25 Crochet Alpine Stitch Blanket Patterns

Winter is a wonderful season for many reasons. It plays host to some of our favorite festive holidays, fashion becomes cozy and comfortable, and we can drink hot cocoa in fluffy socks as we watch our favorite, feel-good movies. However, there is one problem when it comes to winter. In a lot of places, it is unbelievably cold! 

We can easily work around this when it comes to the outdoors – with winter coats, hats, your favorite crochet scarf. However, it can be difficult when you return home and still feel like you need to keep your winter warmers on! 

Luckily for you, we have a solution to your cold house that doesn’t involve an extortionate heating bill! Now would be the perfect time to crochet your own blanket. It’s a wonderful hobby that you can pick up quickly with enough practice. 

We have curated a list of some fabulous crochet blankets, the majority of which are made using the alpine stitch. This is a great stitch to work with because it works up quickly and has a wonderful texture! We have also included some other stitch patterns further down the article, for those of you who are interested in making all kinds of crochet blankets!

So if you want to feel snuggly and warm this winter season, read on!

Latte Delight Crochet Blanket

Not only does this blanket have wonderful colors, but the alpine stitching also gives it a wonderful texture. Wrap it around you on the couch and spend the evening cozy and warm by the fireplace. Please note that the stitching patterns may need to be adjusted to US terminology, for this blanket and others further down the list. 

This alpine stitch blanket is made from self-stripping yarn. 

Bobble Blanket Decked in Blue

This blanket is made using a combination of alpine and bobble stitches. It uses a combination of yarns in different colors, which are blended throughout the blanket with the stitching. Throw the fun bobble detailing on top and you have yourself a stunning throw!

When downloading this pattern, don’t forget to check the crochet terminology and adjust as needed! 

Fox Security Blanket Crochet Pattern 

This alpine stitch blanket is so cute and perfect for newborns and young babies. It also comes in a granny stitch pattern, but the alpine stitch is so beautiful and easy to do once you’ve got the hang of crocheting. Just don’t forget to count the stitches! 

The yarn used is double-knit, making it soft and warm. It is also light worsted, which makes it ideal for your little one.  

Alpine Stitch Crochet Blanket 

Check out this gorgeous alpine stitch blanket in beautiful cool colors. This is not the easiest blanket to crochet, but once you practice the stitches enough it should be a breeze! The patterns you’ll need to know are treble crochet, double crochet, FPTR, and half treble crochet. Please note that crochet terms may need to be translated to the US equivalent. 

Chunky Sunny-Striped Alpine Stitch Blanket 

Primary colors work together to make this bright, bold blanket. The alpine stitch gives it a wonderful drape and texture – just what you need after a long day out in the cold. 

It uses single crochet, double crochet, and front double crochet stitches. 

Daisy Alpine Blanket Crochet Pattern

This groovy blanket is perfect for your little one, but it can be made bigger by adding more squares, and then can be gifted to anyone who loves a pop of color and patchwork (don’t we all?)

This alpine stitch blanket is made with weight 3 yarn, with more information available on the website. Please note that while the crochet stitch terms are written with US terminology, the abbreviations are adjusted for UK terms. 

Alternating Colors Alpine Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

This blanket has an alternating pattern in white and green, but you can use any colors you want, provided you have worsted weight yarn. This alpine stitch blanket is made up of single crochets, double crochets, front post double crochets, and chains. 

Alpine Stitch Rainbow Blanket

This alpine stitch blanket has a gorgeous ombre effect, which is achieved by swapping colors at the end of every two rows. More details on how to achieve this are downloadable from the website. This blanket is made from curio yarn, which is softer than regular cotton thread yarn, making it extra cozy and warm. 

Alpine Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern 

This color on this baby blanket really makes the stitch pattern pop! You can make this blanket for your little one, but you could also use more yarn to make one for yourself. What could be better than matching blankets with your child, how adorable!

 This alpine stitch blanket is made from worsted weight yarn.

Alpine Candy Striped Baby Blanket Pattern

We love the way these colors cascade down the blanket and blend together, and we’re sure you will too! If you want to achieve this stunning blanket, we recommend you use 8 ply mid-weight yarn! Once you get the hang of the alpine stitch technique, this blanket will be so fun to make, and with such beautiful results, you’ll want to make more and more! 

 Alternate Alpine Afghan Pattern

This blanket is made using a combination of the alpine and afghan stitch. The combination of these stitches produces a different pattern on the back of the blanket, so you can pick and choose your favorite side to display. Not to mention, the color of this alpine stitch blanket is gorgeous and is sure to be a statement piece in your home. The wool used is aran/10 ply, and more details can be found by clicking the link here.

Crochet Elegant Alpine Stitch Blanket

Perfect for those outdoor summer evenings. Wrap yourself in this cute and cozy alpine stitch blanket and watch the sunset with your nearest and dearest. It is a great blanket to crochet if you’re a beginner. See more by clicking here!

Zohal Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This beautiful baby blanket is perfect for your little one. It is made using both the alpine and bead stitch, both popular stitches that create the most wonderful texture. Best of all, this blanket is made using bulky weight, acrylic yarn that is very easy to care for. We know how messy babies can be, so it’s good to know you can simply put this blanket in the wash and have it back within a few hours good as new. 

Colorful Alpine Stitch Blanket

We love the stunning colors of this alpine stitch blanket – and it uses a lot of yarn to achieve this result! So, if you’re dedicated to the craft of crochet, and up for a challenge, then this blanket is perfect for you!

Elongated Alpine Stitch For Chunky Blankets

This blanket is made using the alpine stitch, but with a twist! We think this crochet blanket would make a wonderful holiday gift for a friend, family member, or loved one! Check out the website for details. Use super bulky weight yarn for the best results, you won’t be disappointed! 

Country Alpine Afghan Crochet Blanket 

This beautiful blanket will allow you to be the envy of your peers, from its beautiful colors to intricate patterns. We recommend you use aran/ 8 ply yarn to make this piece. 

Alpine Stitch Crochet Blanket Border

Made a crochet blanket? Looking for ways to make it more interesting? Why not add an alpine stitch border to it! This will add an interesting twist to any blanket. Click the link to this website for more information and examples. 

Alpine Stitch Alternatives

We love alpine stitch blankets, but there are many other crochet stitches that we can’t get enough of! So, if you’re not a fan of the alpine stitch, or you’ve made a few of the blankets on the list and want to try something new, these are great alternatives! Some are easier to make, some more complex, but all create beautiful blankets everyone is sure to love. 

The Alpine Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This blanket is perfect for beginners to try! It uses simple crochet stitches throughout, with a combination of 4 ply and worsted yarn. The stitches will be raised, which gives this blanket a wonderful texture. You can check out more details here by clicking the link. 

Best of all, this blanket is totally reversible, and will work with so many room decors and themes – what are you waiting for! 

Cable Blanket Crochet Pattern

This blanket doubles as a great throw for your bed, or couch. It is a wonderful gray color, perfectly neutral, and will match with the majority of home decor. It is made from aran worsted weight yarn, but you do not need to stick to this – use any yarn you like!

This blanket uses a variety of stitch patterns (with US terminology) but is beginner-friendly. 

Download the pattern here.

Hooded Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Is it a blanket? Is it a cloak? We’re not sure, but we love it! And since it’s beginner-friendly, first-time crocheters will love it, too. You can make this afghan blanket in any color. 

Chunky Feather and Fan Crochet Blanket

This is a fantastic blanket if you want to keep yourself warm, or if you want a nice decoration for any room. It is made with super bulky weight yarn, so it is perfect for cold weather.

Crochet Ripple Afghan Pattern 

The ripple afghan crochet is a classic pattern for blankets, but this one comes with a modern twist! Use V-stitches to make this traditional ripple pattern more open and lacy. Beautiful!

This blanket includes many color changes, but don’t let this alarm you. It is very simple to achieve, and once you’re done you’ll be dying to make more! 

To achieve this blanket pattern, you’ll need to use 5 different colors of bulky weight yarn.

Sideways Shell Afghan

Another great alternative to the alpine stitch pattern is this sideways shell blanket! This pattern is pretty and simple to replicate. It is made specifically for those new to crocheting and uses only chains, single crochet, and double crochet stitches. 

The Sideways Shell Afghan pattern is made from machine-washable yarn (4 ply.)

QuickandEasy Blanket

Next on the list, we have this beautiful blanket made using chains, single crochets, half double crochets, and slip stitches. This blanket is made using contrasting colors, which will make it stand out in any room. Perfect for adding a pop of color or interesting detail to a couch or bedspread. 

Secret Garden Crocheted Afghan

With its light, pastel colors, and pretty posy embellishments, this is the perfect blanket for spring and summer. If you’re sick of cold nights, stormy weather, and dark winters, then this light blanket would be perfect for you as you dream of sunnier seasons! It would also make a wonderful gift for a baby shower.

The Secret Garden Afghan blanket is made using various Red Heart Super Saver yarn colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Stitches Are Used In An Alpine Stitch?

Chain stitches, single crochets, and all kinds of double crochet stitches comprise the alpine stitch. 

To start an alpine stitch, make a slipknot and plenty of 2 and 1 chain stitches. The first row is comprised of single crochets. Once you have your basis, the alpine stitch will require all kinds of double crochet stitches, front post double crochet in particular. 

How Do You Make The Twisted Points Of The Alpine Stitch?

To make the twisted points of the alpine stitch, you will need front post stitches. These are very similar to regular stitches, but instead of going through the top of the previous stitches, you go around. 

What To Do If Your Crochet Blanket Is Curling?

There are a few things you can do if you notice your crochet blanket is curling. You can adjust your tension by using a bigger hook, or you can try replacing a front post double crochet with a front post treble crochet. Alternatively, you can finish the blanket and then block it once it’s complete. 

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