17 Fabulous Crochet Bikini Patterns To Get You Ready For The Summer Weather

As summer comes around, we have the perfect crocheting project idea to keep you feeling creative and crafty. These fabulous crochet bikini patterns are fun, vibrant, and flattering.

You can put your crochet needle to good use creating one of these designs, and you will look fantastic on the beach wearing it too!

We have selected a wide range of bikini patterns so that there is something for everyone! Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned expert, whether you love a teeny weeny bikini, or something more covered, we have the thing for you!

Stylish, unique, flexible and comfortable. Make a crochet bikini your next crafting adventure.

1. BEGINNER Bikini Set Crochet Pattern

1. BEGINNER Bikini Set Crochet Pattern

First up, we have this simple and stylish crochet bikini pattern that is great for casual beach trips and dips in the ocean. It features scalloped edges around the bikini top panels and extra long straps that can be styled to wrap around the torso several times.

The bottoms are Brazilian style and feature side ties so that the exact size can be adapted to fit your derrière.

This pattern comes with a video tutorial and features step-by-step instructions. The beauty of the design lies in its simplicity, and therefore it does not involve any overly complicated stitches or techniques.

Anyone can give this bikini a try, and anyone will look great wearing it too!

2. Basic Beach Bikini Crochet Pattern

2. Basic Beach Bikini Crochet Pattern

Second on our list is another great option for all you beginners out there. We love the close weave of this bikini and the structured texture that it creates. You will feel very secure when wearing it thanks to the sturdy stitches.

We also love the fact that this bikini is lined for extra protection. There will be no chaffing and no chance of accidental reveals when you create this classy number.

You can decide on whatever vibrant yarn color suits your skin tone, and can choose a contrasting lining material to add that extra pop! The pattern is available in X Small, Small, Medium and Large sizes, so all body shapes can feel comfortable in it!

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3. Checked Bikini Crochet Pattern

3. Checked Bikini Crochet Pattern

If you love a bold pattern, then you will adore this checked crochet bikini. The large, contrasting squares of color give a cartoon-ish appeal that will certainly turn heads on the seashore!

The pattern involves the use of two yarn pattern colors that must have equal weight and texture.

Juggling the two colors makes this pattern slightly more difficult than our first two, but it is still suitable for confident beginners. With 7 pages of instructions, plus a video tutorial, you will get all the help you need to check this bikini off your list!

4. Vintage Granny Square Crochet Bikini Pattern

4. Vintage Granny Square Crochet Bikini Pattern

If you love a little retro groove, then this next bikini pattern is for you! It is a vintage pattern from the 1970s, and the beautiful sunflower granny square design really reflects the flower power vibes of that era.

The colorful, bright yarn choice will be sure to make the sun shine wherever you wear this bikini, and the pattern is highly versatile, adapting into a summer top and a cover up, as well as a gorgeous two-piece bikini set!

It is made using elasticated sports wear yarn and F or G crochet hooks.

The fabulous granny square pattern makes this retro bikini a must have addition to any summer wardrobe, and when you wear it to the pool party you will get requests from all your friends to make them one too!

5. Butterfly Bralette Crochet Top Pattern

5. Butterfly Bralette Crochet Top Pattern

You will be able to stay cool (in every sense of the word) in this gorgeous butterfly belly top. As a crochet project, it offers a great balance between achievability and intricacy.

The pattern is advertised as being suitable for beginners, and despite how complicated it may seem, there are actually only basic stitches involved.

The butterfly crochet design has so much impact and looks amazing whether you are sunbathing on the beach or shopping at the mall. The pattern is written in sizes XL through to XS, and you will feel transformed into a butterfly when you wear it!

6. Vintage Stripped 1970s Bikini Pattern

6. Vintage Stripped 1970s Bikini Pattern

Next up, we have another fabulous retro design from the 1970s in the form of this stripy crochet bikini. The choice of blue and white stripes give this bikini a wonderfully nautical vibe, and make it a classic choice of beach wear for any happy bather.

The pattern involves basic crochet stitches in a linen or cotton yarn. This means that it is brilliantly lightweight and breathable, so is great for hot summer days.

We love the vintage style, full brief bottoms because they cover a little more of your midriff than modern cuts. This retro classic is classy and stylish, and you will feel very comfortable wearing it.

7. Evil Eye Ruffle Bottom Crochet Bikini Pattern

7. Evil Eye Ruffle Bottom Crochet Bikini Pattern

This Evil Eye bikini pattern is a whole lot of fun, and you will certainly have all eyes on you when you wear it to the poolside! The main panels involve simple crochet stitches.

The main difficulty comes in with the ruffled fringe which runs along the bottom edge of the bikini top, and the applique Evil Eye detail which is sewn onto the bust panel.

We love the choice of contrasting blue yarns, and the fact that this pattern can be made using any yarn or hook type. It is psychedelic and serious fun!

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8. Teenie Tiny Kini Cheeky Thong Bikini Crochet Pattern

8. Teenie Tiny Kini Cheeky Thong Bikini Crochet Pattern

If you love to show off some flesh and get an all over tan when you are on the beach, then you will love this teeny tiny thong bikini pattern.

The simple pattern uses double crochet stitches, and the cheeky thong is finished off with a pretty bow at each side so that you can adjust it to fit your curves perfectly.

We think this cute bikini would look great worn under a pair of denim shorts, and we love the way that the pattern adapts to fit any size.

It is sexy and yet understated, and you will be able to make it in no time at all thanks to the uncomplicated stitch pattern. A perfect project for passionate beginners.

9. BoHo Beach Bra Top Crochet Pattern

9. BoHo Beach Bra Top Crochet Pattern

This vibrant bohemian style beach bra top will brighten up any day at the seaside! The crochet pattern features a stunning square design, and the bra top is worked in two parts.

The crochet pattern is easy to follow, and the instructions are clear enough for even beginners to understand.

We love the bold colors because it means this crochet bikini top is ideal for those who want something different from the usual styles available.

The straps are thick and sturdy, so you won’t feel worried about them snapping, and the bow detail at the front really finishes off this retro beauty! Can be worn as swimwear or a simple summer crochet top.

10. Blue Sky And Magenta Bikini Bundle Crochet Pattern Set

10. Blue Sky And Magenta Bikini Bundle Crochet Pattern Set

You get not one but two bikini patterns in this bundle, and both of them are eye-catching and super flattering on the body. We love the high hip, basic top in the magenta yarn because it is great for any occasion.

The one shoulder, high waist sky blue design is a real fashion statement and can be worn when you want to wow!

You will need lightweight yarn and a 2 mm crochet hook for both of these bikinis, and you will be able to wear them all summer season thanks to their classic and well constructed design.

11. Amazing Creative Crochet Bikini Pattern And Tutorial

11. Amazing Creative Crochet Bikini Pattern And Tutorial

If you have a summer vacation planned this year, then now is the perfect time to try handcrafting this incredible and intricate crochet bikini! The top looks almost like a dream catcher or spider’s web, and we love the keyhole detail at the front.

We also love how minimal the design is at the back because it means you can get a brilliant suntan without any lines!

The panties are well fitted and securely constructed, with loads of lovely crochet details thrown in.

This pattern is for intermediate crocheters who have some experience in different stitches. It doubles as a gorgeous crochet crop top when paired with a skirt or trousers. Win win!

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12. Afghan Stitch Crochet Bikini And Cover-up Pattern

12. Afghan Stitch Crochet Bikini And Cover-up Pattern

This retro bikini pattern makes use of the zigzag afghan stitch that was so iconic in the 1970s. It requires sport weight yarn and hook size E, and as a result, is lovely and light and breathable to wear.

We absolutely love that this pattern includes instructions for a matching beach cover-up. This crochet lace cardigan will keep you covered when the sun is at its hottest and is the perfect accessory to have for the summer season.

We love the choice of fiery reds and oranges used in the original photos, and think that the overall cut and feel of this bikini is sizzling hot!

13. Brazilian Style Bikini Crochet Pattern

13. Brazilian Style Bikini Crochet Pattern

This crochet bikini is suitable for intermediate and advanced beginner skill levels, and we absolutely love the way it sits on the hips and butt. Brazilian bikinis are famous for making your feminine curves stand out, and this pattern does just that.

We love the use of contrasting edge color because it really makes the panels stand out and have definition. The scalloped edges are delicate and pretty, and we love the fact that they add an extra touch of femininity.

14. Sea Breeze Lace Bikini PDF Crochet Pattern

14. Sea Breeze Lace Bikini PDF Crochet Pattern

This Sea Breeze lace bikini pattern is seriously sexy and great for anyone who loves to flaunt their curves on the beach. The gorgeously detailed lace patterning creates swirls and details that are ornate and feminine.

You will need to line this bikini due to the wide holes created by the lace design, and we love the choice of nude lining used in the photographs.

However, you could always choose a vibrant and contrasting lining fabric if you wanted to add even more color to this bikini.

The pattern itself has lots of close up photos and detailed instructions to guide you through every step of the creation process. Lots of the techniques you learn will be useful in other crochet projects too, so this really is a great investment!

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15. LIZA Bikini Top Crochet Pattern

15. LIZA Bikini Top Crochet Pattern

Wow, this Liza bikini top is absolutely stunning and really flatters the female body thanks to the gorgeous scalloped under section.

This pattern is suitable for bra cup sizes A, B, and C, and the straps can be elongated or shortened depending on your exact body shape and measurements.

We absolutely love this top because it can be worn with bikini bottoms on the beach, or can be dressed up with a sarong skirt in the evenings when you hit the cocktail bars and clubs.

The gradual fade from blue to pink in the scalloped section gives this top a mermaid vibe that is very ‘in’ at the moment. You will feel super on trend wearing this beautiful top on your vacation, and super proud to tell people that you hand crafted it yourself!!

16. Heart Bikini PDF Crochet Pattern

16. Heart Bikini PDF Crochet Pattern

It is impossible not to feel body confident when wearing this heart bikini crochet design. The heart shaped thong panties are cheeky and flirtatious, and that is why we think this bikini is a perfect choice for anyone going on a romantic get away or mini break.

We love the choice of deep red yarn, but think that this particular bikini would work well in barbie pink or purple too. The three side plaits sit on your hips to exaggerate your curves, and the breast panels are woven together with a web of delicate stitching.

This is a risqué bikini that any lover will be thrilled to see you wear! Whoever said crocheting was for grandmas!?

17. Mosaic Bralette Crochet Pattern

17. Mosaic Bralette Crochet Pattern

This mosaic bralette is absolutely divine, and makes a wonderful crochet project for any crochet enthusiast. It looks so intricate and impressive, yet the pattern breaks it down into very simple parts so that even a beginner can have a go!

The two bra cups are worked up consecutively, using basic crochet stitches. Then the three willow squares are created using simple lacing designs. The whole thing comes together to create a dramatic yet chic summer top.

You can wear this on the beach, at the poolside, in the park, or out to dinner. It is breathable, stylish, and beautiful, and you will feel so proud when you have completed it. We also love the addition of the tiny shell details to give it that super tropical magic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Crochet Bikini Wet?

Many crochet bikinis are designed for sunbathing rather than for swimming. This is because, if the yarn is not waterproof, the fabric will absorb lots of water and will start to sag.

This can be very disappointing if you have spent a long time hand-crafting your own bikini, so be sure to check whether your yarn type is waterproof or elastic before you dive into the waves!

How Do I Wash My Crochet Bikini?

You should treat all your crochet creations like they were made of silk, and hang them up to dry after each hand wash.

If you want to machine wash your crochet bikini, then use a gentle cycle and ensure that no detergent gets inside the seams. Do not tumble dry your crochet bikini as this may cause damage to the fabric.

Do I Need To Line My Crochet Bikini?

If you are planning to wear your crochet bikini on the beach, then we recommend lining it with a thin cotton material such as t-shirt material.

This will protect the crochet bikini from getting sandy, and keep it looking clean and fresh. However, if you plan to wear your crochet bikini indoors, then you don’t need to worry about lining it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to look and feel your best on the beach this summer, then what better way than to crochet your own unique bikini set.

These bikinis are flattering, fun, and very creative, and your friends and family will be so impressed when you tell them you hand crafted it!

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