37 Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

Amigurumi is one of the hottest trends taking the crochet world by storm! Amigurumi was first developed in Japan and is a method of crocheting small yarn figurines.

The word ‘Amigurumi’ is a portmanteau of two distinct Japanese words. ‘Ami’ refers to the act of crocheting, and ‘Kurumi’ refers to stuffed dolls.

These popular crochet buddies have quickly become popular since they were introduced to the Western World, thanks to their adorable appearance their handmade nature.

Amigurumi is an incredibly rewarding activity to get involved in, but the hardest part is figuring out where to start.

37 Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

The cute figurines of Amigurumi look deceptively simple, but they can be quite difficult to do right if you don’t have a good guide or a reference to work off of.

Luckily, many masters of the craft, or even just fellow aficionados, have taken it upon themselves to produce wonderful patterns that you can easily follow, and that are available from their own Etsy pages.

There are so many Amigurumi patterns out there, so let’s take a look at 37 of the best ones that you can try out today, to create your own Amigurumi figures!

Bronto The Dinosaur

This adorable little dinosaur friend is perfect for a beginner crocheter who wants to dip their toes in the world of Amigurumi.

This pattern doesn’t have any complicated steps or materials and just needs a few simple colors. You can make Bronto the Dinosaur in whatever color you choose, and he will look effortlessly cute displayed in your home.

These small dinosaurs would also make for a great gift for a friend or family member, and a great way to show off your newly developed talent at the same time!

Superhero Set

This amazing Crochet seller on Etsy has created two amazing sets of superhero crochet patterns. With these patterns, you can make adorable merchandise of your favorite Marvel or DC superheroes, such as Spiderman, Batman, and Wolverine!

These tiny little figures are a perfect gift to make for your superhero-loving friends, or even for yourself, to show off your love for these characters.

These patterns may be slightly more difficult than other patterns, so they are best recommended for those who have some experience with Amigurumi.

However, each character has the same basic body shape, so they can be easily made as a set.

Tiny Snail

Another perfect beginner’s pattern is this small snail. Affectionately called ‘Edward the Snail’ by the creator ‘CritterStitchDesigns’, this cute little guy would make for a perfect little decoration to make a house really feel like a home.

The pattern is very simple, making it perfect for those with little experience, and only a few colors are needed to create the look.

This pattern is perfect for those who want to create a natural look within their room, by including a little bit of natural life made entirely by hand!

Crochet Corgi

A dog fit for royalty! This tiny corgi on little legs has shiny black eyes that you just cannot resist. Make one of these little guys and place it somewhere in your home for a small pick-me-up that is bound to brighten up your day. And you can be proud that you made it yourself!

This pattern also features a small button nose that perfectly completes that adorable look. Add to that, a small red bow around the dog’s collar, which stands out against his light tan body.

Pig With Piglets

You can create an entire piggy family with this cute pattern. The pattern features a large mama pig figurine, with adorable details, such as the curled tail, the slight smile, and the large snout.

As well as the mama pig figure, you also have the pattern for a small piglet, so you can choose to create one, two, or even more little piglets that are simply adorable.

These figures look amazing together and add a cute spark to any room, and they also make a great gift, especially for any pig enthusiasts out there!

Charlotte The Unicorn

Drift away into fantasy dreams with Charlotte the Unicorn. This adorable little doll has a sleepy appearance that helps to foster an air of relaxation within any space. The small sleepy eyes help to ease your mind’s worries, and the subtle pastel colors help to further guide you into a happy dreamland.

This would also make for a perfect gift for a new parent, or to a young child, as it would make for a great soft toy or a great decoration for a child’s room.

This pattern requires some amount of skill to achieve the desired look, but it is well worth the effort!

Charlotte the Unicorn crochet pattern

Gingerbread Train

It’s not Christmas time without gingerbread! Gingerbread is a staple food of the holidays and is filled with warm and wonderful spices that get the tastebuds tingling. You can create the look of gingerbread, without having to bake it yourself, by following this amazing pattern.

This pattern has multiple elements to build and fix together, to create a train to Winter Wonderland, complete with white frosting, gumdrops, and even a muffin cart, towards the back of the train.

White Reindeer

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has some serious competition for the ‘cutest Christmas mascot’ now! Milo the Reindeer, the snow-white reindeer with intense black eyes is always ready to spread a little bit of festive cheer.

Small bells around his neck create a pleasant jingle, which makes him perfect as both a festive toy for a child or as just a Christmas decoration, to sit on the shelf.

What really solidifies this pattern as incredibly adorable is the fluffy look and feel of the crocheting materials, which makes Milo the Reindeer perfect for cuddling!

Tiny Turtle

This adorable little turtle looks like he could take a satisfying nap just about anywhere! This simple and easy pattern is great for a beginner who wants to learn the ropes of Amigurumi and be able to create a perfect gift or a keepsake.

The subtle colors of the turtle aid in creating a relaxing look that is only complimented by his soft feel, and adorable sleeping face.

You can even vary the turtle’s shell in any way you want, to create different patterns and looks, so that you can personalize him as a gift, or to create little something special for yourself.

Bruce The Friendly Dinosaur

Want to try making an Amigurumi character that’s a little larger than usual? Introducing Bruce the Friendly Dinosaur! This large cutey would appear like Godzilla to some of your smaller Amigurumi projects, and would really make a collection stand out.

This is also a great pattern for creating a gift, for a child, as its large size makes it perfect as a cuddly friend that has a handmade and personal touch to him.

Bruce may appear large, but true to his name, he is extremely friendly, making him perfect for young children!

Dolores The Giraffe

This fully comprehensive crochet pattern comes complete with tips and advice to help you through every step of the process. This pattern is slightly more complex than others we have explored so far, thanks to the multiple distinct parts that go into creating such a huggable soft friend.

Dolores features a warm yellow color, completed by brown spots across his body, and small brown feet that make him look adorable whether sat down on a shelf or while being played with.

Crochet Kitties

You can use this pattern to create a whole bundle of the sweetest little kitty pals. The pattern contains instructions to create four unique cat breeds, including Siamese cats, Tabby cats, Calico cats, and Tuxedo cats! What more could you ask for?

These little kitties take on a classic doll shape, with exaggerated large heads, and small dangling legs, which helps to make them look tiny and cute. You could imagine one of these kitties resting comfortably in the palm of your hand!

Luna The Kitty

A pink bow tie across the neck of Luna the Kitty really goes a long way towards making this little kitty the cutest little thing out there.

You can use all kinds of fabric to create this figure, but going by the image on the listing, it is best to find the softest material you can, to make Luna easily huggable.

Luna’s kind eyes help to provide comfort, and her sharp eyebrows make her eyes appear even larger, which gives her a chibi look that only serves to make her all the cuter.

Baby Penguin Keychain

Want to create a small keychain to help you keep track of all of your important keys? Look no further than this irresistible baby penguin keychain pattern.

Its adorable shape makes it easily portable, and so that it won’t take up too much space within your pockets, while still keeping your keys safe.

Create your penguin in a range of colors, to create your own perfect penguin, and even variate the face, by using beads for eyes, or stitching on closed eyes.

Snoopy and Woodstock

Everyone loves Snoopy. That’s an immutable fact of life. The character has immense staying power and is incredibly popular across the globe.

You can celebrate your love for the character and his friend Woodstock thanks to this amazing crochet pattern. Snoopy sports his familiar smiling face and a soft and plush white body.

Woodstock, slightly smaller, also features this crochet pattern, with his spiky head and small yellow body.


Pinnochio’s wooden puppet frame is amazingly rendered in soft crochet, thanks to this pattern. Pinnochio’s wooden arms are created by creating flat arms pieces, and connecting them with adorable buttons. This helps to retain his iconic look, without having to carve any wood of your own!

Pinocchio’s yellow hat and shirt are complemented by flashes of red and blue. His red overalls create a whimsical look, while the large blue bow helps to emphasize his small and cute frame.

Adorable Goose

This is one goose that’s ready for an adventure! With his little cap placed squarely on his head, his blue overalls secured around his body, and a little knapsack on his hip, you can easily imagine this goose going off on his own adventures around the world!

The small eyes of the goose placed deep into his face give him an innocent look that makes him simply irresistible. Luckily, unlike a real goose, this one is great for hugging, thanks to the soft materials used to create him.

He’ll also look perfect on a shelf, as a decoration, and would make a wonderful gift for adventurous friends and family!

Adorable goose crochet pattern

Solar System Mobile

Know of any little future astronauts? They can be whisked to a peaceful land of sleep thanks to this creative little solar system mobile, which features all of the major planets in our system.

Each planet is lovingly rendered, such as Saturn, with its white rings, and the Sun, with its large rays shooting out in every direction.

These planets are easy to create, and only require a few materials, to create a spinning mobile that will help any young child to sleep in peace.


Built for hugs, this wriggling little caterpillar makes for a perfect plush friend for any young child.

With a body made up of small pompom shapes, this figure is easy to pose in a number of ways, so that you can display it on a shelf, or allow a child’s imagination to go wild!

The large green-blue face of this caterpillar has an adorable appearance, with an understanding expression, exaggerated by its large black eyes.

It would be easy to imagine this little guy crawling his way around outside, and foraging on leaves while crawling on his stubby little feet. He is simply too cute to resist.

Terrence The Turkey

Terrence the Turkey is simultaneously incredibly easy and incredibly fun to create. With a simple pattern made up of recognizable shapes, you’ll have no trouble putting this character together.

Terrence makes for a great Thanksgiving decoration to spruce up your home during the holidays, and also makes for an amazing gift to say thanks to those you love. Create a whole bunch and share them out with those you love, to show them how much they matter to you.

The autumnal colors used to create Terrence further emphasize that comfortable autumnal look that makes him an absolute pleasure to have around.

Baby Axolotl

Axolotls are certainly some of the most unusual creatures that the deep blue seas contain. However, this doesn’t stop them from being absolutely adorable to look at. Axolotls are perhaps best known for their smiling faces that you can’t help but smile back to!

This perfect pattern allows you to create an axolotl of your own so that you’ll always have something worth smiling about.

This pattern is best recommended for those with experience, as it requires some measure of skill to achieve the perfect result. However, it doesn’t use a massive number of materials and features a small set of colors, which gives it a deceptively simple look.


Stitch is one of Disney’s most beloved characters ever. This blue little alien can be found adorning merchandise galore and has starred in a number of his own films and television series.

If you want to add a bit of Stitch to your home, then follow this simple pattern, and you’ll soon have your own baby-sized Stitch that will have you saying “Aww” every time you see it.

This also makes for a great gift for any Disney nuts that you know who simply adore the character, and has a personal handmade flair that other Stitch merchandise could never achieve!

The Grinch

Spread a little Christmas cheer with this mini Grinch ornament. While the Grinch might famously despise the well-loved holiday, he has become a symbolic character. It can be hard for some to imagine Christmas without thinking of the green monster.

This small crochet pattern will help you to create a little Grinch of your own that would look perfect hanging from your favorite Christmas tree. His little red and white scarf spreads a sense of Christmas joy that not even the Grinch can resist (as evidenced by his beaming smile, which stretches from ear to ear!)

Silver Tabby Cat

The incredibly popular Etsy store ‘Hainchan’ has created these stocky little tabby cat dolls that you can now create for yourself.

This incredibly simple and well-put-together pattern will, in no time, have you creating cute little kitties to line your shelves with.

Each kitty comes with its own small fish-shaped knapsack, which fits with the feline theme. You could picture this cat going on a fishing expedition with friends and coming back with its knapsack full of great catches!

Tiny Shark

Be careful that you don’t end up with a specific viral song stuck in your head while you create these tiny sharks.

Who’d have thought that sharks could make for such cute amigurumi dolls? These round little sharks have a simplicity to them that makes them incredibly adorable, with little fins and large black and beady eyes.

The pattern is cheap and makes for a great starting point if you are still new to this soft and fluffy world that we call amigurumi. The possibilities are endless with these little sharks, and you can easily choose from any number of colors to personalize each one to your tastes.

Pooh Bear

Stock up on honey, because here comes Winnie the Pooh! This adorable and simple crochet pattern allows you to create a little Pooh bear. The doll has a large head with beady eyes and a cute button nose, and the body of the doll has a plumpness that is perfect for the honey-guzzling stuffed bear.

The pattern is put together expertly and tells you everything you need to know to create your own pocket-sized version of everyone’s favorite bear.

The pattern is also light on materials and parts, so you won’t have to spend lots of money to create it, and it is clear enough for beginners to easily understand.


Everyone’s favorite green dinosaur mascot is here! Yoshi, the companion of the ever-popular Super Mario, looks ready for a good hug thanks to this simple pattern. Each recognizable element of Yoshi’s design is easy to create and comes together to create the character that we all know and love.

As well as Yoshi himself, the Crochet guide also contains steps to create a set of Yoshi’s iconic eggs, which look amazing as a set placed nearby. Careful that he doesn’t throw any of them at you!


The incredible attention to detail in this crochet pattern makes it truly worth trying out. The lion’s mane made up of hundreds of brown strings really helps to make this little doll pop, and gives it a ferocity that is complemented by its cute appearance.

The little lines towards the paws are another area that showcases the amazing attention to detail, with each line representing a separate claw, without having to actually add any sharp or scary claws!

Unlike a real-life lion, this friendly fella might be a bit more receptive to a good hug, and its plush filling makes it absolutely perfect for that purpose!

Lion crochet pattern


I’ll bet you’ve never seen a mouse as cute as this! With droopy ears that hang down from the back of his head and small black eyes, he has a certain innocence to him that might have you struggling to resist giving him a strong cuddle.

His little pink nose is lovingly rendered in the crochet pattern and doesn’t use a plastic button, which helps to create that lovely huggable appearance.

When making this plush toy, we recommend using pastel colors, to create a soft look that will make him feel softer than he already is!


Charizard is amongst one of the most recognizable of all 900 currently-existing Pokemon! Having been there from the very start as one of the starting pokemon, it’s no surprise that fans all over the World will buy anything with his appearance on it.

Luckily, unlike an extremely rare shiny Charizard Pokemon card, this Charizard crochet pattern is very affordable, and allows you to display your love for the orange dragon in all of his blazing orange glory!

The small blue patch underneath his wings is also hand-crafted, to give him an extra splash of contrasting color that makes him look amazing no matter where you place him!

Ice Cream Narwhal

What could be better than a normal Narwhal? An ice cream Narwhal!

With a rainbow patterned horn, made to look like a cone, and a splash of melted ice cream atop his head, this adorable little design is proving to be very popular amongst Etsy customers, who are buying up the pattern in droves.

Luckily, they won’t be running out of stock anytime soon, as the one-time purchase gives you access to a PDF file of the pattern, so you can print it out and get to work on creating your own ice-cream-loving Narwhal!

Playful Cats

These mischievous little scamps are full of energy, and will easily light up any room you place them in. Even better, give one as a gift to a close friend and watch as a smile spreads across their face!

This pattern is simple and easy to follow, and you can make as many as your heart desires, in different colors or patterns, to create a whole family of little playful cats.

The small beady eyes of the cats give the appearance of a small face atop a large head, which is basically the recipe for making anything look cute!

Otter Friends

These crochet buddies are ‘otterly’ adorable! With little stubby feet and large heads, you could easily picture these little guys drifting peacefully down the river, with their bellies up!

You can also place little trinkets in between their little feet, to personalize it to your tastes, or to make it extra special as a gift to a loved one.

Place a small crocheted heart within its paws to create a valentine’s gift, or a little shell, to create a natural look, like one of the otters has just been foraging for food!


‘Cheeky Monkey’ would be an appropriate term for this mischievous guy. This wacky and cartoonish monkey pattern is full of character and energy, which really makes it stand out amongst the competition.

The funny face of this monkey also has some interactive features, such as the shaped mouth, which will allow you to insert one of his fingers into his mouth, to create a cheeky look.

Each foot and hand is incredibly detailed, with individual fingers and toes, so that you can put him into all manner of cooky poses! The long tail can also wrap around objects, so that any young children can easily play around with it, and imagine it swinging around between trees!


It seemed inevitable, when we mentioned the earlier Charizard pattern, that a Pikachu pattern would not be far behind!

The famous face of the Pokemon franchise is ready to be turned into a soft and cuddly friend that would easily fit into the palm of your hand. In some ways, this soft version of Pikachu is a rather realistic depiction of the famous creature, being much more mouse-like in size.

And you can’t have Pikachu without his iconic red-blushed cheeks, and each red spot is lovingly created to give him an adorable face!

Avocados In Love

You might have to control yourself while making this one. You’ll find yourself saying “Aww” throughout every second of production! This adorable pair fits together perfectly, around a shared heart piece, made to stand in place of an ordinary Avocado stone!

This would be perfect as a gift for any Avocado-lovers or foodies that you know, and it would also make for a great valentine, as something to give to that special someone.

You can even personalize each one, by adding arms, or taking them away, to give them a more characterful appearance.

Pink Frosted Donut

Now for a crochet pattern that even Homer Simpson couldn’t resist! This soft pink-glazed donut pattern almost looks good enough to eat! Though it may look intensely realistic, we’d recommend against eating it, unless you want a mouth full of fluff!

This donut pattern creates a wonderful decoration that would look right at home in a kitchen, or even on a coffee table, stacked upon other crochet donuts!

This pattern would make a great challenge for a more inexperienced crocheter, to learn the ropes of creating curved shapes or more unusual and challenging forms! Adding in the small multi-colored sprinkles is also a joy to do, so it also makes for a great task to do to take your mind off of a stressful day at work!


You can probably tell, now, that the world of Amigurumi has so much potential! There are so many things you can do with just a few colored strings and the right guide! Amigurumi makes for a wonderful pastime; something to destress to, and allow your mind and imagination to run wild.

So why not try one of these patterns today and try your hand at creating something both wonderful, and incredibly soft and huggable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amigurumi Difficult?

As with any other craft, amigurumi can be difficult to some who try it. Amigurumi has masters who can create amazing and mind-blowing dolls, but it is also incredibly accommodating to newcomers or those who have never tried the craft out at all!

Amigurumi creators will often create patterns and step-by-step guides to help you to create a massive number of things that you may not have otherwise known you could make! You could start right now, if you wanted, all you need is the right pattern and the right materials!

What Crochet Stitch Is Used In Amigurumi?

Amigurumi tends to normally be made by applying the single crochet method. This refers to the most basic form of crochet stitch, which involves a very simple method that can be learned very quickly.

Single crochet also has multiple applications elsewhere, so is a worthwhile skill to have even if you don’t plan to use it for amigurumi.

Is Crochet An Expensive Hobby?

Crochet can be an expensive hobby, depending on how often you do it. If you do it often and buy a large number of materials and tools to do it, then it could cost you a significant amount of money.

However, the materials needed to begin crocheting are inexpensive, and it would not cost you much to engage in the hobby with just a few materials!

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