25 Keyhole Scarf Patterns

There is no feeling quite like wrapping a scarf around your neck and tucking it into your coat before heading out into the cold. When you have to start wearing a scarf, you know that the festive season is coming, and there is no better scarf to keep you warm in the winter weather than a keyhole scarf. 

While you can easily buy a keyhole scarf in most high street stores, there is something special about making your own. Whether you are making it for yourself or for a loved one, a keyhole scarf can make an excellent gift, and a useful one too!

One of the best ways to make a keyhole scarf is to crochet one, and that is mainly because there are loads of splendid patterns that you can use to follow. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best keyhole scarf patterns that money can buy. So to find out more, keep on reading. 

Simple Waffle Keyhole Scarf Pattern | DaisyElleHookery

Let’s get started with a nice, simple design, and the perfect one to begin with is this Simple Waffle Keyhole Scarf Pattern by DaisyElleHookery. This design is timeless and classic, and it is perfect for everybody, no matter their age. You could make this design to a smaller size if you wanted to give it to a child, or you can make it larger if you wanted to give it to an adult. Either way, this beautiful scarf will make an outstanding present. 

1950s Keyhole Scarf Pattern | 2olddivas

If you like a vintage look, then we would recommend creating this 1950s keyhole scarf by 2olddivas. This pattern is so classic, and it is incredibly easy to make too. Sometimes you just can’t beat a traditional design, and that is exactly what this pattern is. So, if you want to create a scarf that you will be able to use for years to come, this is the pattern to buy. 

Keyhole Scarflette Pattern | GirlPowerDesigns

Sometimes, you want a scarf that will act as an accessory, something that will simply level up your outfit. If this is the case for you, then you should consider making this keyhole scarflette pattern by GirlPowerDesigns. This scarf won’t keep you warm, but it can make your outfit extra special, which is why it is such a great design to try. 

Beginner Keyhole Scarf Pattern | LagunaCrochet

For all the beginners out there, this beginner keyhole scarf pattern by LagunaCrochet is literally made for you. This pattern is designed to be easy to make, and it is the perfect thing to try your hand at. Especially if you are new to crocheting. Choose whatever yarn you want, and the end result will be a truly beautiful scarf that will keep you nice and warm in the cold mornings.  

Keyhole Scarf Pattern | LenasHobbyShop

Another simple and beautiful design is this keyhole scarf pattern by LenasHobbyShop. This design is fairly straightforward to make, and because of that it is suitable for those of a beginner-intermediate skill level. It is clear to see that this design is inspired by vintage patterns, but as well as having a beautiful design, this scarf will also keep you warm. So it is perfect for every situation. 

Keyhole Scarf | LESbyRubyBaby

All the keyhole scarves that we have looked at so far have been fairly traditional, but if you want something unique, you should check out this pattern by LESbyRubyBaby. This pattern is unlike any other we have come across, and for that reason it is perfect if you like something different. Despite the fact that it looks pretty complex, this design is actually straightforward to make, and the end result is breathtaking! 

Animal Keyhole Scarf Pattern | HuggableBears

If you want to make a keyhole scarf for the little people in your life, then this animal keyhole scarf pattern by HuggableBears is perfect! This pattern comes with instructions to make a keyhole scarf in the shape of a cat, duck, dog, and a bear, so for the price of one pattern, you can create lots of different designs. With straight-forward instructions, and an overall easy assembly, this pattern is great. 

Simple Keyhole Scarf | GingerHookshop

For a beautiful and classy design, you should check out this simple keyhole scarf pattern by GingerHookshop. The great thing about this design is that it looks like a regular scarf. So, at first glance, you see a regular scarf. But when you look again, you will notice that it is actually a keyhole scarf. For this simple reason, this pattern is a real treat, so you should definitely check it out! 

Subtle Chevron Keyhole Scarf | CrochetSpotPatterns

For a scarf that looks great, you should check out this subtle chevron keyhole scarf pattern by CrochetSpotPatterns. This pattern is easy to make, and perfect for beginners. It isn’t the best option if you want a scarf that will keep you warm, but if you want a scarf that will level up your outfit, this is the pattern to buy. 

Stay Put Scarf Pattern | PhylPhil

Traditionally, keyhole scarves were often referred to as stay put scarfs, because their design ensures that they never fall off. One of the worst things about a regular scarf is the fact that they can frequently slip off your shoulder. But, with a keyhole scarf, you don’t have to worry. So, if you want  a scarf that won’t fall off, this is the pattern to follow. 

Keep Me Warm Neck Warmer Pattern | SimplyHookedbyJanet

There are lots of outstanding neck warmer patterns that you can follow when crocheting. But for us, this ‘Keep Me Warm’ neck warmer pattern by SimplyHookedbyJanet is the best. That is because this neck warmer is actually a keyhole scarf. So, as well as keeping your neck warm, this pattern looks great, and you’ll never have to worry about it sleeping either! 

Easy Crochet Keyhole Scarf | GirlPowerDesigns

If you want a scarf to tuck into your fluffy winter coat, then you want that scarf to be the perfect size. If the scarf is too big, then it will become bulky and uncomfortable once you tuck it in. This easy crochet keyhole scarf pattern by GirlPowerDesigns is the perfect size for tucking into your coat, and that’s why we love it so much. 

Chevy Pull Through Scarf Pattern | MadeWithaTwist

If you want excellent value for money, we would recommend choosing this Chevy Pull Through Scarf Pattern by MadeWithaTwist. This design has one main purpose, and that is to keep you warm. It isn’t designed to be a showstopper, it is simply designed to do exactly what a scarf is supposed to do. So, it is definitely a design that you should check out. 

Majestic Keyhole Scarf | CrochetwithMaryBeth

In contrast, this Majestic Keyhole Scarf pattern by CrochetwithMaryBeth is designed to attract everybody’s attention. It is designed to be the center of attention, and it is the perfect addition to your outfit if you want to impress. So, if that is something you are interested in, then this scarf is perfect for you! 

Pull Through Scarf | GirlpowerDesigns

Another outstanding pattern is this pull through scarf design by GirlpowerDesigns. As you can see, this company has designed lots of great patterns, and they are all totally breathtaking. Make this a show-stopper by using brightly colored yarn, or keep it simple with some neutral yarn if you want a scarf that you can pair with pretty much any outfit. 

Cozy Keyhole Scarf | CrochetSpotPatterns

Alternatively, you could choose this great pattern by CrochetSpotPatterns. This pattern makes a delightful cozy keyhole scarf which is perfect for keeping you warm in the cold mornings. So, if you want a design that is simple to create, and beautiful to look at, this is the one for you. 

Classic Keyhole Scarf Pattern | SweetPotato3Patterns

This ‘Classic Keyhole Scarf Pattern’ keeps things nice and simple, which is why we love it so much. Despite its simple appearance, this pattern isn’t the easiest to make, and for that reason it is only really suitable for those of an intermediate skill level and above. 

Keyhole Scarf Pattern | SpinningSheep

If you love the traditional bow shaped keyhole scarves, then you will adore this pattern by SpinningSheep. It is truly beautiful, and it is also great for keeping your neck pleasant and warm too. So, if you want to keep things classic, then this is the perfect choice! 

Waterfall Wrap Keyhole Scarf | SimplyHookedbyJanet

Or, if you would prefer to switch things up, you should check out this waterfall wrap keyhole scarf by SimplyHookedbyJanet. This scarf is beautiful, but it is a long way away from the traditional keyhole scarf that you might expect. For this reason, it isn’t for everyone, but if you love something special, this could be the best pattern for you! 

Everest Keyhole Scarf Pattern | WhiteFlowerNeedle

Alternatively, if you would prefer a pattern that looks just like a bow, then this Everest keyhole scarf pattern is made for you. This pattern is actually pretty difficult to make, so you shouldn’t try it if you are still a beginner. But for intermediate crocheters and above, this is perfect.  

Crochet Keyhole Scarf Pattern | NinjaBunnyCrochet

Another outstanding pattern to try is this crochet keyhole scarf pattern by NinjaBunnyCrochet. You can switch up this pattern by using different colored yarns to make it even beautiful. This isn’t the quickest pattern to complete, and it is definitely a project, but it is an incredibly enjoyable one. So, it is definitely worth giving it a go!

Black Canyon Scarf Pattern | DaynaScolesDesigns

If you want a versatile scarf, then this pattern by DaynaScolesDesigns is perfect. This pattern can be used as a keyhole scarf, but because of its design it can be worn in lots of other ways too. Just like the last pattern we looked at, this design is also quite a big project, but it is worth it once you see the end result. 

Snowflake Keyhole Scarf | ACrochetedSimplicity

If you want a scarf for the festive season, then you should check out this snowflake keyhole scarf pattern. This design could make the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. So, if that is what you are after, this design is the one to choose. 

Crocodile Flower Keyhole Scarf | CarolRosa

In contrast, if you want a keyhole scarf to wear in the crossover from summer to autumn, this crocodile flower keyhole scarf is great. It has the warmth that you need for when the weather gets cooler, but it still has a special nod to the summer too. That is why we love this pattern so much. 

Chunky Keyhole Scarf Pattern | GirlPowerDesigns

Finally, we would recommend checking out this chunky keyhole scarf pattern by GirlPowerDesigns. Use a nice, thick yarn to make this scarf, and it will keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside. So, this is definitely an option to check out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Keyhole Scarf?

A keyhole scarf is a simple scarf that is designed to prevent the scarf from falling off your shoulders. This is possible because a loop is added to one side of the scarf, and you simply tuck the other side through this to ensure that it is held in place when you are wearing it. This ensures that you will never have to worry about the scarf falling off your shoulders.  

How Do You Wear A Keyhole Scarf?

To wear a keyhole scarf, you simply put it around your neck like a regular scarf. From there, you can then the one side through the loop side and pull it tight. This will hold the scarf in place so that you never have to worry about it falling off your shoulders again. 

Is A Keyhole Scarf Difficult To Crochet?

The design of the keyhole scarf might lead you to believe that they are complex to crochet, but this isn’t actually the case. In fact, keyhole scarves are surprisingly easy to crochet. The majority of the patterns that we looked at above are actually suitable for beginner-intermediate crocheters. So, even if you are new to crocheting, you will probably be able to make yourself a beautiful keyhole scarf.

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