46 Of The Best Crochet Cardigan Patterns For Your Inspiration

Crochet is a hobby that has only grown in popularity over the past few years.

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Thanks to the explosion of the internet, and the thousands of new designs that get uploaded every day, as well as self-isolation and quarantine allowing us to find new ways to keep ourselves occupied, crochet is more popular now than it has ever been.

Gone are the days when this skill and craft was just restricted to those few grandmas who could magically knit up a sweater in a day!

46 Of The Best Crochet Cardigan Patterns For Your Inspiration

There is so much material out there for crocheting, that it can be pretty daunting to try and pick a specific project to focus on in the first place.

And on the flip side of that, many experienced crocheters, who have exhausted all their current projects, are often looking for the perfect new piece to challenge themselves with making.

Well, that is what we have brought you here: A list of some of the best crochet cardigan patterns out there. We hope that they will inspire and motivate you to start making one of these amazing designs yourself!

1. Chunky Crochet Cardigan Pattern

To start our list strong, we have an amazing pattern for a cozy chunky cardigan that will keep you warm in your home during those colder months. Everyone needs a thick cardigan, and this pattern will fill that homely role nicely!

The best part about this design is that it’s not too complicated to follow along with but also not so easy that you won’t be honing some key crochet skills.

The pattern has been well written by Heather at Heels over Boots, making sure the instructions are as clear as possible.

This cardigan is made using a combination of double crochet stitches and single crochet rows, which provides a nice variation of texture, both visually and physically.

This simple yet luxurious crochet cardigan pattern is perfect for beginners looking to learn more about how to work with crocheting while still getting a great result.

It’s very versatile since you can use any yarn with different textures or colors to create a unique look without having to spend lots of money on expensive materials.

This design is meant to be worn casually but you can dress it up just like any other sweater.

You don’t need much imagination to come up with some fun ideas for the accessories that go with it, such as adding buttons, ribbon trimming, sleeves, or even using flowers.

For this reason, this simple crochet cardigan pattern is suitable for beginner crafters who want something good quality that they can wear all year round.

If you love working with crochet, then this design is definitely one that you should consider trying out!

2. Autumn Butterfly

If you’re in the mood for a special cardigan this fall, then you’ll be ready for the season to come with a cardigan design. It’s both a great challenge for a crocheter, as well as an excellent end result!

We’ve chosen this beautiful autumn butterfly design because it’s not only appealing but also extremely useful for people who live in climates where it gets cold outside. These are the perfect kind of patterns that every crocheter needs to try their hand at once!

Another reason we chose this particular design is that there are many ways to customize it depending on what type of fabric you choose. For example, if you prefer a thicker yarn, you can easily add more rows to increase the thickness.

Or, if you prefer a lighter-weight yarn, you could simply decrease the number of rows. Either way, you get a finished product that looks fantastic.

All in all, this is a wonderful crochet pattern that everyone can enjoy. If you’d rather save time and effort when crafting, this might be the right choice for you.

It’s incredibly easy to understand and doesn’t require a lot of practice before you can become proficient. Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll find yourself creating similar designs in no time!

3. Luna Cardigan

Of course, a challenge isn’t always what you want from your cardigan design. Sometimes, you want to be able to simply enjoy something warmer for the colder months or to sit outside on a cool summer evening.

If that sounds like you, then this Luna cardigan design will be right up your alley!

You’ll have to take into consideration the size of the model you plan to make this for, but overall, it’s a pretty straightforward project.

There are plenty of pictures included, as well as detailed instruction sheets that guide you through each step.

All of these things make it easier to complete the project successfully, especially if you get stuck along the way.

Although this pattern uses the same basic techniques as most others, we hope that you won’t find it boring or tedious. Instead, we think that it will give you a great sense of accomplishment once you finish.

Plus, you’ll feel proud of yourself after you see how nicely you did! So, whether you decide to knit, crochet, or sew this, we think you’ll enjoy making it!

4. Crochet Lace Cardigan

One thing that people tend to love about crochet-made cardigans is both the warmth that they can hold and the beautifully soft texture that makes you just want to roll up inside them!

This crochet lace cardigan design certainly checks those boxes, being both a joy to wear and a pleasure to make!

You’ll need to take into account your gauge and skill level when deciding how big to make the sleeves. However, we recommend starting with smaller sizes so that you don’t have to adjust later.

There are several options available for changing the color scheme, which means that you’ll have lots of choices for customizing this lovely design. The colors included here are very versatile, with a variety of shades and tones.

So, regardless of what you prefer, you should be able to find a combination that works perfectly for you!

Although it does use some elements of traditional knitting, it still manages to retain its unique characteristics and charm.

We think that it’s one of our favorite patterns thus far! We’ve seen a lot of crocheted cardigan patterns lately, but this is by far one of the best ones that we’ve found yet!

If you’re looking for a simple, classic design that’s going to last for years to come, then look no further than this gorgeous crochet cardigan. We think that this will quickly become a go-to piece for any wardrobe on your list!

5. Stony Shore Cardigan

This is the perfect design for some light outdoor activity, this stony shore design is guaranteed to keep you warm whilst on a light shoreline walk, or down a wooded path.

The stitch count is relatively low, making this an ideal beginner’s project.

It doesn’t require too much in terms of technical know-how, but there are enough steps to ensure that you don’t miss anything important. This pattern includes a full color page to help you track your progress.

We guarantee that even if you haven’t got a clue about crochet, you’ll be able to follow the instructions easily. The instructions are clear and concise, so even if you’re not quite sure where to start, you shouldn’t have trouble getting the ball rolling.

We also liked the fact that the pattern was made using easy-to-find materials and tools. For example, we loved that all the yarn used is readily available from craft stores. And because the material is cotton, you’ll get a nice soft result.

6. Bernat Softee Baby Cardigan Crochet

Of course, crochet cardigans aren’t just for the adults and grown-ups in the house. With their great insulation and soft texture, crochet cardigans are great for children and infants too. This Bernat Softee crochet set for your baby is a great example of this.

The adorable little sweater is designed to fit babies up to 12 months old. Made from 100% acrylic yarn, this super-soft cardigan has been designed to provide extra warmth and comfort. It features two front pockets and a zip fastener at the neck.

With a small size and long length, the Bernat Softee cardigan is pretty much perfect for newborns. Of course, as they grow older, you can change the colors and styles to suit them better.

It comes complete with a size chart and downloadable PDF pages to help you decide on the right colors and offer instructions for your new creation.

If you want to make the most of this beautiful sweater, we’d recommend buying the Bernat Softees set rather than purchasing each item separately.

7. Bahama Breeze

Whilst all the designs we have and will mention in this list are gorgeous, this pattern is a great design that looks amazing with pretty much any choice of clothing that you want to wear outside today!

This stunning Bahama Breeze crochet cardigan is incredibly versatile. In addition to being a great everyday style, it’s also suitable for summer evenings out.

Made with a simple stitch pattern, this lovely piece is quick to crochet and looks fantastic when finished.

As well as having a large variety of different sizes, this pattern is also fully written out with pictures. Perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike.

You can purchase an eBook of this project if you prefer, or you can choose to buy individual items such as yarn and hook. However, we would highly suggest purchasing the entire Bahama Breeze crochet pattern package due to its value.

If you’re not sure which size to start making, we recommend starting with one of the larger sizes, as we feel that it’ll be slightly easier.

Once you’ve got the hang of the stitches, you can then move on to the next size down and work your way through the whole range.

If you love the look of this beautiful crochet cardigan, you should consider picking up the Bahama Breeze Set.

8. Mermaid Filigree Cardigan

If you’re looking for a sea-worthy cardigan design for your look any time of the year, then this mermaid filigree pattern design will fit your tastes perfectly.

This is the perfect design to move on to once you have mastered the basics and are looking for a new challenge.

In addition to being a fabulous crochet cardigan pattern, this design also makes a wonderful cover-up top.

There are plenty of sizes available, so there’s something for everyone. The color options are endless, so you don’t even need to stick with just blue.

We think this design is especially suited to those who like to get their hands dirty; there are quite a few complex stitches involved.

Still, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible for beginners. We think it’s easier than some other designs because there are fewer stitches used.

There are also plenty of great photos included throughout the tutorial, showing exactly how to achieve each step of the project. For example, you’ll see lots of helpful diagrams that show you what you need to do at every stage of the process.

The best part about this beautiful crochet cardigan is that it’s completely free to download. So why wait around and spend money buying expensive patterns when you could instead simply use ours? It’s worth checking this out!

9. Houndstooth Comfy Cardigan

A great answer for when the cold comes calling in those later months of the year, this houndstooth Comfy Cardigan is a great way of feeling snuggly and warm when winter eventually rolls around.

This design has been created by our friends at The Yarn Co, but it’s easy enough to adapt this design to suit your own needs. You can mix and match colors and materials to create your very own customized version.

It takes a bit more time than some of the others we’ve featured here today, but it’s still pretty quick to complete. If you’re able to handle a little extra effort, you’ll find yourself rewarded with a super stylish cardigan.

With both a small and large version available, this pattern can be made to fit all body types. There’s also plenty of room to personalize the design to suit your particular preferences.

As well as being easy to follow, this pattern is also packed full of useful tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your yarns. These include advice on choosing the right weight yarn for the job, as well as information on how to avoid common mistakes.

You’ll also find a chart detailing the different stitch combinations that you’ll need to know to get the most from this lovely crochet cardigan.

So, whether you want to add a touch of style to an already existing outfit or are looking for a totally unique sweater, this is certainly a pattern that you won’t regret adding to your collection.

10. Chevron Lace Cardigan

Are you looking for a crochet cardigan design that has endless customizable possibilities? Looking for a challenge for your next crochet project? Do you just want a cardigan that will look great, no matter how you prepare it?

Well, this Chevron Lace pattern will satisfy all three of these questions in one design! With so many options to choose from, you can even customize this design to fit your taste.

Not only does this pattern boast a stunning array of color choices, but it’s also extremely easy to read and understand.

This means you won’t have any trouble following along with the instructions, and you’ll end up with a fabulous new sweater before you know it.

In addition to the free pattern, you’ll receive a PDF file containing a detailed instruction guide. Inside you’ll find everything you need to know about crocheting this gorgeous piece of clothing, including a comprehensive set of illustrations and photographs.

If you’d like to learn how to crochet, then this is a must-have pattern. And if you’re tired of having to pay exorbitant prices for crochet patterns, then this is a perfect choice.

11. Super Chunky Hexagon Cardigan

If you’re looking for another chunky cardigan pattern to add to your portfolio, then you’re in for a treat with this extra chunky design that, thanks to its hexagonal patterning, isn’t just great to wear, but amazing to look at too!

The perfect gift for the person who loves their sweaters, this pattern is sure to impress them. It’s incredibly versatile, making it ideal for use with almost any type of yarn.

Like all of the other designs we’ve highlighted here today, this pattern comes complete with a detailed written instruction manual. There’s also a video tutorial included, which makes learning how to crochet easier than ever.

There’s also a wide range of sizes to ensure that you can easily find the size that fits best. So, there is something here for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a simple yet striking design or a special present for someone else, this is one pattern that you don’t want to miss out on!

12. Art Class Cardi

If you love a good crochet cardigan that isn’t afraid to let itself be loud and beautiful, then you’re going to love this colorful design for your next cardigan project!

This design features a bold checkered pattern that’s as eye-catching as it is stylish. The bright colors make it a perfect choice for those warmer months when you want to show off your summertime spirit.

And thanks to the fact that this is such a simple design, you’ll finish this cardigan in no time at all. You’ll be able to whip up this pattern in less than an hour.

As well as being quick to produce, there’s a reason why this is one of our favorite crochet cardigan designs. Not only are you getting a high-quality piece of clothing, but it’s also completely free!

If you would like to learn how to knit, then this is a great place to start. You’ll get access to over 30 knitting tutorials, plus a whole host of downloadable resources. They even include step-by-step instructions so you can follow along with them.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, this is an awesome resource that you shouldn’t miss out on.

13. Hayride Shrug

Just because summer is the hottest part of the year, doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a great cardi!

This crochet design for a cardigan will be great for both those cooler evenings and nights of summer, as well as your go-to cardigan when fall and winter roll around.

You might not think that a crochet shrug could work, but this style has been updated for modern tastes.

It’s also extremely easy to create, meaning that you can do it in minutes. Plus, once you’re done, you’ll have a super cute addition to your wardrobe.

This is a great option for anyone who wants a casual cardigan that they can wear during the day without feeling self-conscious.

If you’d rather go for a more formal look, then this may not be the most suitable choice for you.

However, if you’re just after a simple cardigan that looks effortless, then this is perfect for you.

14. Shining Star Lace Crochet Sweater

Looking for a cardigan that will shine bright, even in those dark evenings when you just want to sit under the stars and sky? Then this cardigan pattern is practically tailored to your tastes, thanks to the bright colors and intricate patterns.

The combination of shades makes this sweater ideal for any season, while the lace trim adds extra detail and elegance. As well as being practical, this is one cardigan that you’ll never want to take off!

With its stunning design, this is the kind of cardigan that will always turn heads wherever you go. You know that you’re going to feel comfortable every time you put this on, which means that you’re sure to enjoy yourself whenever you wear it.

Whether you’re planning on wearing this to a party or just hanging out with friends, this is a versatile cardigan that’s guaranteed to impress. It’s also incredibly easy to make, adding another bonus point to the list!

15. Comforts Of Home Cocoon Cardigan

For some people, looking great is the main purpose of a good cardigan. And that isn’t a bad sentiment to carry (I mean, have you seen these patterns we’ve covered already? They’re gorgeous).

But Sometimes, you want a cardigan that just makes you feel like you’re at home, wherever you go.

If this sounds like your ideal cardigan, then you should try out this crochet design.

As you probably guessed from the name, this is a cozy cocoon cardigan. The soft material makes it feel very warm and comfy, while the cowl neckline provides you with extra coverage.

There are plenty of other features too, such as ribbed edging, double-stranded yarns, and a pocket.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free?!

We hope that this collection of crochet cardigan patterns inspired you to pick up your hook and create your fantastic designs. If you love crafting, then there’s no doubt that you’ll find something here that inspires you.

Are you ready to get started? Grab your materials and get knitting! Not ready? No worries; continue down the list!

16. Wrap Me Up Cardigan

This cardigan has a slightly slimmer design than the others that we have covered so far, which makes it a great alternative to baggy sleeves and long coattails.

Since it’s designed like a wrap style, you don’t need to worry about the length of the fabric falling below your knees. Even better, you don’t need any additional shaping either – making it a breeze to complete!

You can use a variety of yarns to achieve the desired effect, but our favorite is wool. This gives the cardigan a lovely sheen, plus it’s soft enough to touch against your skin.

So if you’re looking for a cardigan that looks great, feels luxurious, and keeps you snug all year round, then this might be the perfect option for you.

Of course, if you prefer a different color scheme, then this is easily customizable. Simply choose your preferred shade and start stitching away!

17. Summer Daze Cardigan

Look, cardigans are great and stylish, but not everyone is a fan of sleeves when it comes to their choice of fashion. Especially not the heavy baggy kinds that you find in many designs and patterns.

And whilst some people find them warm and comfortable, some people want the freedom to move their arms around whilst wearing their cardigans.

It’s almost like this summer daze pattern cardigan was purpose-built with that very specific wish in mind! Because it’s a shorter cardigan, you won’t have to worry about the sleeves being too long.

It doesn’t come with sleeve capes either, meaning that you get the best of both worlds. This means that you get full coverage without having to sacrifice mobility.

The only thing that you will need to get your hands on is a pair of scissors because the design does require some minor cutting before you begin.

However, we do recommend using a sharp pair of scissors, as they’ll help you keep everything neatly aligned during the process.

Once you’ve completed your cardi, it’s time to add some finishing touches. We’d suggest adding buttons to the front, but if you wanted to, you could always sew on some instead.

If you’re feeling bold, why not go one step further and attach some fringe to the bottom hem instead.

That way, you can wear it over jeans or even dresses for an added bit of personality.

18. Lacy Jacket Cardigan

If you’re looking for a crochet cardigan design that is brave enough to add a few extra elements and frill, then you will want to take a crack at the lacy jacket design.

This cardigan features a unique combination of garter stitch and single crochet, giving it that classic look. It also has frilly edges on the hood and cuffs, which give it a more feminine feel.

To finish off, the neckline is scalloped, which adds a nice touch of elegance. And the sleeves are finished off with ribbed edging, which gives the entire garment a polished appearance.

There isn’t really anything stopping you from creating your version of this design though. You can change colors, substitute different yarn types, and swap out any other details that you see fit.

As long as you stick to the same basic construction techniques, you should be able to come up with a stunning new creation that looks just amazing.

19. Continuous Granny Square Shrug Cardigan

Granny squares are some of the easiest and most widely made crochet patterns out there. They’re a lovely design, and often remind us of a simpler time.

But don’t you sometimes wish that square pattern could be turned into something more? Well, this granny square shrug cardigan is exactly what you are looking for!

It features an oversized shawl collar, which makes it perfect for wrapping yourself up against the chill. The fact that it’s so big means that it can easily double as a blanket, making it ideal for chilly nights.

You might notice that it’s a little short, but that’s okay because it’s designed to wrap around your shoulders, rather than ending at your waist. So you still get all the warmth and comfort of a sweater, without having to sacrifice your modesty.

Because the cardigan is crocheted in continuous rounds, you won’t need to use any special skills or fancy stitches. All you need to do is pick your favorite color combinations and start stitching away.

You might want to experiment with different designs and sizes too if you want to create a truly unique piece.

20. Yavanna Baby Set

Babies deserve to be warm and comfy too! With this amazing crochet pattern that is tailored to newborns, you can be certain that they’ll have the coziest start in life.

This adorable little cardigan has easy-to-follow written instructions with clear photos and diagrams.

The yarn used is made from 100% acrylic fibers, which makes it soft enough to use as a baby blanket or even just a cozy sweater. It’s also machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about any stains.

The design itself is very simple but still cute and stylish. You will only need 4 colors (A, B, C & D) and 1 hook size 5mm/US J/5.0 mm/3, 25 inches.

This means that you will not need more than a handful of yarn to complete the project. This makes it a great project for beginner crocheters to try out too!

The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to make the sleeves, hood, and neckband as well as information on how to increase and decrease stitches.

So why wait? Grab one now!

21. Short-Sleeve Summer Cardigan

Looking for a different style of cardigan to add to your evening looks for any season? As we’ve already discussed, short-sleeved crochet cardigan designs are a pretty rare sight. Which makes this crochet pattern one of the few awesome examples out there!

This gorgeous crochet short sleeve cardigan features an intricate lace border along its edge. It’s perfect for adding some extra detail and a lovely finish to any outfit. It’s worked using a combination of single crochet and double crochet stitches.

It’s designed to fit a woman’s bust measurement of up to 54″ (137 cm). The length of the cardi is 34″ (86 cm), making it long enough to wear comfortably throughout the summer months.

You can choose between two color schemes: Blue or Pink. Both can be made with the same patterns, but you’ll be surprised what a different impact just changing the color of your yarn can have on the finished product.

If you’re looking for a new way to dress yourself during warmer seasons, this crochet cardigan is worth checking out. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

22. Popular Zen Jacket

There’s just something about the uniformity, the care, and the precision put into a great crochet cardigan pattern. This zen jacket design is a perfect example of this, and of what a steady hand and a lot of patience can produce.

The pattern comes with detailed written instructions and plenty of clear pictures.

There are no charts included, but if you would like to know exactly how much yarn you should purchase, you can find the exact amount needed in the materials list at the end of the pattern.

The yarn you use can be of pretty much any material, but the yarn that makes up this specific cardigan is made from 75% Acrylic 25% Polyamide.

It’s soft and stretchy, making it ideal for kids’ clothing. It’s also machine washer safe, so you won’t need to worry about getting any stains when washing your clothes.

The pattern includes detailed instruction on how to work increases and decreases, as well as information on adjusting the sizes for different body measurements.

So go ahead, get your hands on this versatile yet stylish crochet jacket pattern!

23. 2 1/2 Hour Nap

The name for this particular pattern comes from how long it took the original creator to make this amazing mini cardigan for their young daughter, and that it was only a little longer than a long nap.

And whilst 2 and a half hours is certainly a speed that is only achievable for the quickest of crocheters, it does mean that this is a design that is perfect for beginners, as they can take their time, and finish this stunning little sweater for a young one in their life in a few afternoons at most!

The pattern includes both written and charted instructions. If you’d prefer not to look at a chart, then there are plenty of illustrations to guide you through the process.

When it comes to yarn choice, this pattern calls for 100% cotton. It’s fairly easy to find, especially online, and it’s very affordable too. You could even consider buying more than one skein to make sure you don’t run out before completing it.

Now that you know all the details regarding the yarn you’ll need to complete this project, start working away on your version of this beautiful mini cardigan.

24. Crimson Cardigan

Red is a striking color for any piece of clothing to have. But it is also a very cozy color for home wear to be, as this design proves. The name comes from the fact that it has been dyed by hand, and the result is a rich red that will surely turn heads wherever you go.

This pattern is suitable for intermediate crocheters who already have some experience with other crochet techniques.

It uses basic stitches such as single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, etc., as well as advanced ones like slip stitch, chain stitch, picot stitch, etc.

The pattern contains step-by-step written instructions and lots of images to help you along the way. It also includes an instructional video to show you how to do the shaping using a buttonhole technique.

The main fabric used is acrylic wool, which is extremely durable and washable. This means that you can easily clean spills or marks off your child’s clothes without worrying about ruining them.

It takes around 3 hours to complete this adorable little cardigan, and if you’re anything like me, then I’m sure that you’ll want to make another one just like it for yourself.

25. Victorian Romance Cardigan

If you’re a fan of period drama and clothing styles from yesteryear, then you might want to have a try at crafting this beautiful cardigan design, which has been inspired by a whole host of classic Victorian embroidery patterns and outfits.

In addition to being a lovely garment for wearing around the house, this pattern also makes a great gift idea. And since it’s so quick and simple to knit up, you can get started right away and give it to someone special in no time.

There are two different versions of this design available, one using worsted weight yarn, and the other using something called Aran weight yarn. In terms of cost, these would probably fall into the same price bracket when bought together.

However, the Aran weight yarn tends to be slightly thicker and therefore heavier than its counterpart.

This pattern is ideal for those who aren’t experienced with knitting but still enjoy creating things from scratch. There are plenty of pictures showing exactly what each row looks like, making it easier to follow along and understand what to do next.

As with most of the projects featured here, this pattern was designed using a combination of both standard and decorative stitching techniques. For example, there are lots of chain stitches, as well as backstitch and French knots, among others.

You’ll notice that there are several rows where you’ll need to work into a front loop only. These are best done using a crochet hook size G (5) instead of the usual F (6).

If you prefer to use a larger hook, then you should choose an H (8), which is approximately twice the width of a G (5).

It doesn’t take long to finish this gorgeous cardigan, and once completed, you’ll find that it will quickly become a favorite piece of apparel for your little girl.

26. Tranquility Kimono

If you’re looking for a challenge with your next crochet piece, then perhaps this gorgeous kimono design for a crochet cardigan will scratch that creative itch.

The inspiration behind this design comes from Japanese traditional garments known as kimonos.

They’re usually made out of silk and feature distinctive designs such as flowers, dragons, or geometric shapes.

However, while they tend to look very elaborate, they aren’t difficult to create.

This particular pattern uses relatively simple stitch patterns and consists mainly of stockinette stitch, but there are sections where you’ll need to use double crochet and treble crochet too.

Although some people may think that working with three stitches on top of each other will slow you down, it isn’t necessary for most items. This pattern is quite speedy because you’ll be able to use a longer hook size E (4) than usual.

It’s recommended that you buy a variety of hooks ranging from sizes H (8) through I (9) to ensure that you can cover all bases when following the instructions.

The nice thing about this project is that it’s suitable for beginners and intermediate crocheters alike. You won’t need any prior experience to complete it successfully.

If you’ve never worked with crochet before, then we recommend starting by practicing on a smaller sample of yarn. Once you get comfortable, try it on a larger scale so that you can see how it fits around your body.

27. Hand In My Pocket Cardigan

What kind of cardigan doesn’t have good pockets built into it? Certainly not this design, that’s for sure!
These two cute little cardigans were designed by our friend Karen.

She wanted a quick-and-easy way to make something to wear over her jeans, yet she didn’t want to sacrifice style.

That’s why she decided to combine two different styles: one is a classic cardigan, whereas the second version has a more modern feel thanks to its lacy edging.

Both versions of this cardigan are very easy to create. All you need is a lightweight yarn and a large sewing needle.

After you’ve finished, you’ll be surprised at just how versatile these pieces can be. In addition, they’d also make excellent gifts for anyone who loves wearing knitwear.

There are no special skills required to complete either of these lovely designs, but if you do happen to be a beginner, then don’t hesitate to practice making a few swatches first.

When you’re ready to start creating your cardigan, simply follow the directions provided in the pattern.

28. Barcello Jacket

If you prefer a longer cardigan as part of your style, whether that’s on the go, or just for at home, you’re going to love this Barcello design.

This is a great pattern to make if you are a lover of baggy or vintage designs. This pattern, with a beautiful olive green yarn, is a delightful throwback to another time.

You will find this pattern full of easy steps and detailed descriptions. There are even pictures included for those of you who might struggle with certain techniques. The only tricky bit to this pattern is the sleeve, which requires a fair amount of shaping.

However, once you know what to expect, you should have no trouble completing this stylish cardigan.

For those of you who are new to crocheting, we recommend purchasing a small set of tools such as stitch markers, straight needles, safety pins, etc.

These will help you to keep track of where you are in the pattern and avoid accidentally missing out on any important details.

This pattern features an abundance of color options, so there is bound to be something here that will appeal to you. If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift idea, then this would be perfect for you!

It’s a wonderful project to work on during the summer months when you want to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

It’s important to note that some general guidelines apply across all of the patterns featured here. Make sure that you always read the pattern instructions carefully and pay close attention to any notes or warnings that appear in bold type.

Also, please keep in mind that every pattern includes information regarding the correct gauge and yarn weight.

29. Greenlawn Crochet Shrug Cardigan

Shrug cardigans are great because they offer all the benefits of a toasty blanket, whilst still looking lovely to wear. This Greenlawn shrug is the perfect example of this principle.

It’s made from a simple rectangle, which means it’s easy to whip up. You don’t have to worry about complicated shaping because the entire piece is worked flat.

The result is a cozy cardigan that is guaranteed to become a firm favorite. The best thing is that this pattern comes in three sizes, allowing you to choose the size you require.

This means that whether you’re looking to create a casual or formal statement, this cardigan is your ideal choice.

In terms of materials, this free crochet pattern uses worsted weight yarn to create a wonderfully soft fabric. To ensure that you get the most out of this project, it’s important to use a yarn that’s suitable for crocheting.

For instance, cotton yarns tend to shrink when washed, whereas acrylics can stretch out too much after washing.

There are three different sizes available, making them perfect for both men and women. What makes this pattern stand out above others is its simplicity. All you need is a standard crochet hook and worsted weight yarn to complete it.

Once you’ve completed your first row, everything else is straightforward.

30. Harvest Cardigan

It’s time to enjoy fall and harvest with this crochet cardigan pattern. With this one as part of your wardrobe, you’ll be prepared to look great for the whole season!

This cardigan has a lovely and comfortable fit, thanks to its raglan style construction. It’s also extremely versatile, meaning that you can use it year-round. As well as being warm and cozy, this sweater is also incredibly fashionable.

It’s crafted using a beautiful blend of wool and alpaca fibers. This gives it a particularly soft texture, while also providing it with a rich sheen.

With just four colors to select from, you won’t have to worry about finding the right shade of brown. Instead, feel free to change these according to your mood.

You could easily make more than one version of this sweater if you wanted. Each one would be different, but you’d still have plenty of material to play around with.

If you love the idea of wearing a cardigan during the autumn months, then this free crochet pattern will prove to be an excellent choice.

It is a fantastic way to add warmth without sacrificing style. Plus, once you finish this knitting pattern, you’ll never want to stop wearing it.

31. Breezy Bamboo Crochet Cardigan Pattern

The trouble with cardigans in summer, even lovely and airy crochet ones, is that they just get too hot to wear in the day, outside of early morning and late evening.

So, if you’re dead set on wearing one in the hottest time of year, you need to take a look at this amazing breezy bamboo design!

Not only does this crochet cardi keep you cool, but it’s also super stylish. The reason why this sweater looks so good is down to the unique ribbed structure that runs along the top edge.

And it doesn’t end there – the sleeves are gathered into cute little cuffs, too. There are no buttons needed either, as this stunning cardigan boasts a buttonhole detail instead.

However, it’s not just the top half of this cardigan that’s interesting. The bottom hemline is also shaped into a charming boat neckline.

This allows the wearer to show off their neck without compromising on comfort. The result? A cool and chic cardi that feels light and breezy, even when worn in warmer weather.

32. Adult’s Crochet V-Neck Cardigan

As we’ve seen in our list so far, it can be hard to find adult-sized crochet cardigans. At least, designs that are considered by creators as appropriate to try for beginners.

Well, this V-neck cardigan hopes to buck that trend with a crochet pattern that anyone can try for themselves, whether they are a seasoned crocheter, or just starting on their crocheting journey!

This pattern is free to download and print out so you can follow along as you go. You don’t need any fancy equipment to complete this project, either.

All you need is some basic yarn (or cotton) and a simple hook. The instructions are clear and concise, making it easy to understand what you need to do, and how to achieve the desired results.

33. Free Range Kimono

It’s amazing what a few lines can do for the style of a crochet cardigan. Jess Coppom, the original designer of this pattern, makes a simple addition stand out from the crowd with this crochet kimono.

You see, the collar is made using two rows of single crochet stitches. These form a neat line across the front of the cardigan, adding a striking contrast to the otherwise plain knit fabric.

If you prefer something a bit less structured, you can adjust the stitch count accordingly. Or, if you like the pattern as it stands, you can leave it exactly as it is.

The best thing about this free crochet pattern is that it can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes. That means you can create a custom-fit cardigan, regardless of your body shape. And, because it’s free to use, you won’t have anything to lose by trying it out.

34. Water’s Edge Kimono

The layering effect of each stitch and row come together to bring a sense of tranquility with this deep-ocean blue kimono (kind of ironic, considering Tranquility Kimono was one of the earlier kimono designs on this list!).

The colorway of this design will make you feel like you’re floating away on a sea of calmness.

And how the kimono is constructed ensures that it remains comfortable for everyday wear.

So, whether you choose to wear this during the summer months or winter, you’ll always look great wearing this beautiful crochet kimono. It’s lightweight and breathable, allowing you to stay warm and dry.

So, if you want to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe, then these 50 crochet cardigan patterns should help you get started. They’re sure to inspire you to consider creating your version.

35. Mykonos Shrug

Time for another challenging, yet gorgeous crochet cardigan, with this Mykonos pattern design by Marie Wallin.

This stunning crochet shrug has more going for it than most other crochet cardi designs. Not only does it feature simple construction, but it also looks fantastic when completed. The color combination of this design is simply irresistible.

From its bright red, orange, and yellow hues to the soft pink accents, there isn’t much more you could ask for in terms of beauty.

There are no complicated steps involved in putting this crochet pattern together. You won’t even need a special tool to complete this crochet pattern. What you will need are some basic yarn and a simple hook.

As for sizing, this baby cardigan fits most women. However, if you’d like to customize the size, you can easily do so by changing the number of stitches per round.

36. Waterfall

Designed by Justina Kirkwoods, this pattern is meant to evoke the image of a cascading waterfall with its various shades of blues and cyans.

Given the result and the many photos you can find of it online, it’s safe to say that this cardigan lives up to its namesake!

This free crochet cardigan pattern uses just three colors and five different kinds of stitches. You don’t have to worry about having to take into account any unusual factors such as gauge. This makes it easy to follow along with the directions.

Furthermore, you’ll have no trouble making a quick start to this crochet pattern. All it requires is your usual set of tools, and the patience to see this design through to the end.

It also features an open neckline and short sleeves, so you can style it with virtually any outfit. There’s also a detailed instructions section that makes learning how to crochet easy peasy.

After reading this step-by-step guide, you’ll never again struggle to find inspiration for your next project.

37. Lemon Drop Kimono Cardigan

The bright and bold choice colors of cerulean blue and lemon yellow make this design stand out from many others that we have talked about.

Whilst many on this list use a single solid tone, such as a soft beige, blue, or even red, or a variety of different pastels, this pattern is bold in its colors and design.

The kimono-style top is long-sleeved and features pretty scalloped lace trim at the hemline. It’s easy to see why this crochet cardigan would make such a great addition to your closet.

If you like to wear brightly colored tops, then you’ll love wearing this one around town. Besides being eye-catching, it’s also comfortable enough to wear all day.

As far as sizing goes, this cardigan is designed to fit most women. However, you can always change the size of your sweater by increasing or decreasing rounds, or adding or removing rows.

So, whether you prefer a smaller or larger version, you shouldn’t have any problems getting this crochet pattern done.

38. Baby Bomber

Once again, we turn to the beautiful world of baby crochet.

This particular pattern is an adorable way of giving your baby a bomber jacket-esque cardigan that will stand out, even from other baby cardigans on this list. The puffy sleeves are only going to add to your baby’s cuteness!

If you’ve been using a bulky weight yarn, then this crochet pattern should fit you well. And since this crocheting tutorial features a few tricky techniques, there isn’t anything too difficult about following along with the written instructions.

As for fitting, these instructions assume that you’re using a 6mm circular needle for knitting. And since this crochet pattern has been created in American terms, we’re assuming that you’re familiar with US measurements.

Although this crochet pattern is made of two pieces, you’ll be able to sew them together after completing both sections.

Once you get started, you’ll probably find yourself spending more time playing than working. But once finished, you’ll be glad you did.

39. Touch Of Merino Cardigan

Simple, yet effective. Comfortable, and dependable. This cardigan is a great way for beginners to try their hand at making a great-looking cardigan with crochet, that is appropriate for almost any occasion!

But don’t take our word for it, read through our free crochet tutorials and follow along to see what you think. You won’t regret your decision when it comes time to put this cardigan into action.

Since the main color scheme is white and black, some people might not feel very comfortable wearing it, especially in warmer weather.

But if you can handle the heat, then this crochet cardigan is perfect for you! The light and airy fabric provides comfort, whilst still looking classy.

This crochet project is extremely versatile, so no matter where you decide to wear it, you’ll look stylish. Plus, because it’s reversible, you’ll be able to accessorize it however you want.

There’s nothing else quite like it on this list. It’s unique and fun, which means that it’s perfect for every occasion.

The instructions are straightforward to understand, but if you prefer a physical manual for your designs, you could always download the PDF file and print it out. That way, you’ll know exactly what to do before starting.

40. Light Crochet Cardigan

If you’re looking for a lighter cardigan to crochet, both in color and in volume and thickness, then this pattern by Melissa Mall is perfect for any light clothing outfit.

It goes with t-shirts, tank tops, and goes especially well with sundresses! This is the perfect topping for any summer outfit.

If you’re new to crocheting, you’re going to have a fantastic experience with this pattern. It may seem complicated, but it’s honestly one of the easiest patterns to learn. All you need to do is follow the directions carefully.

If you get stuck, just stop and come back later. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’re able to become proficient.

41. Mercantile Cardigan

This two-part design for this mercantile cardigan is the perfect striped solution to comfy home wear.

The striped nature of this pattern helps it stand out from other patterns that you can find out there.

All of these patterns are simple enough that they go over easily, even for those who are learning crochet as an intermediate skill level. However, don’t worry about getting lost. Each step has been clearly labeled and written out in detail, including pictures.

42. Spring Crochet Cardigan

This cardigan pattern is perfect for making the most of that early spring sunshine, as well as prepping you for the warm summer to come.

With a lovely violet yarn as its main color, this cardigan evokes the feeling of early flower beds emerging from a winter slumber, something that a lot of people will take pleasure in as they wrestle-off their winterwear.

You’ll love the way this crochet cardigan looks, and you’re sure to get compliments wherever you go. It’s a must-have for any girl who wants to brighten up her wardrobe.

43. Retro Cropped Cardigan

For another throwback design, this cropped cardi design is perfect for a look that is a little more vintage-inspired. From the pastel blues to the white stripe, this is a jacket that any soul born a decade or two too late can appreciate!

The retro style of this crochet cardigan is going to turn heads. Not only does it feature a nice bold color scheme, but it also boasts some excellent styling details.

There have been a lot of trends in fashion over the years. This crochet cardigan was created with a modern twist on a classic silhouette. It won’t leave you feeling old-fashioned.

Not only will you be wearing this crochet cardigan everywhere, but you’ll be sure to impress every person you see. Grab yourself one, and get ready to take on warmer weather head first!

44. Granite Open Cardigan

For another great open crochet design, this granite-colored cardigan is perfect for when the summer weather starts to turn, and the cold starts to creep back in. Whilst fog and leaves fall and roll outside, you’ll be cozy and looking great inside with this pattern!

When the sun begins to shine through the clouds, all the world seems brighter. And this crochet cardigan makes you seem just like that, as it brings light into your day, no matter where you are.

Warmth and coziness are the names of the game, so you should order yours today. If you need a cardigan to keep you warm during chilly days, then this is the one for you.

45. Cuddly Cardigan

If you’re looking for a cardigan that is perfect for snuggling up in, then this design is perfect for you, and your partner too!

Crocheted in a soft yarn, this cardigan can be worn by itself, or with a simple shirt underneath. But if you want to give it an extra layer of warmth, then wear a sweater underneath!

This crochet cardigan would look perfect paired with jeans and boots, or even leggings and flats. You could just throw it on whenever you fancy, or dress up the look with heels and a blazer.

46. Simple Springtime Cardigan

In addition to being a versatile piece, this crochet cardigan is also perfect for those who enjoy crafting.

With its beautiful simplicity, this crochet cardigan will inspire you to create something else of its own!

Springtime has arrived, bringing flowers and sunshine, and this crochet cardigan will do the same thing for your wardrobe!

A lightweight knit, this crochet cardigan features a pretty floral print. The front and back panels look cute together, while the sleeves are a wonderful contrast in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Crochet A Cardigan Pattern?

Most cardigan crochet patterns will rank their general level of difficulty wherever you can source them from online.

Generally speaking, it’s going to take longer for you to crochet a decent cardigan if you have little to no experience. But that does not mean that it is impossible.

It is possible to learn how to crochet a cardigan without any prior knowledge. However, you may find it easier to start with a simpler crochet project, before moving on to more challenging designs.

How Long Does It Take To Crochet A Cardigan Pattern?

This will depend on both your skill as a crocheter, as well as the level of intricacy the pattern in question is asking for, as well as the size of the cardigan you are making.

Infant and child-sized cardigans are unlikely to take more than an afternoon. Depending on your experience, a full-size cardigan can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

What Is The Difference Between Crochet And Knitting?

When people think of Crochet, they will often think of knitting, which has caused plenty of confusion for people who aren’t in the loop, so to speak.

Generally speaking, both crocheting and knitting involve working loops from a center point, however, there are quite a few differences between these two crafts.

When knitting, the knitter will create loops by using needles in order to feed the loops and yarn from one needle to the other, to make a pattern.

Crochet meanwhile, instead uses a single hook to hook the loops you make together to make the pattern.


As you can see, with a list this long, you’ll be plenty busy when it comes to crochet for months to come! With a massive variety of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, there’s always something new to try out.

So what are you waiting for? Get started crocheting right now! We know you must have had a little inspiration with this list, so get out there, and crochet away!

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