17 Crochet Mouse Patterns

There are plenty of people who have a fear of mice but today, we are going to be looking at some mice that are far from frightening! Some of these crochet mouse patterns are an excellent way to begin if you are just getting into crochet but they can also be tons of fun- as well as absolutely adorable- no matter what skill level you may be.

Let’s take a look at 17 mouse crochet patterns that- as long as you have the right materials- you can jump into straight away!

September Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by LittleBrambleCrochet on Etsy

This sweet and sincere little mouse is ready for the fall months with her cute, flower decorations, her apron, and her autumn dress. You will need quite a few materials to make this little mouse, including woolen yarn, two crochet hooks, stitch markers, and toy stuffing. 

Ivy the Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by LittleBrambleCrochet on Etsy

Another lovely mouse crochet pattern by LittleBrambleCrochet, Ivy is a beautiful little creature who will measure at about 23cm tall when she is complete. To create Ivy from this pattern, you will need various kinds of DK acrylic yarn. This is so that you can make her with different colors for her flowers, dress, accessories, and fur.

Pink would be suitable for her nose and tail if you want to ensure that maximum adorableness is reached. You will also need black safety eyes, stuffing, stitch markers, cotton, lace, scissors, and two crochet hooks, one size 3.5mm and one size 2mm.  

Rose the Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by LittleBrambleCrochet on Etsy

LittleBrambleCrochet appears to be the leading authority figure on adorable crochet mouse patterns! This next mouse- Rose- stands at around 12cm tall when she is complete and is made with DK yarn, two crochet hooks, stitch markers, stuffing, a spool of invisible thread, scissors, black safety eyes, and a large yarn needle.

If you want to get an accurate color scheme for Rose- so lots and lots of pink!-  you will need light pink yarn, pink buttons, and pink embroidery thread. 

Crochet Mouse Pattern by PlyushkiToysPatterns on Etsy

A totally different style of mouse crochet,- but no less adorable- this pattern allows you to choose to make an elf-mouse, a snowflake mouse, and a princess mouse, complete with tiara and tutu. How could you not love that level of choice??

It would be better to have a medium level of crochet skill before you give this mouse a try. 

Miss Millie Christmas Mouse Crochet Mouse by CrochetToPlay on Etsy

Miss Millie Mouse is ready for Christmas with her cute apron and her adorable red bonnet! She is actually part of a series by CrochetToPlay on Etsy called the Forest Friends series. Despite her tiny size, she is recommended for an intermediate crochet skill level though of course ambitious beginners are also welcome!

You will receive a PDF with all of the written instructions as well as a series of photo tutorials. The suggested yarn type is worsted/Aran weight. A 3.5mm crochet hook is also needed to bring Miss Millie to life. 

Amigurumi Crochet Mouse Patterns by Pollytoys Patterns

These gorgeous mice have a unique look that is a little bit different from some of the others on this list but they are no less beautiful in their finished state. The large ears and small eyebrows give them a cartoony style that is brimming with cuteness.

These lovely little mice are perfect for beginners, with only basic crochet skills recommended. You will need a few bits and pieces to create these cuties, including yarn in various colors, scissors, nylon thread, or dental floss for thread fastening, a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, pinks, and fiberfill stuffing. 

Maxwell the Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Mouse Pattern By TheresasCrochetShop on Etsy

Maxwell is an excellent starting point for beginners in crochet due to the small and simple nature of his pattern. He is also suitable for those who might not have a lot of time to commit to a larger crochet project as he can be completed in just a few hours!

Only the basics in crochet are necessary to know here, including increasing and decreasing, single crochet, and chain crochet. You’ll need some worsted weight yarn, a yarn needle, 12mm safety eyes, polyester fiberfill stuffing, and a crochet hook sized at 4mm.

Grab yourself some extra yellow or orange yarn to crochet a little wedge of cheese for Maxwell to snack on!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By CrochetGarage on Etsy

If you’re considering crocheting yourself a mouse, why not go for some of the most famous mice in the world? This next pattern is for both Mickey and Minnie Mouse, otherwise known as the ultimate mascots for Disney! 

Despite being quite compact, these crochets are recommended for an intermediate or experienced crocheter as you will need to know various tricky techniques. There aren’t too many materials needed to craft the House of Mouse mice though.

You’ll need a crochet hook- either 1.75 or 2mm-, safety eyes, scissors, tapestry needles, polyester fiberfill, and any kind of yarn. These would make a great gift for a Disney fan!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Crochet Pattern by GoozellToys on Etsy

Whilst we are on the subject of the Disney mice, there is also this option available on Etsy by GoozellToys. You’ll need the basics in terms of crochet skills for this one. they are also larger options than the other Mickey and Minnie Mouse options listed above, standing at about 17” tall when complete. They might take a little more time but they are sure to make any Disney fan jump for joy. 

Crochet Mouse Pattern by AnnaKnittedToys on Etsy

For another more unique-looking crochet mouse, consider this adorable pattern courtesy of AnnaKniited Toys via her Etsy page. This mouse has a slightly different style due to the use of angora yarn, which has a different texture to some of the more standard crochet yards.

This fluffy wool has a silky smooth texture, which combines excellently with the sweet white mouse used as the display model for this pattern.  Along with the angora yarn, you will also need two crochet hooks sized 1.25mm.

This adorable mouse comes with a detailed 24-page guide that contains more than 80 photos to guide you through the process. 

Famous Little Mouse With Dress Crochet Pattern by BearsToysAmigurumi On Etsy

Another tiny option, this famous little mouse is too cute to bear thanks to her pink and blue dress, her flowery headband, her large ears, lengthy tail, pink feet, and twitchy pink whiskers. A lot of these features are optional of course but why wouldn’t you want to dress up this tiny sweetheart in a pretty outfit? She only deserves the best in life.

Despite her small size, the accompanying guide is 22 pages long and features 90 professional photos, so she will take some time to complete. You will only need two small 0.55mm crochet hooks, sewing thread, and different colors of yarn (the famous little mouse pattern is another one that would do well with lots of pink for the outfit as well as her tail, whiskers, feet, and hands). 

Mochi the Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By Amiguruku On Etsy

Sticking with the tiny patterns, this next mouse pattern will eventually lead to the creation of Mochi the Mouse who will end up standing at around 7cm tall. Mochi has some brilliantly detailed instructions to go along with him but he also doesn’t need a huge amount of materials to craft him.

You will need poly fiberfill, a tapestry needle, your choice of yarn, and either a 2.25mm or a 3mm hook. Mochi is said to be of an easy to medium level in terms of difficulty,so even if you are new to crochet, you could give his pattern a try. 

Toy Miniature Amigurumi Crochet Mouse Pattern by ElenaHouseMouse on Etsy

Another small but sweet option, this crochet pattern not only includes the mouse toy herself but also the beautiful and detailed knitted dress pattern.

There are a few materials you will need in order to craft this mouse, including a reinforced thread for fastening, embroidery for threads, beads for eyes, wire for the frame, yarn, and a crochet hook between 0.75mm and 1mm. 

The Little Mouse Crochet Pattern by DollPatternShop on Etsy

When it comes to cuteness, The Little Mouse might be one of the absolute cutest on this entire list. Their big ears, giant eyes, rosy cheeks, and gorgeous eyelashes are just too much to handle.

If you can get this one crafted just right, you are sure to have a beautiful little crochet doll that would make an excellent gift or a lovely decoration in your home.

DollPatternHouses utilized various materials to make these beauties, including fake eyelashes, glue, a long needle for sewing details and needle sculpting, fishing line for the whiskers, ready eyes, and the usual suspects that are yarn and a crochet hook (1.5mm). 

Wee Mouse Security Blanket Crochet Pattern by Bowtykes on Etsy

If you want to crochet something that you can actually use in a practical sense as well as admire from a decorative standpoint, then this Wee Mouse Security Blanket crochet pattern could be perfect if you have young children or know someone with young children.

The pattern allows you to crochet a blanket with a cute mouse attached. The ending product should look like the mouse is wearing a cute little flowing dress!

Your little ones are sure to love this one for both cuddling and comfort so if you are up for giving it a try, you will need 300 yards of worsted weight yarn in at least two colors, two crochet hooks- one sized between 4mm and 4.5mm and one sized 5.5mm-, fiberfill, a stitch marker and a tapestry needle. 

Manfred the Mouse Amigurumi Pattern by IlDikko on Etsy

A little different from the other entries in this list, this pattern is a highly creative take on what could be considered as the more standard crochet mouse pattern. 

Manfred and his cheese block are sure to make for unique decoration in your home or as a fun plush gift for a friend or family member! Manfred is made separately from his large cheese wedge but you can easily put them together if you choose to make the cheese as well as the design has a hole in the cheese that Manfred should be able to slot perfectly into.

This one requires an intermediate skill level- and knowledge of techniques such as single crochet, slip stitch, crocheting in rounds, and more- and you will need stuffing, scissors, 7mm black safety eyes, a 3mm crochet hook, and of course yarn (don’t skimp on the yellow if you are planning on crafting that cheese!). 

Mouse Bookmark Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Supergurumi Shop on Etsy

Finishing off with a somewhat different kind of crochet pattern, this bookmark is sure to attract some attention once it has been crafted! The bookmark measures around 31cm in length after completion and is made with scissors, polyfill, a tapestry needle, yarn, and a 2.5mm crochet hook.

Just try not to spook anyone into thinking you have squashed an actual mouse in your book if you choose to use it whilst reading in public!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Crocheting?

There are various benefits to be had with crochet as a hobby. The repetitive nature of crafting hobbies -such as crochet and knitting- has a soothing and calming effect which can, in turn, lead to helping with issues such as stress, anxiety, and sleep insomnia.

It is also a great way to be able to create thoughtful and unique gifts for friends, family, and even for yourself!

Is Crochet Good For Your Brain?

Yes! Studies have shown that activities such as crocheting and knitting actually help to postpone memory loss and defend against the loss of brain function that occurs naturally with age.

Activities such as these- along with others like reading and gaming- can slightly reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment due to the cognitive thought that is needed to concentrate on them. 

What Is The Difference Between Crochet And Knitting? 

Though similar, these are two different crafts that are executed in different ways. The major difference here is the tools, with knitting being done via two knitting needles and crocheting done via a crochet hook. The stitches that are used in both hobbies are also one of their greatest differences.

Knitting uses a looping technique when it comes to stitches whereas crocheting features stitches that tend to look like knots.

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