35 Crochet Baby Bootie Patterns

Is there anything more precious and cute than baby bootie patterns, and, they’re crochet! That seems like a match made in heaven and as much as searching for the perfect baby bootie pattern sounds like fun and the equivalent to spending the day with a box of puppies.

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We understand some people just don’t have the time! So, we’ve searched and searched so you don’t have to. Settle in and discover the pattern you’re looking for. Or if you’re new to crochet, you’ve come to the right place.

Crochet Pattern Baby Boots Pattern 4 Sizes Shoe Newborn

There’s nothing sweeter in life than creating a mini-you, and this crochet baby bootie pattern for newborns drew our attention immediately as a way to do so! The added laces replicate your own shoes in a way that is so cute on a newborn baby. They’re like a twist on a converse shoe and are available in 4 sizes so no matter the size of your newborn’s little feet. There’s a pattern for them to wear these boots!

Baby Booties Pattern Cute Crochet

For the parents out there that want a sneaker baby bootie pattern that screams cute and stylish, the jordans sneaker pattern is designed for 3-6-month-old newborns and is an easy and starter pattern for beginners so no matter what your skill, this bootie is yours if you want it! The style is a modern take on a trendy sneaker in crochet and is perfect for matching your outfit with your baby’s tiny booties.

Crochet Converse Sneakers Four Size Pattern Baby Booties

This adorable crochet baby bootie pattern is inspired by converse sneakers and is available in 4 different sizes for your baby of up to 12 months old. Make the first year of their life special with these sneakers to add to their wardrobe. Or if you’re looking for a cool crochet bootie to gift a new mum at a baby shower, how cute would it be to hand over a miniature set of famous converse sneakers? And the best part is that they’re made of cotton yarn so are completely safe for your newborn’s precious toes.

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern And Crochet Bootie Pattern Baby

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging this year, why not take a look at this adorable crochet baby hat and bootie set pattern, the skills level is a little more intermediate, however, the job is rewarding as you’ll get your hands on the perfect baby wrap bootie staple to add to your baby’s boot collection. We all need a boot like this in our wardrobes so why not introduce your baby to the ultimate comfort and style bootie that’s so easy to fasten on the go.

Dragon Crocodile Stitch Booties Baby Sizes

How long have you always wanted to enter the world of fairytales through your children’s stories or when you were a child yourself? Well, the dragon crocodile stitch bootie lives up to its names to help you create a magical take on a winter wonderland bootie with a burst of rainbow colors. They look mesmerizing, your baby is a precious angel, combine these together and you get a pair of cozy booties that bring fairytales to life! And, the buttons on the side for some reason just make it cuter.

Baby Boys Modern Cool Booties Taika

If you’re looking for something a bit different suited for a baby boy, go no further than the modern Taika booties. This pattern is so easy and fun to make that you’ll be making them by the dozen and sharing them with your friends! This pattern gives you the option to crochet multiple color choices to stylize this bootie to your personal tastes. Why not try a color combo you haven’t attempted before and trial it on these Taika-inspired boots suitable for babies up to 24 months old.

Baby Moccasins Crochet Pattern Easy Instructions

Change it up a bit and try this easy baby moccasins crochet bootie pattern in a subtle range of shades, or as bright as a rainbow, whichever is to your liking. This pattern enables you to bring a little bit of a personal touch to your baby’s boot with the fringing details, change up the length and thickness of the stitch to create a whole new look of the boot. And you’ll have a completely unique take on an already unique baby bootie pattern, no other baby will have a bootie quite like yours.

Crochet Baby Booties Pattern Cute Newborn Baby Shoes

We all need a staple slipper or boot in our lives, and your baby can have just that with the crochet baby bootie pattern for cute newborns. This boot is a slipper-inspired idea that is great for a personal weekend craft idea for your baby, or it makes the perfect baptism gift as the details are kept simple for you to customize and play around with what colorways work for you. Everyone needs a staple, even babies!

Crochet Sneakers Pattern Baby Sneakers Baby Slippers Baby

We’ve found you the perfect baby bootie sneakers with a twist with the crochet sneakers baby slippers pattern, the cross over for each stitch is a little tricky with the color change for every third stitch, but if you’re up for the challenge, the pattern is very well written and so easy to follow it’ll seem like a breeze to finish! Again these sneakers are an instant miniature take on a trendy shoe and so worth the time to be able to match your outfit to your newborns!

Crochet Pattern Crochet Baby Newborn Booties Instant

This easy and simple baby bootie pattern is the perfect introduction to crocheting your own baby booties on a regular basis! There’s no need to overcomplicate this pattern as it’s made to keep your newborn baby of 0-3 months old toes cozy and warm whilst looking simply cute. Try it in yellow, red, baby blue, beige, or any other color to suit your newborn’s existing wardrobe, the design is simple and does the job of keeping those toes warm!

Crocheted Baby Girls Shoes PDF Instant Download Crochet

Crochet can be such a fun and rewarding skill to learn, it keeps traditions alive and introduces you to a whole new world of fun and challenges which is why it’s a recommended hobby to try out! Why not introduce yourself and your baby to the baby girl shoes crochet pattern that encapsulates a twist on the modern-day mary jane shoes. 

Crocheted Baby Girls Shoes PDF Pattern Instant Download

Have you ever imagined what the bootie equivalent to wearing actual flowers and rainbows and cherry bombs on your feet is? Neither have we, but this pattern is it! Dress your baby in these adorable flower crocheted booties that look like a literal strawberry has been crocheted onto your baby’s feet. It’s certainly a unique pattern and who doesn’t like strawberries?

Baby Booties Newborn Girl and Boy Crochet Patterns

If you’re a nineties baby or you grew up in the nineties, you certainly will remember seeing your parents bring out your baby booties collection from when you were a newborn to embarrass the life out of you, and in this collection would have been the classic white or cream delicate bootie that made us all look like angels. Thank you, mum and dad, and now we’re going to recreate this shoe for generations to come!

Baby Booties Bunny Slipper

Looking for the perfect gift for your baby niece? Go no further than these baby booties bunny slippers that replicate the most precious bunny faces on the toe of the boots. And the pattern is available in infants, big kids, and adult sizes, so if matching shoes with your niece is your thing, we’ve got you sorted. You’ll be the favorite aunt for sure with these beauties! Or if you just really enjoy rabbits and animals then this pattern is for you.

Crochet Pattern Dakota Baby Boot Boy Girl Instant

The crochet Dakota baby boot pattern for baby boys and girls is so easy to make! It’s an unorthodox pattern which is why it’s so unique and special. It’s recommended to use stitch markers and high contrast colors for the design for the result to be your most beautiful creation yet! They make the perfect little winter baby booties for any gender which makes them so inclusive for your baby! Use any color you’d like and you’ll get a special pair of boots!

Baby Moccasin Booties Fringe Moccasins

This baby Moccasin bootie pattern is a unisex pattern that can be worked into any color scheme of your choosing! If there’s one thing we love to do as adults, it’s dressing babies in smaller versions of our clothes and this pattern is a unique staple bootie we all have, and that we want our babies to have! The pattern is available as an easy download and even easier construction!

Baby Booties Unisex Shoes Boys Boots Girls

This style of crochet baby bootie pattern is known as a wrap-around design and is the perfect fastening option for keeping those little newborn toes warm throughout the winter months especially! They have a button fastening that can be stylized to your liking and come in four different sizes, including small newborn, newborn, 3 months old, and 6 months old. And they’re so easy and fun to make as a weekend project or a lazy afternoon project.

Baby Boys Woodsmen Construction

Dads, this one is for you! Have you ever wanted to dress your child up to come to work with you on-site? Well, with the baby boys woodsmen construction bootie pattern, this dream can certainly be yours! This pattern is the easiest to follow for this style of boot and can be made in any color you’d like. Your baby will be the talk of the construction site with these staple booties.

120 Baby Lil’ Loafers Pattern Pack

We understand that it isn’t easy to find nice and simple crochet patterns for boys out there, so these baby loafer bootie patterns are highly recommended to try. The pattern is kept simple and can be adjusted and stylized with buttons, laces, or nothing at all to keep you happy and satisfied with your crochet pattern. And who doesn’t want their baby to resemble granddad when they spend the day with their grandparents?

Baby Girl Boots Booties Baby Boot Pattern Baby

This winter, match with your newborn baby with the crochet baby girl booties pattern that’s so easy to make that you’ll be hyper-fixating on making them! They make great personal gifts for another mum out there in your life or for your own baby’s little toes this Christmas! If you’re going to impulsively crochet something, make it these adorable ugg-style booties that can match with any of your baby’s clothing.

119 Baby Girl Espadrille Sandals

We’ve talked about all the winter staple booties you need in your life but have we introduced you to the summer booties that will have your newborn looking even cuter? Why not try the crochet espadrille sandals this summer to introduce your newborn baby into the season in style! And why not match your outfit with your baby in the easiest and cutest way possible. They’ll be the biggest hit amongst the other mums and grandma won’t be able to get enough of your baby!

Pattern Crochet Baby Cowboy Booties Pattern Cowboy Baby

So, your favorite film involves cowboys and horses and you’ve always wanted to dress your little one up head to toe as the cutest cowboy alive. Let’s get you started with the smallest cowboy booties you’ve ever seen or heard of. The crochet baby cowboy booties pattern is so simple and easy to follow and the results leave you with a pair of booties that are so authentically you and uniquely made to suit your baby!

Baby Crochet Pattern Baby Shoe Booties 0-3 Months

So, we’ve introduced you to the twist on the classic converse crochet bootie, but have we given you the means to make your own perfectly made classic all-star converse just like the original? Here it is and you can make it for a baby up to 3 months old so they can look just like mum in her favorite red converse boots! It doesn’t get any more authentically American than that.

Crochet Baby Sandals Crochet Baby Pattern Crochet Sandals Baby

Your baby will be the cutest baby at the beach this summer with the crochet baby sandals pattern that can be personalized with your own choice of yarn colors and animal curtains to give them your newborn’s favorite animal personalization. If elephants are their favorite? Why not choose a cute blue yarn and elephant buttons?

Crochet Booties Sneakers Four Size Pattern Baby Booties

Are you a Dr. Martin boots fan and want to re-create your favorite pair of boots for your newborn to match with you? Try out the crochet booties sneakers with four different sizes available to suit your baby!

Baby Easter Bootees Crochet Pattern

It’s Easter, and you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your friend’s newborn baby but nothing seems to tickle your fancy. Until you find this baby Easter bootie crochet pattern that would be the perfect fun gift. And, who doesn’t want their baby to wear crochet baby ducks on their feet?

Hi Cuff Rib Booties Bootee Pattern For 3

New to crochet and struggling to find a simple pattern to suit your new developing skills? Try out this cuff rib baby bootie pattern that not only keeps your mind at ease and maintains a simple design, but your baby will have a cute minimalist bootie that can be styled with any of their outfits! When it comes to new mums easier and simpler is always better right?

Cuffed Baby Booties Pattern Baby First Christmas Gift Baby

Want something a little more interesting to crochet, but you’re still new to crochet? This cuffed baby bootie batten with adorable bears on them might just be the perfect pattern for you! The pattern is so simple to follow and the booties make the perfect Christmas gift for a newborn baby that a mum out there will appreciate so much!

Baby Moc-a-soc PDF Pattern 1-6 and 6-12 Months Bootie

Searching for a crochet baby bootie pattern that’s a combination between a sock and s shoe for you and your baby’s convenience? Go no further as the baby moc-a-soc pattern is suitable for up to 12-month-old newborns, available in two different sizes to suit the comfort of your baby.

Baby Booties Love Me Bootie Hearted Baby

These crochet baby booties are the perfect valentines day gift to make with ease, the instructions are not only available in three sizes for babies 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months, but also comes with detailed instructions for the steps and materials needed to get you started on the most precious ribbon laced booties available for a newborn baby. The pattern includes a 37-page instruction booklet to guide you through!

Construction Boot Baby Boys Crochet Boot

Are you a horse rider parent who wants to introduce their child to the wondrous world of horses and animals? Why not try this construction steel cap “Ryder boot” inspired workboot in crochet to start dressing your baby up for the perfect day out at the stables. The back tag can be personalized with stitched to give the boots their own personal flair and why not try mixing up the colors?

Milky Baby Booties

This crochet milky baby bootie pattern has the sweetest trim detailing that is so unique to the style of the pattern. It gives something a little different to your bootie palette and your baby’s feet will feel so soft and protected inside these delicately crocheted booties! The style is designed for breathability as well as comfort.

Boy Girl Baby Wrap

This Kimono-style baby bootie pattern is a twist on the classic wrap-around bootie shoe, the wrap-around is placed slightly lower on the foot so not only are you getting to crochet a unique boot for your baby, but the rare design detail placement is sure to set you apart from other mums and will give you an opportunity to crochet your little one something different!

Knit Baby Cable Booties

Try out a unique cable design baby bootie that has a slightly more refined style to suit a more sophisticated baby day out or visit the grandparents! They’re cute, simple, and go with anything so that worry is out the window!

Elf Bootie & Hat Set N 336 Size 0 6 Months

To end our list, we’ve got a special Christmas surprise with the crochet elf bootie and hat pattern set available for newborns u,p to 6 months old. Dressing up your baby for Christmas just got cuter than ever because you can make your own elf shoes and take the little one out to meet Father Christmas himself in the most unique way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Baby Booties Out Of Crochet?

Yes, you most certainly can! Baby booties are fast and easy to make and make for the perfect baby shower gifts or as donations to multiple charities, especially around Christmas time.

What Kind Of Yarn Can I Use For Baby Booties?

Typically eyelash yarn is the perfect yarn to use for baby booties, but feel free to get creative with your yarns as you’re making these booties yourself, so if experimenting is your thing, try starting with eyelash and introducing other yarns afterward.

What Kind Of Boots Do You Make With Crochet?

Any boots you’d like! There are so many variations of booties patterns available in so many different styles that there’s a boot out there for you! Crochet ankle boots and boat shoes are common favorites.

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