39 Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns

We have all seen them, maybe at the Sunday lunches, at different churches, or strewn lazily over armchairs at your grandmother’s house, but they have been there: crochet shawls.

I remember them vividly from my granny’s house as a small child, they were slung over chairs or on the sofa until that time when we ran out of teabags or biscuits, then over her shoulders they went, and we would walk down to the corner shop hand in hand.

This is the image that most people have of these items of clothing, however as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized they are quite fashionable.

39 Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns

They can be stylish, when matched with different articles of clothing, and they can be comfortable without being too heavy, warming up the top half of your body without the drag or weight of a coat.

But won’t it be a hassle to buy them? Well, with the availability of patterns and designs – thank you, internet – it is really easy to make your own as well, so you can design the perfect shawl to suit your needs easily.

As such, we decided to create an article showing the different shawl patterns on offer that you can create, as a fun activity with friends or as your own little project at the end of the working day.

With that in mind, here are 39 crochet prayer shawl patterns that would look great on you.

Pocket Shawl

We’ll start off with something that every person wants with an item of clothing, deep pockets. This shawl pattern has a deep, wide pocket on either side of it that can fit a whole hand up to the wrist easily.

Along with the beautiful tassels at the bottom and symmetrical pattern, it is a great shawl to make for anyone who is beyond the advanced beginner stage.

Wintertide Wrap

This super easy shawl pattern is perfect for cold weather at any time of year. It is really thick and wraps round the shoulders easily, while its pattern is tight and wonderfully textured, having an infinity pattern that is broken up by well-placed symmetrical lines.

This shawl is perfect for going out and about or staying in and having it placed across your lap next to a roaring fire.

Sweet and Simple Shawl Crochet

This popular pattern has endured for many years and been used as a comfort and warming wrap on more than one occasion.

The design has a lovely fade that covers multiple parts of its surface and multiple colors, and it has a doubled over collar for added warmth around the neck and added style to the wearer in particularly cold weather.

Hello Fall Shawl

This amazing shawl follows a triangle pattern that is large enough to cover all of the upper body. The shawl itself is multicolored, mostly being of purples, oranges, and green, giving it an incredibly autumnal feel.

While the shawl is large, it can be wrapped and folded to accommodate body types, with each wrapping giving it a new look and feel on the body.

Boho Beaded Shawl

The Boho shawl is wonderfully thick and massive, wrapping round the whole body and even coming down past the thigh on some people. On the outer bands, one is narrower to differentiate between the waist and the neck.

The pattern is very intricate, with multiple different shapes and designs on its surface, and to top off this great pattern it also includes large pockets, so your hands won’t get cold no matter where you are.

Sunday Shawl

This little shawl is in more of the traditional shawl design, being a triangular shape with separate colored material and patterns ranging along the outer edge and becoming more homogenous in colour and design as you move in.

With some complex work required, you need to be an advanced beginner or intermediate crocheter to complete this, but it is snugly and great to throw on when it gets nippy outside.

Crochet Shawl

The ease of making this shawl already makes it a wonderful idea for expanding your crochet repertoire, but the extra thick layer of wool that is included in the design is just the cherry on the cake.

With stripe patterning near the end and a choice of colors to choose from, it’ll make a great for anyone who finds themselves cold at certain times of year.

Easy Shawl

Probably the easiest shawl pattern to follow on the list, this shawl has a loose design, with most of the loops that hold it together being quite open.

This makes it perfect as a light shawl for fashionable summer wear or just to have an evening get together, rather than being a durable match for rugged weather. However, it is still able to function as a warming wrap around should it be necessary.

Victoria Lacy Shawl

Although this shawl looks somewhat complicated to complete, it is actually fairly simple once you set up the first two rows. However, beyond that, it makes a perfect addition to a dinner party outfit that can be tossed on and off before entering or leaving a house.

It is also easy to add accessories to as the fabric is not too thick, and the design works well with many brooches and other kinds of jewelry.

Laid Back Scrap Wrap

A shawl for those looking for an easy project that will make use of all that pesky scrap yarn, while still being very comfortable to wear.

What’s great about this shawl is that you can use any unwanted crochet material you want, as long as it is of the same kind. With a great design and the multitude of different colors available, the scrap wrap would make a great gift or a nice something for yourself.

Laid Back Scrap Wrap

Prayer Shawl for Dori

This is quite a simple looking shawl when it first catches your eye, however the beauty of this shawl is that it requires a fair amount of skill. It has detailed patterns that rim the outside, before heading into the recurring pattern in the middle, made of dense material.

This shawl’s beauty lies in its simplicity and not in its eye-catching nature, it is perfect for everyday use and as a pattern to hone your skill.

Cranberry Chill Wrap

The great thing about this shawl is its size, at 88” long, this shawl would fit even the tallest of people. This makes it great as any kind of warming item, it can serve as a blanket, a shawl, a big scarf, even as a replacement for a coat.

Along with this, its pattern is also nice with alternating color options and frilled edges, making it a project well worth attempting.

Hope Endures Shawl

A shawl with a message behind it, this pattern is suitable for a beginner and works to solidify success in the eye of whomever is making it. It is only a small shawl as well, making a good place to begin your crochet adventure.

The simplicity of the design helps beginners or those restarting after a long period of absence find their footing, while the comfort of the pattern is one every person can enjoy.

Beach Walk Shawl

This long shawl goes fully into angular patterns with both of the ends tapered in a triangle, having a second triangular shape a little further down on both sides, before meeting as a diamond pattern in the middle.

The loose weave and intricate motif make it perfect for accenting your outfit, especially when going for a lovely summer stroll or heading into town for a coffee.

Beach Walk Shawl

Rose Shells Shawl

This huge, complex shawl is worked in rows and requires advanced knowledge of cluster and post stitches, making it a crochet project for experienced crocheters.

However, the complexity in design makes it look amazing and with thick material, big pockets, and soft texture, it is perfect for any climate and any opulent occasion you might be using it for, while keeping you nice and toasty.

Greek Islander Shawl

The description for this pattern has a very specific image in mind, being that of sitting on a Greek island on a windswept day, looking over as the Mediterranean ebbs and flows over the rocks on the beach.

Whatever the image you have in your mind is, this shawl is perfect for keeping the chill of the wind off while not overheating you in the midday sun.

Isla Shawl

This shawl uses a vintage composition and is given a romantic feel, as if you were standing on the Hebrides looking over the mountains of Scotland.

The vintage feel however can make it a littler difficult as it is for people who have an established skill at crocheting thanks to its interlocking triangular shape and the baubles that accent the shawl.

The Victorian Shawl

Being reminiscent of a long-forgotten time, this shawl captures the romance and beauty that so often overlooked from the Victorian era.

It uses a multitude of compatible colors and circles round a central neck hole, allowing the wearer to put their head through it without the worry of dropping or losing the shawl during a particularly blustery day, leaving you warm against the elements.

Mourning Prayer Shawl

The description of this shawl compares it to an impressionist painting, and it is not hard to see why.

The throng of colors on display that blend and meld into each other work well with the gradients defining each part of the shawl, while the peacock stitching gives the cloth a lovely overlap on top of this blend, making a stunning piece of clothing.

Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

This rectangular wrap around works well in all seasons, thanks to its midweight fabric not being too heavy or too loose and, thanks to the close-knit nature of the design and malleability of the material, it can be folded or coaxed into any shape you desire.

Want to fold it into a scarf? Sure! Want to have it loosely over the shoulders? It is up to you! The color also blends with many different outfits without being the center of attention as well, making it an all-purpose shawl.

Boho Crochet Cape

A smaller pattern now for those who want something to go solely round their shoulders, the Boho crochet cape uses a lovely dark green, while having wide overlaying stitching and a nice collar to create a beautiful top to emphasize a more traditional style of shawl that works well with any other outfit.

Evening Shawl

Designed for evening dining or special occasions, this shawl quietly states elegance to any willing to listen.

Not only that, but this shawl is rather easy to complete that repeats row upon row until completion, meaning that you complete this delightful little project and then throw a dinner party to surprise your guests with a wonderful new addition to your wardrobe.

Mandala Shawl

Utilizing a unique look that resembles a fan, this shawl will wow anyone with wavy lines that spread through the material.

The small size of it as well makes this shawl easy to manage, either wearing around your shoulders, as a scarf, or easy to fold up and stuff in your pocket for later use, while still being beautiful and stylish.

Mandala Shawl

Grand Canyon Shawl

This big shawl is made with comfort and is a perfect accessory for any friend or co-worker that is currently shawl-less.

The Grand Canyon is a V-shaped shawl that is very detailed, it will take a journeyman of the crochet craft to complete this cascading wonder, but if you do complete it, you can feel proud of this great gift and your accomplishment.

Handmade Prayer Shawl

There is nothing better than receiving something handmade, however it is especially amazing when you receive something that is incredibly comfortable and handmade.

This prayer shawl is loose and stretchy, while also decorated with beautiful motifs and tassels. It is marketed as a shawl that is given as a Mother’s Day gift, but it really can be given any day and will be greatly appreciated.

Katarzyna Shawl

A wonderful shawl that takes after the Polish models of shawl, the Katarzyna uses circular lines to highlight the decorative interior of each segment.

This gives it a beautiful wavy design that screams quality and gives homage to the artist endeavors of the people of Eastern Europe. Being a semicircle shape, it falls easily over the shoulders and hangs loosely down the arms for an easy fit.

Dovetail Wrap

The dovetail wrap is made to be used in a variety of different ways. It can be a shawl, it can be a wrap around your head or neck, it can be tied at the front and rest lightly on the shoulders, it can even be pinned and hemmed in any way you see fit.

The dovetail is a great way to have one shawl that can be turned into a different accessory for any outfit you own.

Tasseled Shawl

Utilizing thick materials and a cape like design, this shawl makes good use of its small size to make it easier to use and easier to take off.

It has multiple different shades and tones that can go into its construction and has a neck hole, so you are not liable to lose it in different places or around the house.

Greek Goddess Wrap

The Greek Goddess wrap is a rectangular shawl that is dotted with breaks and columns in its design, while hanging loosely as a lightweight shawl that can bunched up to create a thicker item of clothing during colder weather, when you feel the need for a nice, weighted blanket, or just if you think it will look nicer.

Lost In The Dragonfly Labyrinth Shawl

Resembling a flower with the colors reminiscent of the lotus, this shawl makes use of light purples and yellows to give a fantastic display.

The story behind it is fascinating, noting that dragonflies were lured into the labyrinth by the scent of flowers, only to lose their way and, with no sense of direction, no way to get home.

Ariana Shawl

This shawl fades in and out with its pattern and works well, utilizing bold and subdued colors together. It is said to work well with Ombre hairstyles, and different motifs adorning its surface suggest that this idea might hold true.

However, it is not beholden to one style or idea of fashion and can be utilized in many ways.

Plaid Shawl

A unique take on the trusting shawl, unlike others that are made from established designs or modern takes on traditional designs, this shawl goes all in on the plaid style, taking a love of the look to a whole new level.

Being all about the coloring and shapes that can be made, this plaid shawl is an easy item to make for anyone wanting to crochet it.

Lacy Leaves Shawl

With this shawl, the distinct look and feel comes from the colors that you use. The standard look and pattern follow an autumnal look, having a gradient of foliage colors, from deep red to light greens.

Although it only uses basic stitches, they are used in long patterns and so it can take some effort to make it work.

Melissa Shawl

This shawl pattern makes use of explosive colors that intertwine on an angular shawl. With sharp corners and baubles along the rim, it is an eye-catching look that will start questions about your shawl, or it will make anyone turn their head to catch a glimpse of what you’ve made.

Into the Abyss

Curious, interesting, and most of all unique, the formation of this shawl certainly veers from the path of others.

Through crochet, the pattern allows the creation of distinctive swirls that interlink all over the shawl and the angled edges seek to contain each and every one of them, making it feel like you are truly looking into the abyss of the sea or into outer space.

April Showers Shawl

April Showers Shawl

The April Showers shawl is indicative of the month of April. It is light and airy, while the pattern ranging across its surface is reminiscent of the raindrops that regularly appear throughout the month.

The tassels around the edges make the pattern feel like it’s flowing into a big river that is moving across your body, except with soft, comfortable yarn rather than cold water.

Super Simple Shaped Shawl

Although it can be fashionable, the main draw of this shawl is its comfort, being a design that uses a large hook and bulky, heavy yarn, gives it an extra weight and an extra amount of soft material to cover your body.

The great thing about this shawl as well is it is really forgiving, so when you make the pattern, it can be easy to redo sections over and over.

Brianna Sideways Shawl

A flat shawl that uses thinner material, the Brianna focuses on a more horizontal design that is flexible and can be folded and twisted in whatever manner you need.

Not only that, but the crochet pattern is repeated along the entire shawl with only a few breaks and beginner-friendly, making it a perfect place to start your crochet journey.

Enchanted Forest Shawl

This shawl makes use of different motifs along its surface, going from broad circles stitched in waves to straight lines tightly sewn together.

Together with the mossy greens and light purples, it creates a wonderful forest theme that makes you feel closer to nature every time you wear it.

Final Thoughts

Shawls have been around for hundreds of years, and the art of crocheting them yourself just as long. They have been used in many cultures and are an amazing piece of clothing that can have a lot of different patterns on one piece of cloth.

In today’s world, we can access information about how to make and curate lots of things. This also includes crochet items, and shawls shouldn’t be left off the list, due to their beauty and the comfort that they can bring to our wardrobe.

If you are lost at what to give people this year, think of giving them a shawl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make A Prayer Shawl Out Of Crochet?

Absolutely! You can easily make a prayer shawl out of crochet; in fact, I think it is better if you do. For starters, there is lots of advice online on how to make one, and you can even buy patterns of the shawls you see.

These patterns are tried and tested and give you a good guide on how to make a shawl easily.

There is also the fact that anything made by you and not some large corporation is going to be extra special to your family and friends, and so would be worth the effort.

How Big Does A Prayer Shawl Need To Be?

A prayer shawl needs to at least cover the shoulders and hang down a little. Shoulder size can range from person to person, and the best way to judge it is using the shoulder size of the person it is made for as a guide.

They have been as small as 40” and as large as 90”, however the larger ones normally are for people who just like a huge shawl. If you are unsure of how big to make it, maybe go for a size in the middle at about 65”.

What Kind Of Wool Do You Use For A Shawl?

The most important factors in picking wool are: Is it soft? And: Is it thick? You want it to be soft as it will need to not itch and need to not damage your skin, and it needs to be thick to keep you warm and maintain durability.

There are a lot of specific yarn types that you can find online that are named as good ones to use for shawls, so have a look at them and pick your favorites. If you still can’t decide, it’s worth a trip to the haberdashery and talking to an expert there.

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