19 Penguin Crochet Patterns

Do you love penguins almost as much as you love crocheting? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Penguin crochet patterns can guide you through the process of making a novelty or festive penguin item.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the very best penguin crochet patterns available on Etsy right now, all of which have multiple positive reviews from happy customers. In this article, we’ve included a huge array of projects such as amigurumi toys, baby rattles, throw blankets, and winter scarves. Let’s dive in!

Amigurumi Penguin Crochet Pattern – (ToysCrochetStudio)

First up on our list is this gorgeous pattern from ToysCrochetStudio on Etsy. The pattern comes with all the instructions you need to make your own crochet penguin toy. The finished product is a super cute pastel-colored penguin wearing a tiny bobble beanie hat and a fluffy winter scarf, making it perfect as a Christmas gift or a festive decoration.

The PDF file contains step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process and even has photographs to help you visualize the product as you stitch. This pattern is suitable for people with some crochet experience and intermediate knowledge of stitching. 

Irene Strange Crochet Pattern – Little Penguin Pip

This PDF pattern will help you to make your own Emperor penguin chick and the finished result is simply adorable! The penguin has a soft plush body and is perfect for chunky chenille-style yarn. The finished product measures 28cm tall. The instructions are written in standard US English and it is 6 pages long complete with photographs for every step. 

Penguin Scarf Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking to make an adorable yet practical penguin crochet product, then this pattern might just be perfect for you! These instructions will teach you how to make your own winter scarf, each end of which is adorned with a penguin applique. We love how detailed the instructions are, as they are 6 pages long and include full-size graph printouts to help you with scaling. If you want to customize the design, the maker offers a paid personalization service. 

Penguin Earflap Hat Crochet Pattern

What better hat to wear during the harsh winter months than a penguin hat?! It’s ideal for any girl or boy, and they’re sure to like it! This hat is available in sizes newborn to adult and has the appearance of feathers thanks to the use of puffs. To create this item, you will need woolen weight yarn. All of the designs in this shop are written in English and use US crochet terminology. Each step of the instructions comes with detailed photographs in color to make the stitching process a breeze. 

Crochet Pattern – Penguin Girl Lina

How beautiful is this crochet penguin pattern? We love the final result and think it would make a perfect Christmas gift for a child. Alternatively, this would look great in any home as a festive ornament. The finished product measures 27cm in height and is created using a wire body so the limbs and wings can be moved and positioned in any way you like. The design does not include fundamental crocheting instruction — you should already be familiar with the basics. The instructions are available in multiple languages including English, Russian, German, French, and Dutch.

Peter The Penguin Comfort Blanket Crochet Pattern

This charming penguin blanket makes an excellent baby shower or birthday present for the little people in your life. The crochet pattern is in English (US terms). You can access it right away after purchasing it. You will acquire a 6-page PDF pattern download. This pattern includes thorough directions as well as a number of images that demonstrate how to construct this toy. If you use the specified yarn and crochet hook, the final toy measures 38 cm or 15 inches.

Penguin Crochet Pattern Stuffed Toy Figurine Penguin

This pattern will guide you through how to make your own realistic-looking penguin stuffed toy figurine. We love how lifelike the finished result looks, and we think you will too! The finished product measures approximately 6 to 7 inches in height and is ideal as a child’s bedtime companion or as a festive decoration. You don’t need a lot of crochet knowledge to make this penguin, as the instructions are extremely simple to follow and very detailed, complete with images for each and every step. 

Peter The Penguin Crochet Baby Rattle

This charming Penguin rattle makes a wonderful baby shower or birthday present for the small children in your life. The crochet pattern is in English (US terms). You can access it right away after purchasing it. You will get a 5-page PDF pattern download. This pattern includes thorough directions as well as a number of images that demonstrate how to construct this toy. If you use the recommended yarn and wooden ring, the finished toy will be around 12 cm (4.7 inches) in size. The seller is also on hand to answer any questions you may have about this pattern and customization options.

Amigurumi Pattern Crochet Penguin Tux Hawaiian Animal Doll

How cool is this penguin crochet pattern? We love how funny and unique it is, and we think you will too! This amigurumi design involves directions for crocheting Tux the Penguin as a surfer, as well as its Hawaiian outfit and surfboard! When you buy a downloadable pattern, you will be prompted to download the data immediately. You also should receive emails with a download link immediately after your money has been processed. The email will be sent immediately to the account you have on file with Etsy.

Christmas Penguin Toy Crochet Pattern

This pattern will guide you through how to make your own Christmas penguin toy. It works great as a fun gift for a child but it also works well as a novelty Christmas decoration and would look fantastic in just about any home. The pattern is available in standard US English, Italian, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish languages. Without the hat, this toy measures 14cm tall when complete. The Christmas tree measures 12cm tall, making it the ideal festive centerpiece.

Chilly Charlie Penguin Toy Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern will teach you how to make your own penguin plush toy, complete with a winter scarf and hat! The finished product measures 16cm tall and all instructions are written in standard US English. According to the hundreds of positive reviews, this pattern is very easy to follow and the instructions are detailed yet straightforward enough for even beginners to grasp with ease. 

Pierre The Penguin Crochet Pattern

This pattern will contain instructions to create your own Pierre the Penguin toy. According to the pattern artist, “Pierre is a happy resident of the neighborhood of Montmartre in Paris, France. Every morning he puts on his favorite marinière shirt and beret and walks to the bakery down the street to get a couple of warm baguettes. Pierre really loves Paris and everything it represents, and he can’t wait to be your guide in this beautiful city!” This makes this pattern perfect for any Paris enthusiast.

Laying Emperor Penguin & Chick Crochet Pattern

This 14-page pattern provides directions for the penguin, and also the baby and egg. The penguin chick slips inside the egg, which goes inside the penguin, allowing her to lay the egg, which can then hatch! The chick can then perch on the parent penguin’s toes, just as male emperor penguins do for their young. It includes a plethora of photographs to assist you at every stage of the route. It is written in English and incorporates crochet terminology from the United States.

Amigurumi Penguin Keychain Crochet Pattern

Have you ever seen such adorable small heart-shaped penguins? They appreciate love and kindness. Wrap him up and bundle him in a blanket to keep them warm. This Amigurumi PDF crochet pattern is 9 pages long and includes over 20 photos as well as full step-by-step instructions for crocheting and constructing a lovely baby penguin. The skill level is low, so even a beginner will be able to master this crochet design. You must be able to crochet in order to successfully complete this pattern.

Penguin Pillow – Crochet Pattern

Do you like penguins or know somebody who does? This cushion is a full-size spherical pillow shaped like a plump penguin. The pillow is crocheted in huge, thick stitches, which makes it quite rapid to make for its size. After that, the face, wings, and feet are sewed on. The pillow’s feathers and feet can be moved, making it a lot of fun to play with. To create the pillow as fluffy or firm as required, it can be filled with polyester fiberfill. If necessary, a pillow insert can be utilized in place of the fiberfill.

Amigurumi Pattern Crochet Freddy Krueger Penguin

Tux The Penguin costumed as Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is crocheted in this amigurumi design! This pattern is provided in both English (American Terminology) and Spanish. When you buy a digital pattern, you will be prompted to download the data immediately. You also should get an email with a download link immediately after your money has been processed.

Crochet Penguin Doorstop Pattern Only

How adorable is this crochet penguin doorstop? It would look super cute in just about any home and makes for a perfect festive decoration. The finished product measures 13 x 7 x 7 inches. You’ll need some intermediate crochet skills and knowledge to make this pattern but the positive reviews claim that it’s very easy to follow and can be completed in just a few hours. The penguin is wearing a cute bobble hat and a winter scarf. 

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – Kenny The Penguin Bird

We’re obsessed with this adorable little penguin pattern, and we’re certain you will be too! How adorable are this little guy’s sweater and earmuffs? – Too cute! This pattern is suitable for intermediate crocheters and the finished product measures approximately 11.5 cm tall but can vary depending on the type of yarn you choose to use. This pattern is only available in standard US English and the pattern artist is on hand to answer any questions you may have about personalization and modification.

Penguin Winter Wreath Crochet Pattern

During the wintertime, this wreath is perfect as a window or door ornament. This pattern includes detailed instructions for making the penguin, hat, fishing rod, and wreath covering. The pattern is quite comprehensive and contains illustrations to help you follow along. This pattern is intended for personal use only but may not be shared digitally or in hard form, reproduced, published on the internet, or printed, modified, or sold in whole or in part.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Meant By An “Amigurumi Pattern”?

You’ve probably heard of amigurumi, which are adorable yarn toys. And you’re surely aware that amigurumi originated in Japan. The first kanji (Japanese writing symbol) is the character meaning “knit”; it can also mean a variety of other things, but it is the stitching that is crucial here.

What Is The First Thing I Should Crochet As A Beginner?

Beginning crocheters typically begin by mastering the chain stitch. The chain stitch is among the most fundamental basic stitches to learn because it serves as the basis for the majority of crochet projects.

Which Is Easier – Knitting Or Crochet?

Crocheting is often considered easier than knitting once you’ve mastered the basics since you don’t have to shift the threads back and forth between hooks. Crocheting is less prone than knitting to unravel by accident. This is a significant advantage of crocheting over knitting when initially learning how to crochet.

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