pattern

Thanksgiving Turkey Doily Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

This doily may only make a once-a-year appearance on the dining table, but by and gosh, won’t it ruffle a few feathers when it does?

The ultimate homage to thanksgiving, this turkey doily will have both young and old cackling away as they dig into thanksgiving dinner. A crowdpleaser that will ease the blow if the turkey, heaven forbid, is drier than you would have liked. 

31. Nirvana Crochet Pattern

Nirvana Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Spiritually charged in color and design, the Nirvana is a versatile pattern that gives you the keys to your creation. Upon purchasing this pattern, you’re gifted with the decision between finishing it as a mandala doily.

Or, with a little extra yarn and a metal frame, you can crochet your mandala into a hanging and swaying object. Either way, this is a truly beautiful design that makes you the real winner. 

32. Halloween Crochet Doily Pattern

Halloween Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

Certainly, the scariest doily of them all – the creepier side of Halloween is in full effect with this spooky pattern. It features four wicked witches, and four sinking skeletons who somehow ended up in their own cauldrons – try not to cross this doily in the dark.

Add a couple of spiders into the scene to raise the stakes and watch the kids take cover as you reveal your creepy homemade creation. Measures 17 inches from witches hat to witches hat, which is large enough to give even some adults a scare in the right environment.

33. Coral Lace Crochet Doily Pattern

Coral Lace Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

The coral color of this lace doily will bring an otherwise colorless table to life. If you’re wanting an easy first doily to find your feet with, then you’re in luck, as this pattern is considered easy to intermediate.

Just a simple, classic doily set to an on-trend color that will go miles with adding style to your home. 

34. Dream Hunters Crochet Doily Pattern

Dream Hunters Crochet Doily Pattern
Source: Love Crafts

Guaranteed to catch your dreams each and every night it is by your side, the Dream Hunters doily is a unique and likable concept. This really is just a simple yet exquisite pattern that may be challenging to accomplish, but with a thorough step-by-step guide, it is surely worth a try? 

35. Crochet Sunflower Doily Pattern

Crochet Sunflower Doily Pattern
Source: Etsy

Sunflowers have got to be one of the best representations of summertime that we have. So, to have you feeling inspired through the gloomy winter months, you really should treat yourself to this sunflower doily that has no chance of wilting.

The perfect project will be a joy to make and an even greater joy to display in the home to remind you that summer is just around the bend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Yarn Do You Use For Doilies?

While each doily pattern will state its preference as per the recommended yarn to use, there is more common ground than you may think. Size 40 crochet thread is widely accepted and used as the primary yarn for making doilies (but it’s still always good to check. 

How Long Does It Take To Crochet A Doily?

Of course, there are always going to be variables at play (doily size, crochet skill) that will alter the time taken to make a doily. However, as a general rule of thumb, for a person who is proficient in the art of crocheting, you would be expecting to spend at least 12 hours on a standard size doily. 

What Is The Origin Of The Word Doily?

Taken from the last name of a reputable London dry goods dealer of the 17th century, the word doily has taken on a few meanings in its time. Traditionally, the word doily was an adjective used to describe suits and or fabrics. The word then went on to describe the doily napkin that we recognize today. 

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