25 Crochet Whale Patterns

Whales are often considered the gentle giants of the sea and so it is no surprise that people love them. Whales are incredibly popular when it comes to items such as plushies and soft toys but they are also popular with knitters and crocheters too.

whale crochet patterns

If you are a fan of crochet, then why not consider making an adorable whale companion for yourself or as a gift for a loved one?

There are a lot of crochet patterns available if you are considering making a cute and cuddly whale, so let’s take a look at 25 of these patterns and where to find them!

Amigurumi Crochet Whale Pattern

First up, we have this adorable blue whale amigurumi crochet pattern courtesy of LittleLottieCreate on Etsy. This little guy – named Wally the Whale but I’m sure he won’t mind if you change his name upon his creation – is an excellent choice for beginners to crochet. He even has eyebrows!

It may seem like a small addition but it adds a little bit of extra personality to this particular pattern. When Wally is finished, he will measure at around 4” from the head to the tail and it is suggested that he is made with a hook and yarn.

Little Whale Crochet Pattern

If you are still new to crochet and want to try out something a little smaller, then this teeny whale crochet could be perfect for you!

The tiny whale should measure around 8cm tall if you follow the pattern and is made using worsted weight yarn, thin black cotton yarn, stuffing, eye beads, and a 4.5mm crochet hook (but you can use whatever size hook is suitable for your chosen yarn).

Crochet Amigurumi Whale

Spin a Yarn Crochet offers a simple yet adorable style of crochet amigurumi whale pattern alongside a useful step-by-step guide. The finished product includes a very fancy whale with a top hat and mustache and a lovely lady whale.

This choice of crochet has a unique look in comparison to some of the other options but it is still an easy option even if you are a beginner at tapestry crochet.

Whitney The Whale Shark Crochet Stuffed Animal Pattern

Alright, so this one is a bit of a cheat as it is technically a shark crochet pattern rather than a whale but we just couldn’t resist including the gorgeous Whitney the Whale Shark!

As is to be expected, this is a more advanced crochet pattern that will take a lot of time and work. The Kotton Kaboodle kindly includes a 13 page PDF with thorough instructions and handy tips but it’s still advised to take this one on only if you are well versed in the art of crochet!

Large No-Sew Whale Crochet Pattern

As the name suggests, this pattern involves no sewing whatsoever. This adorably chunky whale pattern has been written with super bulky yarn in mind to make him as chubby as possible.

To get started on this design, you’ll need that bulky yarn alongside a 6mm crochet hook, polyester fiberfill, scissors, a stitch marker, and some 21mm safety eyes (or something similar).

Whale Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you have probably at least heard of the South Korean boy band and global sensations that are BTS. The group has a song called “Whalien 52”, a song that refers to the unidentified species of whale called the 52-hertz whale.

This whale is said to emit a 52 Hz frequency that does not resemble any other whale species, leading to it earning the nickname of the loneliest whale for its inability to communicate with its fellow whales.

The song uses this whale as a metaphor for loneliness, and it is the song that inspired TheLoftyLoop to create this pattern.

If you are a BTS fan then consider making him with purple yarn – as TheLoftyLoop has – to represent the signature purple color scheme of the band and their fan base. Choose this design to make this whale and ensure that he isn’t lonely anymore!

Baby Humpback Whale Stuffed Animal Crochet Pattern

This baby humpback whale crochet pattern has so much personality and is surprisingly easy to make- thanks to the use of basic crochet stitches- as long as you have the patience to give it a try!

It is up to you what kind of size you would want to make the humpback. Try out different kinds of yarn to decide on whether you want your whale to be a pint-sized partner or a big, cuddly companion.

Olwyn The Orca Crochet Pattern

This is another pattern that is sure to be tricky and will test your crochet skills but the result will be worth it! Olwyn the Orca has an 8-page pattern guide and is recommended for those with an intermediate skill level.

Consider using Aran or worsted weight yarn alongside a 3.5mm crochet hook, plastic safety eyes, a yarn needle, pins, and polyester filling when crocheting this beautiful whale buddy.

Purdy The African Flower Crochet Whale Pattern

For a crochet pattern that is a little bit different, you may want to consider this beautiful African Flower crochet whale pattern. The heptagon motif is what makes this cute whale stand out.

It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for both a challenge as well as a more individual style of crochet. Purdy can be made with a 2.5mm crochet hook, scissors, a blunt-ended needle, plastic safety eyes, and polyester toy stuffing.

Mini/Mega Whale Crochet Pet Cave

Why keep your crochet skills to yourself when you can share them with your furry friends too? This pet cave not only lets you crochet a bed for your animal besties but it also lets you crochet a whale in the process!

This pet cave comes in a mini size- for pets like rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc. – and a mega-size for small dogs and cats. As is to be expected, an intermediate level of crochet is suggested and it is easy to see why.

For the mini cave, you will need 3 skeins of blue yarn and 1 skein of white yarn to create your whale as well as some black scrap yarn for the eyes. For the mega cave, you will need significantly more yarn, around 11 skeins of blue and 3 skeins of white as well as black for the eyes.

The tools needed are also slightly different for both options. For the mini cave, a 4mm crochet hook is needed whilst a 7mm is needed for the mega.

A metal craft ring is optional, but remember that if you opt for the mini you will need a 5” diameter craft ring whilst with the mega, you will need a 7” diameter craft ring. You will need a tapestry needle for both the mini and the mega options.

Crochet Whale Wall Hanging Pattern

Who says that crochet has to be confined to plushies? If you would rather make your own whale themed wall decoration using crochet, then consider the crocheted whale wall hanging pattern.

This is another unique option that is a little bit different than your run-of-the-mill crochet items but it would make a fantastic addition to a nursery, a child’s bedroom or even your own bedroom to show off your crochet skills.

You will need a fair amount of materials if you want to make this cute whale decor. Firstly, a lot of yarn! To make the wall hanging particularly eye-catching, you will want yarn for the basic background, yarn for the whale motif and yarn for any additional purposes.

You’ll also need a wooden stick – 30cm in length and between 0.8 and 1cm in width; two crochet hooks, size 3.5mm and 2.25mm; a long needle; white felt; turquoise felt; blue sewing thread; a black half bead, blue sewing beads and glue.

Of course, some of these items are for optional parts of the wall hanging but if you want to go all out then gather your materials and get started!

Whale Crochet Blanket Pattern

If a wall hanging is a little too intense to start out with, you could begin with a blanket instead. This would make a great gift but would also be an excellent blanket for yourself too. You will need around 13.5 oz of lightweight DK yarn for this blanket and it is made simple with basic crochet stitches.

Baby whale amigurumi crochet pattern

Baby Whale Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

We may or may not have chosen this baby whale due to the exquisite crown that you are able to make alongside it. Why would you not want to give this adorable baby a glorious crown?

This is a pretty simple pattern that would suit beginners excellently and utilises simple, single crochet techniques. Grab yourself a 2.5mm crochet hook, yarn, fiberfill stuffing, a tapestry needle, stitch marker, some ballpoint pins, and safety eyes to make this little cutie.

Bob The Blue Whale Amigurumi Whale Pattern

Bob the Blue Whale is a simple whale with simple pleasures and- in the same vein- he is also pretty simple to make. All you will need for Bob is three skeins of light blue yarn, one skein of white yarn, one skein of black yarn, a needle, some scissors, fiber filling, and a crochet hook of 3.5mm and you are good to go.

When he is finished, he will measure at around 34cm in length and will make an excellent companion for cuddles.

Whale Crochet Baby Booties Pattern

Not satisfied with hanging whales on the walls, wrapping up in whale blankets, and cuddling with crocheted whale plushies? Well, why not dress your kids up in whale attire too?

These whale baby bootie patterns have no right to be as adorable as they are, complete with tiny eyes, fins, and tails for a dash of extra cuteness. This pattern has a six-page guide with detailed instructions and is designed to be worn by little ones up to a year old.

Blue Whale Baby Bib Crochet Pattern

Whilst we are on the subject of babies, complete your child’s whale-based attire with this lovely crocheted blue whale baby bib! This is another relatively simple project, requiring a 5mm crochet hook, scissors, a yarn needle, and less than 120 yards of yarn (preferably blue if you still want the blue whale in particular!).

Whale Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

Make the set complete with this baby rattle whale crochet pattern whilst you are at it! Basic crochet skills are needed for this one and you will need cotton, yarn, a 2mm crochet hook, fiberfill stuffing, a sewing needle, scissors, pins, safety eyes, and also rattle related items such as an optional insert and wooden teeth ring.

Killer Whale Crochet Pattern

Killer whales get something of a bad wrap (that will happen when your name has the word “killer” at the beginning) but they aren’t half as ferocious towards humans as their name would suggest!

This Killer Whale crochet pattern is another option that is a little bit different, not quite as cutesy as some of the other options on this list. That doesn’t make this crocheted whale any less impressive though, with the final result being a spectacular-looking killer whale crocheted plush.

You will need a 4mm crochet hook with black and white yarn (DK or light worsted weight yarn), fiberfill, and a tapestry or sewing needle to make this pattern.

You will also need a fair amount of skills- such as basic sewing, embroidery, single, double and half double crochet- so it is best for an intermediate crochet skill level.

Ice Cream Narwhal Whale Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

What happens when an ice cream cone falls on a whale’s head? The whale becomes a narwhal, of course, as demonstrated in this wonderfully creative pattern by BellaKnotteYarnCraft. Despite what you might think, this is basic beginner-level crochet that features a list of suggested yarns, diagrams, and assembly instructions available immediately upon purchasing the pattern download!

Kyle The Whale Crochet Pattern

Much like Bob, Kyle is also a simple whale who enjoys the simple things in life. Kyle is relatively sized- he should measure at around10cm wide and 20cm tall when he has been crocheted- and has a simple design that would make for an excellent present.

Willy The Whale DIY Crochet Amigurumi Kit

This bundle is a great opportunity if you want to get all of the materials as well as the pattern in one go.

OhMyYarnStudio not only offers a lovely pattern for Willy the Whale, but there is also an option to purchase the pattern alone, the material only set or the whole set which includes both the pattern and the materials as well as the tools to make your very own Willy the Whale.

Beluga Whale Crochet Pattern

The beautiful beluga whale is a tragically endangered species but BlueFoxPaws is doing their part to help preserve the beluga by donating £1 (that’s about $1.34) from every sale of this pattern to wildlife charities that specialize in the preservation of endangered animals.

This crocheted beluga is also super cute, so it’s a win-win scenario. You’ll need a 4mm hook to make this little guy.

Bella The Beluga Crochet Pattern

Whilst we are on the subject of these beautiful, endangered creatures, curiouspapaya also has a cute beluga pattern available via their Etsy. It’s super easy and very much friendly to beginners! Any kind of light worsted yarn will do alongside a 2.75mm crochet hook.

Whale And Narwhal Amigurumi Patterns

Both the whale and the ever-elusive narwhal can be crocheted within a few hours with this handy pattern and instruction set (though they are suited more for advanced beginners and intermediate crocheters).

These tiny and adorable critters would make excellent gifts and can be made using worsted weight yard wool, 7mm safety eyes, any stuffing (your choice!), scissors, yarn or darning needles, and a 3.5mm crochet hook.

Oreo The Orca Crochet Pattern

Oreo’s cuteness cannot be denied and he only requires basic crochet skills to make him with this pattern! A 4mm crochet hook is suggested with some black and white worsted weight yarn, a yarn needle, straight pins, polyester fiberfill stuffing, and 12mm safety eyes. If you have basic skills in crochet- such as increasing, decreasing, chain and single crochet- Oreo could soon be your little whale companion for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a Japanese term that relates to the Japanese art of creating stuffed creatures from yarn. So it basically means to crochet! The word comes from a combination of other words, putting together the Japanese terms “ami”- which translates as “knitted” or “crocheted”- and “nuigurumi”- which translates to “stuffed doll”.

What is the Difference Between Amigurumi and Crochet

Whilst they may seem incredibly similar- and in many ways they are- there is a significant difference between the two. Whereas crochet is a more versatile art form, amigurumi is usually limited to spheres. These spheres are then stuffed and become limbs for plush creatures or a doll.

Amigurumi is almost always centered around dolls, animals, or creatures whilst crocheting can extend far and beyond that to tapestries or clothing, etc. Because of this, many people find amigurumi easier to get started with than crochet.

Is It Hard To Crochet Animals?

Animals are a great way for beginners to get into crochet but much like any other kind of skill, it will take time, practice, and work to perfect your craft. Just keep at it and you are sure to be crocheting your own whales in no time!

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